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Tiger Woods

Talks Divorce

'It's a Sad Time'

8/25/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods held an incredibly candid news conference today -- the same day Elin Nordegren's People interview came out -- saying he "understands that [Elin] is sad" ... and admitting his golf game's taken a back seat lately.

Tiger faced cameras and reporters today for the first time since his divorce was finalized two days ago.

During the news conference for a New Jersey golf tournament -- aired on ESPNews -- a reporter repeatedly asks Tiger if he still loves Elin.  Check out his reaction.

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No Avatar


A sad time? It's your fault ugly tiger teeth dog. Now you can romp with skanks and improve your golf game..You A hole..

1485 days ago


S***. JUST S***. Woods mentioned that "we all make errors". ERRORS?????? Getting it on with multiple women other than his wife is an ERROR? An ERROR???????????????? YIKES S*** BAG. S*** BAG.

1485 days ago


Man, this guy just doesn't come off as being human. His answers seem so scripted.

How about showing a little emotion, like you do when you sink a long putt, on the 18th hole of a major.

Come on...seriously. Just say it.... "I really f'd up. I was full of myself, thought I was bigger than the world, and I want to make ammends. Of course I love my wife and always will as the mother of my children. Elin is an amazing person and I hope for the best for both of us." Now hard is that to say....

1485 days ago


What a douche bag that tiger person is. Never could stand his arrogance.

Notice how much more passion he displayed in correcting the reporter as to how many years he had been number one, yet no passion at all in discussing the mother of his children or his children's future.

Like I said, what I douche

1485 days ago


Yes, real sad Tiger. That's why you started golfing immediately instead of working on your marriage. Take your pity party elsewhere. Not buying it.

1485 days ago


The guy has no honor; hence, all his money means very little. When we leave the material world, we can't take one penny with us. Lust is one of the big doors to Hell.

1485 days ago


Why do we have to keep enduring all these News Conferences for Pete's Sake!!! Why is this our business again??? I just think it's Overkill! We know he did this tremendously stupid thing, can't he let us move on to other more important things, or do we have to have this shoved down our throats constantly!!!!

1485 days ago


jmo, he never did so why ask now if he still does?

1485 days ago


i'm not surprised he avoided to answer when asked if he loves elin or not. clearly he didn't and he doesn't. elin was a facade to hide the ugly side of tiger. he portrayed himself (with the help of nike) as a loving, family-man, golf champion. but that ends there, after and in-between tournaments he's like a tiger from sarangani...wild, preying on hoes and whores. no, he never loved elin coz how can a man love somebody and did the things that he did. he murdered and destroyed her over and over and over again. he can go straight to hell!

no, he

1485 days ago


Leaving the diagnosis to the professionals but, hopefully, he is in psychotherapy and didn't stop with the incomplete sexual addiction retreat. The last way he should be perceiving himself right now is #1 in the world of golf when he has lost everything that should matter in life ~ a workable marriage (in-to-me-see relationship) and beautiful offspring.

One can only pray that Elin Woods has an extraordinary immune system and he didn't pass along a venereal disease or AIDS after exchanging bodily fluid on multiple levels with so many whores.

Unlike the narcissist and emotionally immature Tiger Woods, I truly believe that Elin Woods was devoted to and in love with him; but, at some point, a psychologically healthy woman has to make a decision that is right for her and her tiny children. Until the second, third, fourth, fifth (lost count there were so many but nearly twenty that became "known" and one can only imagine the entire number), I'm certain she was sincere in attempting to hold the marriage together through marital counselling but the long-term ability for one to regain trust would have diminished after the awareness of two women with the young neighbor girl being the culminating point! Nobody except Tiger Woods is responsible for the demise of his marriage! She deserves every cent that has been awarded in the Courts and she likely would have gotten more in California.

Is he afraid to say that he loved his wife because the moneygrubbing swine Uglitel is waiting in the wings to fulfill his sordid fantasies? If he has anything to do with any of the women who participated in the demise of his marrige, he needs to burn in hell on a daily basis with the media and lose co-parenting and co-custody of their children.

1485 days ago


Oh please shut up HIJO DE PUTA ..... You have nothing except your stupid golf game. You have no intelligence, no integrity, no honesty, no values, no character, no personality, no charisma and no soul .....
You don't have the decency to acknowledge your ex wife the woman who gave you two beautiful kids who was humiliated because you couldn't keep it in your pants.
I hope and I said it from the start of this whole fiasco you NEVER EVER WIN again a major. You don't deserve to beat Jack's record.
You deserve to live miserably and lonely the rest of your pathetic life. You are a first class LOSER and a total failure as a human being.
Hitting a golf ball with a stick is not everything in this world. I just wish that one day you truly realize what you really did but I highly doubt of that because you only care about one person in this world ans it's YOU.

1485 days ago

Mama Meza    

Tiger needs to change his name to Pig and stop playing like anyone still respects him. Golf. What kinda "sport" is that? S'right up there with Shuffleboard and Pinochle.


1485 days ago


Love all these WHITE posters celebrating the swedish HO extortion of $100 million dollars of TW's hard earned fortune.
The racism is startling!!!

As Rico stated: TW is a rich man who acted like other rich men. Only that in this racist ****ed up society black rich men are held to different standard by the white middle class dripping with racial envy at their success.

That is what is behind these obscene postings. As they say, Karma is bitch and all you *******s will be getting a hefty bill. As for the swedish HO, she will not spend the money wisely andcome begging for more. TW has been more than genreous and she will find that ATM is shut off 4ever.

1485 days ago


Wow, TSJ you're right. The only person Tiger ever loved was himself and his FAME. He pursued fame and knew that having Elin by his side would enhance his fake family image.

What a veritable arse. What a fool. What a loser.

1485 days ago


The comment by that racist bitch calling herself Shannon Steward and that idiot Tricia proves the point of my previous post.

Can anyone ever justify wishing for the lynching of a human being? for cheating on his wife? In this society with a 70 % divorce rate? What could be generating this hate other than racial animus?

****ING WHITE S***!!!!

1485 days ago
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