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Steven Tyler -- Fury After Friend Put in Choke Hold

8/25/2010 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler was furious last night -- lashing out at a rowdy group of autograph seekers after a shoving match broke out ... and one of Tyler's "guys" was choked out. 


The insanity began when Tyler arrived at the Trump Hotel in New York -- and was instantly rushed by the aggressive autograph hounds.

When Tyler's associate began to shove back ... someone reached in from behind and started to choke him out.

Tyler instantly broke up the mess, restored calm ... and then proceeded to lecture the group about standard protocol for autograph seeking.

Tyler and his friend were then escorted into the building by security.


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Kiss My Aura    

Half those people don't even want his autograph for THEM. You could see that most of them had about 10 things for him to sign so they could then go and sell them on. Real fans wouldn't get aggressive like that.

What ****s

1431 days ago


Ridiculous! I bet every one of them just wants sell their autographed album on Ebay!

1431 days ago


I used to collect autographs but it is no longer fun because 90% of the 'fans' out there are just autograph whores selling them on ebay or to dealers. I bet only 1 out of 10 people there even know who he is and his music!

1431 days ago

Sin D    

%95 of those jack-holes are not fans...just lookin 4 a payola. Tyler handled it well....think it>dude seen about everything Mkay...

1431 days ago


his 'bodyguard' screamed like a little bitch lol

1431 days ago


that wasn't even a choke hold, not a proper one anyway

1431 days ago


This is why celebs don't like to sign autographs in public, anymore. Animals like those in this video aren't even fans, they're just sellers of autographs. They don't care who it is that's signing for them. All they care about is that it's someone famous, who gives value ($$$) to the signature. I wouldn't have signed a damn thing in that situation.

1431 days ago


this is why these celebrity idiots are turned away from most high end condos and co-op apartments in New York city, needless to say the other wealthy tenants that like to remain anonymous dont want the negative attention or ruckus that this transvestite looking rocker brings to any building, all that tornado mess outside your door isnt what a tenant paying on the millions to live there wants when they come home.

1431 days ago

Mike Hoffman    

I know Steven cares about Aerosmith fans but when people get out of hand to get his autograph. Steven should just do this and not sign anything. Most of these people are not fans but just trying to cash in on ebay by selling his autograph. Steven is a down to earth guy but to those fans who act like animals they should be put in the zoo where they belong. I would like to say if Steven says he is going to kick a** you better watch out. To the over zealous autograph seekers show some respect and maybe you will get some in return. Steven did the right thing and I wish I was there because I would do Steven the favor and kick the a** of the guy who was choking his assistant. I hope he reads this because he needs to be taught to show some respect. His parents should be ashamed of themselves for not teaching this guy any manners.

1431 days ago

Queen of the smash and grab    

@Rusy: "Eat, Pray, Queef", ROFLMAO! Julia Roberts is WAY fuglier than Steven Tyler. I can't believe that home-wrecking Bitch still thinks that "cackle" of her's is her special trademark. Creepella will still be doing it til she's 80, with that horse-face of hers. Yuk.

1431 days ago

Queen of the smash and grab    

I don't care if he is a "celebrity" or not. THAT was pure Bullsh*t. Nobody should have to put up with behavior like that. I think he was a class act to even speak to those animals after that. I would have started throwing some punches. He showed a lot of self-control. That behavior is best left for the sluts like Paris Hilton and Kim K. Not a legend like him.No wonder they have to travel with monster security guards and rush past crowds. Someone could have gotten hurt. They acted like a pack of starving swine. I'm glad that he is alright.

1431 days ago


Is his ebay autograph worth that much to get excited about? Is he on the celebrity death pool?

1431 days ago


Steven Tyler lives in my neck of the woods (New Hampshire). He is great with everyone around here who wants an autograph or picture. He is always friendly and smiling to the locals. He even buys local! I've never heard anyone say anything negative about him.

1431 days ago


Justice....please do us a favor and KILL yourself instead of writing ****ty comments.

1430 days ago


Since when do African Americans like Aerosmith? They don't. They're just looking to make a quick buck by selling the record at a shop for money.

Like he doesn't know that. Pathetic. I ****ing HATE New York and always will - aggressive losers.

1429 days ago
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