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Chyna -- Bugging Out Over Nasty Insect Bite

8/26/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another disgusting story about a bug bite -- this time the victim is former WWE star Chyna ... who claims a poisonous spider chomped on her leg, causing so much swelling ... that her doc sent her to the hospital.

Problem is -- Chyna didn't go to the ER because she claims, "It would have cost too much." So, according to her, she played doctor instead ... and operated on herself with a Swiss Army knife.

Chyna says she used the knife to essentially dig out the swollen golf ball sized lump that had formed in her leg ... leaving a pretty nasty, bloody crater. She then doused the wound in hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin ... but Chyna tells us she's in so much pain, she "can barely walk."

No word on what kind of spider is responsible for the carnage -- all Chyna knows is that the culprit attacked her while she was changing a toilet in her L.A. home sometime last month.

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I didn't realize GOLF BALLS were 1/4 the size of a fingernail. I have seen nastier mosquito bites.


1485 days ago



Hospitals do not take people's word that they can't pay the bill. She obviously has money, but no insurance. She would have been forced to pay the ER bill. Hospitals send out bills to people with no insurance...the burden of proof is on the patient that they can't pay the bill. So all your BS about being a RN is just that...BS...you have no idea what hospitals, especially corporate hospitals, do about billing people.

1485 days ago


Superman ( if that's your real name ) lol.. i am a RN !! and you are right we know exactly what kind of insurance you have and donot have. The hospital cannot trun you away if you don't have insurance. yes we will bill you and yes the hospital dose do charity cases that we will write off. please remember we must treat you if you don't have insurance. i am a RN, BSN.. and have been a RN for 25 years.i know all about insurance and law. what do you know?? i have to go to work now. Maybe i'll see you the ER tonight. know this YOu cannot be turned away if you don't have insurance, and we do check on insurance but out of charity my hospital does do so many "charity" cases a year and we write off a bill.

1485 days ago


It was a staph infection. She didn't get bitten from an insect. She probably got staph from a gym machine. Gross!

1485 days ago


Pretty sad she used to make a fortune and was really popular, she can't even afford to go to the hospital- too bad she wasn't in Canada- she could of have it looked at. Kind of sad, really!

1485 days ago


Honey, sorry to break it to ya but that is MRSA, as in a nasty staph infection...which you are more likely to get in a toilet than a spider bite. It is highly contagious, will spread to other parts of your body, eat more holes in your skin and ooze puss and blood for weeks. It is resistant to anti-biotics so neosporin and hydrogen peroxide isn't going to cut it. You need the big guns like Cipro from a doctor, so go to a free clinic and get it checked before you lose that leg or spread it around.

1485 days ago


hopefully she realizes before its too late that thats not a spider bit its a staph infection

1485 days ago

Yo Mamma    

What's nastier? Her face or the wound? Notice the scars on her arms - self mutilator!

1485 days ago



I don't dispute that you are a RN. I disagree with your assumption that hospitals just let a wholesale of people without insurance go without paying for their services. Sure, hospitals have to treat people, but they will definitely try to bill them, too. And yes, they do take indigent patients, but that's for extreme cases and requires a social worker to sign-off on it. And yes, I'm really Superman.

1485 days ago


Nurse OhMeowZer, I was turned away from a hospital because I had no insurance. I presented to the ER in acute renal failure. BP 180/110, HR 104, hematocrit 15(!), WBC 23+, and I was having trouble breathing, but - because I had no insurance, I was "referred" to the county hospital... 30 miles away. Do NOT tell me all hospitals adhere to the Hippocratic Oath... they don't.

BTW - I was in my 2nd year of nursing school at the time... I understood exactly what was going on... and couldn't do a damn thing about it.

1485 days ago


now all drug addicts will be carving their bodies with knives in search of imaginary bugs - since they now saw ONE case that was for real, and it was not this woman that was really ' bugged ' ...

1485 days ago


I am so tired of people saying it is a spider bite. It is a staph infection, most likely MRSA. I worked in a jail for 4 years and officers and inmates had it. She did go to the dr because that hole is perfectly round and she had the sterilized packing strips they use t pack MRSA after they lance it.

1485 days ago


Don't blame it on the spider could be so many other things.
Spider's are smart they know who and why they bite.

1485 days ago

Bob Goodden    

99.9% of the time when somebody thinks they have a spider bite it is MRSA. Go to the health department rash unit and they will do a test for which strain it is and write a script (which are free at the grocery store) Left untreated you could die.

1485 days ago

Jorgee Weedstrom    

"It would cost to much"????? What happened to the moolah she made from the sales of her (ugh!) sex tape with x-punk, er excuse me, Sean Weedhead??? Or the $$$ she made by being on VH1's Surreal Life???? Probably sniffed, smoked and drank it away.

I, like many of the posters in here, work in a hospital. I've seen my share of staph infections. Regardless if this is MRSA or plain staph, the outcome will be the same without proper treatment.... she'll either lose her leg (if she's lucky), or she'll go septic and die.

Oh well, one less whack-job for TMZ to exploit!

1485 days ago
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