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Paris Hilton's Lawyer: Don't Rush to Judgment

8/28/2010 4:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's lawyer, David Chernoff, just released this statement regarding Paris' arrest:

"Paris Hilton was released this morning on her own recognizance. This matter will be dealt with in the courts not in the media and I encourage people not to rush to judgment until all of the facts have been dealt with in a court of law. There will be no interviews and no more comments at this time."


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Paris is A damn Cokehead, I hope they make an example out of her, But I know that she will weasel her way out this one just like the other times!!!

1484 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

He,s talking to you Harv.

1484 days ago

Sad sad    

I lost my purse last night. Did somebody find it? ;p

1484 days ago


don't rush to judgement? if this just did not happen to her in south africa than maybe people would not rush to Judge her! in the courts lightning doesn't strike twice! once ok, it's not your drugs,but twice?!! Come on!! really?!!

1484 days ago

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    

Sounds pretty cut and dry to me, again.

1484 days ago

Bob B    

It's like watching the series "Cops" - each time they find dope in a guys' pants or a broad's purse, they all say the same thing - "It's not mine!" Over and over and over again. Some unknown stranger crept in and put it there. Guess all the drug users must have the same instruction manual!

Bet she gets off with a minor wrist slap!

1484 days ago


Everyone needs to shut the %^%$ up! WHO are any of you to judge her? & some of you saying she should be shot!?! What the hell is wrong with you people? No one is perfect and NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU ARE EITHER. Leave her alone to deal with her life and learn her lessons in private like the rest of the world.

1484 days ago

Mary Ann    

What a worthless bunch of s*** this whole family is.
The only one who ever worked hard for his money was the old man, Conrad Hilton. Bought one little hotel and built an empire, for what? So generations of Hiltons' could become white trash.

1484 days ago


Man these drug addicts sure do lose their dope alot..always putting into someone else's bags....Must get expensive always losing your dope like that.

1484 days ago


I agree with comment #1Cheryl on this post. This girl should be ashamed of herself no matter how young she is! To have all that money and be out acting in such an embarrassing manner all the time is VULGAR. She's been partying and acting a fool for too long now. It seems like she has created such a reputation for herself that every time she turns around she's getting popped for something and claims she didn't do it....come on now!

1484 days ago


She is a joke, lets see we have seen her give a blow job..she has bedded more guys then we have paper to wrote thier names on...she does nothing but club hop and sleep around, snorts up her nose. What a waste of human flesh. She's a joke. Can't wait to see her at 50, that will be worth the wait.Old coke whor#

1484 days ago


It is amazing how the wealthy gets away with their crimes repeatedly. No one is STUPID enough to believe this was a "borrowed" or "stolen" purse. As much money as the Hilton's have, Paris does not need to run arolund borrowing or stealing purses. She did the crime, she needs to do the time. She not only violated her probation, but she is a repeat offender. She was also caught with drugs while out of the country not long ago. Claimed the drugs that she was carrying was for a "friend". They need to arrest both Paris and this mystery friend, and I will bet they will soon find out the purse belongs to Paris. And, if this was an individual from a middle or lower income family, they would never have been released from jail, until they spent quite some time there. She violated her parole repeatedly, she was caught with drugs now she needs to do some real hard, lengthy time. Money cannot buy everything, and crying "mama" everytime an issue arises does not make this spoiled brat's a woman. Needless to say, she is a criminal.

1484 days ago

Mr Baxter    

Lawyers say the darndest things.

1484 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Nothing will come of it.

1484 days ago


I agree with #1, cheryl. she could be doing something better than what she is. she has the resources to fly anywhere in the world, nothing but time, she could try to make a difference somewhere. help post katrina victums, the crisis in chile with the minors families,she would have a better feeling about herself, then wouldn't have to get caught with someone elses purse.

1484 days ago
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