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Sheriff's Deputies Will Re-Interview Mel Gibson

8/26/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department will re-interview Mel Gibson in connection with its extortion investigation ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.


As one law enforcement source said  ... the second round of questions shows how seriously the Department is taking the investigation of Oksana Grigorieva and Mel's claim that she tried extorting him for millions in connection with the incendiary tapes.

We're told Mel has cooperated with investigators and will continue to cooperate by sitting for another interview.  Our law enforcement sources say ... investigators informed Mel's lawyer they won't ask questions about the domestic violence case. 

As we first reported ... the Sheriff's Department turned the domestic violence case over to the D.A. Wednesday but the extortion investigation continues.


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Theories why she walked away from the $15 or 20 million include holding out for more money from Mel (whether all to herself or had accomplices who need to be paid).
Then there is fear for her life and safety for her child angle.

I played with the idea of this option - the deal might gag her permanently and she might have supposed she could earn a lot without this gag.
- starting with releasing the recordings to ROR
- she might make a tell-all as part of the attraction for her concerto at Carnegie Hall (hahahaha)
- a book deal (Oksana, Life as Ukraine A-Lister to Hollywood A-lister)
- sex tapes and naked photo spreads
- reality show "The Un-united States of Oksana", "Me and The Russian Mafia", "Cutting out the Middle Man- How to Access Rich Men's Bed Without a Pimp"
- or a self help show - "How to Write Colorful Resumes"

1518 days ago



1518 days ago


I think because he was saying goodbye to her, she realized the money well will run dry except for the amount meant for Lucia's welfare.
She not only had to act fast but she had to make sure she gets lots.

1518 days ago


i bet they have been reading all the comments on tmz and have found out lots and lots of new stuff to pin on her and want to ask mel about the new TMZ information....weeeeee way to go Team Truth etc...

1518 days ago


Bottom line is Mel owes her NOTHING personally. His only obligation is to his child. And She did not like the stucture that was set up to make sure she could milk Lucia's funds for her own selfish wants. All anyone needs, is Food Shelter and someone to love ,that loves them also. That is happiness not at all what this Russian thinks it is.
Mel likes to go fishing too bad Konsie couldn't get into that type of thing. I personally love it and have been bruised up pretty bad by being yanked into the side of Fishing boats by those big fishies.

1518 days ago


I'm glad that she will also face the music she played to the Media. And be held accountable for all the web lies she'd unleashed. Now wheres that broken violin I want to play when she come out on next photo shoot all teary eyed and feigned innocent of all the wrong doing. I do hope she isn't going to pinned the gardener for selling the tapes to ROL.

1518 days ago


Send her ass back to Russia and let him be. Russia owns the money whore operation. Keep clear of those skanks.

1518 days ago


Turn out the lights Oksana the party is over!

1518 days ago


This next interview will be to confirm fact they have discovered.
Next to the FBI

1518 days ago


There is also a connection between Konsies sister and the Polish slut. I have proof. This is tangled web that they sucked Mel into.

1518 days ago


Note to Oksana:

Making tapes will NOT save your life if you really are in danger
Giving tapes to your sister to destroy will NOT save your life

Making tapes will however help prove you had a sinister agenda in mind to use them -

1518 days ago


Maybe the Interpol will get involved. James Bond already is. Out of topic but Dalton was good in Toy Story 3.

Anyway, she was supposedly punched in January 6. Then a few weeks later, Mel wants nothing to do with her and she's afraid for her life.
No, no please money, come back!

1518 days ago


The sister

1518 days ago


Nice find hellnurse

1518 days ago


This is very good news. The walls are closing in now. I hope Oksana and her gypsy tribe like their cotton/polyester blend in the shade of orange. (My bad:))

1518 days ago
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