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Chyna -- Bugging Out Over Nasty Insect Bite

8/26/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another disgusting story about a bug bite -- this time the victim is former WWE star Chyna ... who claims a poisonous spider chomped on her leg, causing so much swelling ... that her doc sent her to the hospital.

Problem is -- Chyna didn't go to the ER because she claims, "It would have cost too much." So, according to her, she played doctor instead ... and operated on herself with a Swiss Army knife.

Chyna says she used the knife to essentially dig out the swollen golf ball sized lump that had formed in her leg ... leaving a pretty nasty, bloody crater. She then doused the wound in hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin ... but Chyna tells us she's in so much pain, she "can barely walk."

No word on what kind of spider is responsible for the carnage -- all Chyna knows is that the culprit attacked her while she was changing a toilet in her L.A. home sometime last month.

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Hello...This looks like a staph infection...

1516 days ago


She is lying, of course she went to the doctor, that is what that white string is that she pulled out of the wound. Its packing that is supposed to be sterile to aid the healing of the wound. BUT! now that she pulled it out its going to be even MORE infected

1516 days ago


Obviously this woman needs a clue. You don't go digging around on something that's clearly inside your soft tissue. She could have done real damage and she's lucky at this point that she didn't do some real damage except to create a crater in her leg. Stupid is what stupid does !

1515 days ago


I would say something clever about how it's going to cost her way more money to deal with the infection resulting from digging the bite out with a freaking pocket knife than it would have to see the doctor after this initially happened...

But I'm afraid she'd choke me out with her thighs. Holy cow, woman.

1515 days ago


Posted at 1:28 AM on Aug 26, 2010 by Clau
60.00 what planet do you live on,they will want to do a blood workup..approx 500.00 for starters if u have no insurance,with something like that they would charge her approx 700.00 or so and then tell her she needs to go to the hospital.

Posted at 4:40 AM on Aug 26, 2010 by MIDNIGHT TOKER

An urgent care visit is cheaper than an emergency room visit. It's basically when the person needs an immediate appointment, and can't see their regular physician. They don't handle the big trauma cases like an emergency room would do, but should be able to handle this.
I don't know about the $60... limit though.... it might be a little bit more. However, it would be a fraction of the cost of an ED visit.

1515 days ago


it's really sad that in the states you can't even go get stuff like that checked out without having to pay. lucky i live in canada.

1515 days ago


FYI she is a MAN

1515 days ago


She needs to get to a hosptial ASAP. My husband had a wound that looked like that at first -- it was MRSA. Does she realize how poisons can travel through blood? I don't care how much it costs, I'd get my ass to a hospital.

1515 days ago

Jorgee Weedstrom    

Another thing...

If this was a spider bite, you notice that the "spider" chose a place as far away from her nasty cooter as possible??? It was smart enough not to compete with all those crotch nasties she has living in her tunnel of terror!

1515 days ago


Chyna is a good person on the inside. I don't deny she has issues. She is a lost soul. She was doing fine in her life until she got with Sean Waltman (X-Pac) back in 2003, he introduced her to hard drugs and a life of partying. In addition, her frequently abused her, this sent her over the edge. Yes she has had issues, but people who know the real Chyna know she is a good person.
She has donated tons of time and money to animal rescue charities, she has recently worked with children who have cancer to help raise money for their treatments. So before you judge this woman because she has had issues, realize she is a good person

1515 days ago


Ive had the exact same injury years ago but I thought it was from a mosquito while I was asleep,because I didnt feel it.It does make sense that its a spider bite because it wasnt painful but did take a while to heal.Spider bites are nasty.

1514 days ago


Pour some good ole clorox on it. That stuff will kill anything.

1356 days ago
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