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Morphin' Producer -- Blue Ranger Was 'Pain in the Ass'

8/28/2010 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A guy who co-produced 450 episodes of "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" claims he's positive the Blue Ranger didn't leave the show over homophobia on the set -- insisting the departure was all about money ... but the thing he remembers most was that Blue was a "pain in the ass."


As we previously reported, former Blue Ranger David Yost just revealed he is gay -- and claimed he was forced to quit MMPR back in the day because he "was called 'f*ggot' one too many times" by staffers.

But producer Scott Page-Pagter explains, "[Yost] and two of the other actors were all getting a bonus on top of their salary.  When the other two left the show, production wanted to stop giving him the bonus, and that’s ultimately what led to his departure from the show.”

As for the allegations of homophobia, Page-Pagter told us, “I don’t know why he’s saying this, but he was the only one no one got along with ... he was a pain in the ass.”

Saban Entertainment -- the company behind the show -- had no official comment.


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the gay Power Ranger was a "pain in the butt" hmmmmm... makes ya' think what the producer was really doing in the truck.

1515 days ago


I didn't realize that the blue ranger was played by former Jet Blue employee Steven Slater.

Oh, he wasn't? He was played by a different gay guy who made up a huge lie about why he left his job in a hissy fit? Well I stand corrected.

1515 days ago


I would be a pain in the ass too if someone was talking **** about my back constantly about something I had no control over.

That kind of environment doesn't generally bring out the best of people.

I'm sure money was involved in the reason why Yost left. Probably, after cutting his bonus, the show became too cheap to put up with all of the homophobia.

1515 days ago


This idiot decides to wait almost 10 years to say that hes gay....all because hes trying to re-jump his career as an actor. STUPID PR!! Hey moron the Prop 8 train left months ago your too late. Looser

1515 days ago


He chose the life style and he delt with it the wrong way. That`s that

1515 days ago


TMZ please move this non story over to
"Alternative Lifestyler TMZ"

1515 days ago


Whenever a minority, of any sort, is deficient at something they cry discrimination.

1515 days ago


When was the last time you heard a Hollywood producer have the gall to outright call his talent "a pain in the ass"? Could it be any clearer that he did not, and still does not, have any respect for Yost and it likely extends to others.

Page-Pagter is a no-class jerk and, if he were your boss and treated you the way he's treated Yost, you'd scream harassment, walk and probably punch his lights out.

As far as suggesting that the victim of a hostile work environment either speaks then, or forever holds his peace; there is no statute of limitations on treating others as one would want to be treated.

1515 days ago


There's always so much intelligence posted in the comment sections of these pages. You don't choose to be gay. Give the guy a break.

1515 days ago


No.9. Get real. Animals don't choose to live in the wilderness, dig dens, run in herds, hybernate, or or eat only meat or grass. That's because God gave them instinct to do these things. Man, on the other hand, have to ability to choose. God gave him free will to decide just how he want's to live his life. Whether it's to come towards him or go the other way. So don't hand me this "He didn't choose" crap. He did. Unlike animals in the wild, he has options.

1515 days ago


Heheh, a pain in the a s s? Kinda funny wording, given the situation.

1515 days ago


Why do people insist he's "lying", seems like personal insecurity, fear of facing the truth about Yost being accurate? I just love how these idiots always pull out the "He's lying" card just to be different from the pack. He's gay, FACE THE TRUTH, and ACCEPT it

1515 days ago

Rhyan W    

Hey #12, Why do people insist he's telling the truth just because he's gay? Guess what, gay people can be *******s too! ACCEPT it.

1515 days ago


"Animals don't choose to live in the wilderness, dig dens, run in herds, hybernate, or or eat only meat or grass. That's because God gave them instinct to do these things."

Eh, right and wrong. Animals have an instinct to do those things, but whether they actually do them or not is choice. Same for humans. A lot of human behaviors are highly instrinctual. They just present themselves in a complex matter, which masks the instinct.

See the fields of animal behavior and evolutionary psychology, which is proving on a day to day basis that men and animals are no different. If your brain is wired the same way, you are bound to be similar. The only differnece is our brain function are complex versions of animals' simpler ones.

If God exists, he didn't give gays the right to choose. Just like he doesn't give schizophrenics the right to choose to be schizophrenic. And those with deformities to have deformities. Despite people like yourself wanting to stay in ignorance and perpetuate your wrongly proven beliefs, there's tons of research to support the notion that being attracted to the same sex is something you are born with.

Whether or not you choose to act on it IS a choice. Just like whether or not choosing to engage in a sexual act with the opposite sex is a choice. If you expect all gays to abstain from sex, then why not expect all heterosexuals to do it as well?

1515 days ago


Keep in mind, that franchise made hundreds of millions. and the actors got only $800 an episode, and they DID NOT get pade for promo appearances and other extra things. So, yeah, I'm sure pay was an issue. Among other things.

1515 days ago
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