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Blue Power Ranger:

I Quit Show Over Gay Insults

8/26/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who played the Blue Ranger on the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" series has just revealed that he's gay -- and dropped a huge bombshell ... that he quit the show because he was harassed over his sexuality.

Blue Power Ranger Gay

Actor David Yost -- who played the B.R. from 1993 to 1996 -- just gave an interview to "No Pink Spandex" -- and explained, "I was called 'f*ggot' one too many times [by the show's] creators, producers, writers, directors."

Yost added, "I know that my co-stars were called in a couple of times to different producers' offices and questioned about my sexuality, which is kind of a humiliating experience to find that out."

Yost claims it got so bad on the show that he became "worried that I might take my own life."
Instead, Yost took a break from Hollywood ... and only recently decided to start acting again.

Calls to Saban Entertainment -- which produced Power Rangers -- have not been returned.


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Cut the melodramitic crap. I'm so sick of the double standard. Gays call each other ***s all the time thats ok. Blacks call each other ******s all the time and whites crackers that's ok not a problem. It seems to be a problem when suited.

1517 days ago


I thought he quit because he was only making $800 a show while the franchise was pulling in millions.

1517 days ago


This is so sad. What is wrong with people? I hope this guy restarts his career. Thankfully, the environment, in general, is more tolerant now.

1517 days ago


I thought they were all gay anyways....

1517 days ago


1st and foremost the original cast including this guy left the show due to the fact they all wanted more money and a well known pink ranger ( AMY JO JOHNSON) was the only one they were willing to pay out the wazooo to keep ( her behind was awesome back then! even bill clinton commented on her!) but sad but true i feel for the B.R.. afterall you're a grown man running around in tights you would atleast expect some privacy in reference to civil rights and liberties....the statue of limitations have ran out.. dude you are too late.. no one wants to be with a power ranger now.. hello? Saban Entertainment ( the hubby of the couple) simply flew over to japan and bought the rights to the franchise and brought it back over to the good ole usa making them millions.. millions..

Mrs. Saban is a very nice lady.. maybe the b.R should have talked to her before sending this "CRY ME A RIVER" interview in.

sooo sad too bad.. you are a has been... and TMZ you have wasted 5 mins of my life that i'll never get back

Dude cut your hair!

1517 days ago

Jim Deen    

lol "acting". Also, yhis guy has not aged well.

1517 days ago


That's really sick that he was treated like that.

It's not about how much he was making. I think we've all sort of gotten used to accepting homosexuality, that we forget there was a time when it was okay for homophobes to throw fits every time a gay was present.

It's not right. I hope he at leasts lists the names of the producers in question, because I think the public ought to know. And I think those producers should issue a public apology.

I don't think money compensation is in question, nor is that what he is seeking. He's just exposing homophobes for what they are...homophobes.

1517 days ago


Yep! He's gay. He just grabbed a couple of beers and slide down the emergency ramp. Can't get any gayer than that. Runniing away and then playing a diva.

No.3. We aren't tolerant about that. We just realize that these people are intent on going against God and there's nothing we can do about it. But not to worry. They'll meet their Master.

1517 days ago

george clooney    

guess he is a liar as well. REPENT, YOU ARE ALL GOING TO HELL UNLESS YOU DO.

1517 days ago


Chirstians are s***, thanks for once more proving that justsaying, you'll burn in hell before any homo does.

1517 days ago


Who cares!! sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me!!!! and Power rangers was like a million years ago.

1517 days ago

Knockers De Clown    

We are just asking for equal rights !! No more, No Less.. Just be fair

1517 days ago


@texasknight1 - You happily wasted 10 minutes of your life commenting on this story about a really stupid children's TV show you apparently know WAY too much about.

TMZ apparently did something right - marketed their story well.

1517 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Don't shoot the messenger !!! Equal Rights for everyone.. Black, Brown, Red, Green or White.. Stop the put down to make your self feel better then them

1517 days ago


If he's gay, then f*g isn't an insult.

1517 days ago
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