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Chyna -- Bugging Out Over Nasty Insect Bite

8/26/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another disgusting story about a bug bite -- this time the victim is former WWE star Chyna ... who claims a poisonous spider chomped on her leg, causing so much swelling ... that her doc sent her to the hospital.

Problem is -- Chyna didn't go to the ER because she claims, "It would have cost too much." So, according to her, she played doctor instead ... and operated on herself with a Swiss Army knife.

Chyna says she used the knife to essentially dig out the swollen golf ball sized lump that had formed in her leg ... leaving a pretty nasty, bloody crater. She then doused the wound in hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin ... but Chyna tells us she's in so much pain, she "can barely walk."

No word on what kind of spider is responsible for the carnage -- all Chyna knows is that the culprit attacked her while she was changing a toilet in her L.A. home sometime last month.

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Stupid girl..she shoulda stayed with the WWE instead of thinking she was all that and a bag of chips.. She likely would be able to afford a doctor bill at least. Dumb broad!!..

1516 days ago


You know, I've got a big nasty open wound on my leg from skin cancer surgery and for the life of me I just can't wrap my head around posing on the floor like that showing off a self-inflicted "wound" and bandage. Is she suffering from AHDD (Attention Hunger Deficit Disorder) like the rest of these freaks?

1516 days ago


Spider bits can be very, very nasty.

1516 days ago


Chyna better go see a doctor or we may not have Chyna anymore,
looks infected, could be Ca-MRSA (community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) which neosporin nor H2O2 will do anything for.

1516 days ago


I've seen the effects of a brown recluse and it's not pretty. The poison ate the hamstring - leaving nothing to the back of the leg.

To see Chyna on the ground like that, defeated, is so sad. Get it together girl.

1516 days ago


Why would chyna go into plumbing?

1516 days ago


come one man, this filthy skank is used to sores like this. she can handle it.

1516 days ago


Yes sounds like the brown recluse spider bite. It erupts twice so it isn't over yet. It will heal up and then re-erupt like a volcano. My first aid teacher had a bite from the recluse too and that’s what my first aid book states also.
Hydrogen peroxide full force kills tissue. Use salt water and get some oral antibiotics. After the damage is done she will have to see a plastic surgeon or a tattoo artist to cover up the scar. That thing isn't going to close up nicely. Go to a health clinic or to "urgent care" (check internet for closest location) it should run about 60.00 with meds included.

1516 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Wait a sec.

Time out.

A woman who can change out a toilet???

Using tools and skills and common sense and everything????


1516 days ago


It does look infected. Better watch for red streaks. If that happens, you have blood poisoning. Should have bitten the bullet and gone to the hospital. Why couldn't her gp have taken care of this? My son got a spider bite and the gp deadened the area and cut out the poison. He has a nifty scar and tells everyone it's a snake bite. That boy ain't right. LOL

1516 days ago


I call BS on this one. That's a pretty well demarcated wound, for a home hatchet job. And one of the pictures shows someone lifting Nu Gauze (all you in the business know what that is) out of that wound, and you don't get that stuff off the shelf at the local Walgreen's. Matter of fact, most nonhealth care folks wouldn't know to pack a wound like that. Phfft, bullcrap.

1516 days ago


But she can pay for fake hair? Please. Get off the drugs and booze. She moves up in the death watch.

1516 days ago


Go to the f*cking hospital, moron. Christ, if you can't pay it it'll just go to collections. Who in their right mind would take a knife to their leg to cut out a lump from a spider bite? She needs a shrink while she's at it.

1516 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

I too got bit by a spider last month while moving a toilet - not nearly as bad (no hole on me), but definitely annoying. When I called for advise the bitch nurse hung up on me. You don’t want to be treated by that nurse Chyna, and you sure the hell don’t want to be stuck at home working your own hole. You get someone who knows what they’re doing to really get up in there and pound that thing out. Have em do it a few times.

1516 days ago

solar panel    

It's no joke. Some spiders have bites that cause a lot of swelling and can leave a flesh dissolving enzyme that takes weeks to fade away. Find out what spiders are in your area and kill the nasty ones on site. Keep areas cleaned regularly so the spiders don't feel comfortable setting up shop anywhere near you. If you have carpets, shampoo them every spring and fall, at least. Vacuum around baseboards and spray tile cleaner into window corners and anywhere spiders can hang out. Keep a spray bottle of tile cleaner around to spray on the pricks when you see them. Take no prisoners!

1516 days ago
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