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Rachel Uchitel

Wants Tiger Woods Back

8/24/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel has just told a very close friend ... now that Tiger Woods is single, she wants him back and would "give up everything" to get him.

Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods

The friend -- someone we know spoke to Rachel yesterday  -- tells TMZ Rachel said ... "I feel horrible for him.  He loved her.  But he was in love with me.  I hope he remembers that was real, and reaches out to me."

Rachel added, "I'd give up everything to be with him again."

Does that include the $10 million?

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"He loved her. But he was in love with me."

LOL. Countdown until 10 other of his sluts show up saying the same thing.

I'm surprised for someone so old, she knows very little about men, especially the Playboys, who are known for being able to easily manipulate women.

No, Rachel, he didn't love you, he loved screwing you. And if you think you're going to live a wonderful life with him, and that he won't continue cheating when he's with you, or that you can change him, then boy, you are an idiot and a sad example of our gender.

1522 days ago


His image is already in the weeds, why make things worse by hooking up with 1 of his 247 mistresses?

1522 days ago


She really is such a fool....

1522 days ago


Leave her alone this is not Salem, Mass and its not the late 160...0's so all of you people with preconceived notions of someone disgust me, you should take a walk in someone else's shoes and have some compassion so that way others won't judge you as you are judging her, I hope that you are all judged the way you judge others at your weakest moment

1522 days ago


She disgusts me. Go away already!

1522 days ago

who dat    

I said this at least 2 weeks ago. These two will definitely get back together. Then watch tigers golf game take off. A man can't fight what he wants. He is in love with her.

1522 days ago


If she was genuinely into Tiger, she could have kept her mouth shut, walked away and behaved like a lady.

Instead, she gladly took 10 mill. to keep quiet. That makes her a wh0re. I have o sympathy for such a fake titted gold digger.

1522 days ago


So many words for this.... *Skank....Vulture....Parasite.....and the list goes on*

Did not she learn anything in rehab.

1522 days ago


was the "someone" the man she was pictured with on the beach yesterday?? way to sell her out to a celebrity site lol

1522 days ago


Low self esteem whore

1522 days ago


Rachel, old Tiger and beautiful Elin had more between them, even with all Tiger's affairs, then you would ever have with him. Even if you and el Tigre were together this moment for the rest of your lives. You will never have the kind of deep love Elin had for her man, never. And he'll never find anyone who loved him more than she did.

1522 days ago


Didn't Tiger cut her a $10M check months ago for her to keep her mouth shut? Well it's open now so we'll see ....

1522 days ago


Rachel Uchitel is JUDAS she betrayed Tiger Woods for a bag full of money. This woman has a heart of a Black Widow and a soul of Hitler. This woman is like a rattle snake or the rats that caused the Black Death back in Middle Ages. Rachel Uchitel is a walking devil, I spit on her grave.

1522 days ago


I can't wait to see the two of them in public. What a show it will be !!!!!!!!!!
Just imagine two ugly nasty dirty shameless trashy immoral repugnant sleazy selfish PIGS together !!!!!
Go Tiger don't be afraid. She's your soulmate after all. She will be a great stepmother to your kids. A hooker and prostitute for wife. And some people here criticize Elin for being a nanny. At least the nanny didn't steal someone's else husband.

1522 days ago


She wants Tiger or his money . Don't fool us ugly Rachel not everybody's dumb as Tiger. You don't love Tiger you only love his money and the prestige to be with him.
And no Tiger was not in love with you . He only loves one person in this world and it's HIM.
Now please just go away. You are not a celebrity. You are a nobody, a worthless POS with no talent at all.
Spreading legs for married men and then blackmail them is beyond nauseating especially when there are two little kids involved.
Karma is a b$$ich and you will get a taste of it sooner or later. I only hope TMZ will have an exclusive report on it.

1522 days ago
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