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Chyna -- Bugging Out Over Nasty Insect Bite

8/26/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another disgusting story about a bug bite -- this time the victim is former WWE star Chyna ... who claims a poisonous spider chomped on her leg, causing so much swelling ... that her doc sent her to the hospital.

Problem is -- Chyna didn't go to the ER because she claims, "It would have cost too much." So, according to her, she played doctor instead ... and operated on herself with a Swiss Army knife.

Chyna says she used the knife to essentially dig out the swollen golf ball sized lump that had formed in her leg ... leaving a pretty nasty, bloody crater. She then doused the wound in hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin ... but Chyna tells us she's in so much pain, she "can barely walk."

No word on what kind of spider is responsible for the carnage -- all Chyna knows is that the culprit attacked her while she was changing a toilet in her L.A. home sometime last month.

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Right...And TMZ has pictures of fairy's *********** too!

1518 days ago


Yes sounds like the brown recluse spider bite. It erupts twice so it isn't over yet. It will heal up and then re-erupt like a volcano. My first aid teacher had a bite from the recluse too and that’s what my first aid book states also.
Hydrogen peroxide full force kills tissue. Use salt water and get some oral antibiotics. After the damage is done she will have to see a plastic surgeon or a tattoo artist to cover up the scar. That thing isn't going to close up nicely. Go to a health clinic or to "urgent care" (check internet for closest location) it should run about 60.00 with meds included.

Posted at 1:28 AM on Aug 26, 2010 by Clau
60.00 what planet do you live on,they will want to do a blood workup..approx 500.00 for starters if u have no insurance,with something like that they would charge her approx 700.00 or so and then tell her she needs to go to the hospital.

1518 days ago


So is the the new celebrity "it" thing du jour? Last month it was the reality "star" having eggs removed from her thigh, now its Chyna. Who next, Paris Hilton or the Lohan showing off the Bot fly larvae they had removed from their HooHah???

1518 days ago


BTW, that looks exactly like the hole made by a Bot fly larvae. When they are pulled out they leave a nice open hole. www.nartube.com and search bot fly. Cool!

1518 days ago


TMZ is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for a story here.

1518 days ago


Every nasty spider bite is not a brown recluse. She probably would have been better off is she hadn't swiss army knifed it, she'll probably get flesh eating bacteria or mrsa now and have to get her leg amputated. Maybe TMZ will get exclusive coverage of her amputation surgery.

1518 days ago


Chyna are you really that dumb? Yea i am sure your in pain.It looks like you have cellulities. And the ONLY way that will heal and not cause anymore problems is to pack the wound and get on Anti-biotics.
Your talking about your leg, Infection takes over and your Chyna with one leg.
Health care is expensive, but it is your life on the line..

PS- it may be a good idea to take a shower and get the dirt off your legs and feet.

1518 days ago


It's probably from using an infected needle, not a spider bite. Which explains why she wouldn't go to the ER. What addict wants to hear the "It's time to clean up" speech yet again? Wasn't she on the first season of Dr. Drew's Rehab show?

1518 days ago


I do not see how she could of cut herself open, and left a clean cut. Perfectly round.

1518 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

This looks staged to me.Chyna got fired from the WWE because of her drinking and doping after triple H left her for Vince's daughter.Trust me this person is a mess and will not be with us much longer.

1518 days ago


I got a bite like that on the back of my calf while cutting some brush outside. It got bigger and bigger before my eyes. Was on antibiotics for 2 weeks. Better see ther doc,Chyna

1518 days ago


I am always careful when harvesting my crop of weed,I used to do it while I was stoned but now I am careful to be on the lookout for spiders and scorpions and centipedes....nothing like a buzzkill getting a spider bite

1518 days ago


Are those cuts/ slash marks on her forearm in pic 2? Maybe there was no spider and she just likes cutting herself.

1518 days ago


look's like a abccess healing up.Not from a bug but a needle.

1518 days ago


looks like a brown recluse spider bite to me and they are nasty. My sister had ine a couple of months ago. Her doctor said the bite is worse than a rattlesnake and they leave big craters like this and usually require surgery to remove dead tissue and that makes permanent hole

1518 days ago
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