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Jesse James & Kat Von D -- Swappin' Spit

8/31/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New couple Jesse James and Kat Von D packed in some serious PDA during a romantic weekend in Texas -- taking walks, holding hands, kissing  ... and riding on motorcycles without helmets.

It's always a risk to ride without protection. 


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Wow did he screw up!!!! Sandra is a wonderful, warm and friendly person. I am glad to hear that she has friends that stick by and dont talk about any of it. She is a public figure that is entitled to a PRIVATE life!!! GO Sandra. Jesse is a sleeze bucket, I am soo glad that he used a good tatoo artist so no one got sick. Jesse,? is the TATTOED bitch you are kissing clean? Hope they both get what they deserve! If ya know what I mean.

1490 days ago


she's crazy! but she's young and stupid...the only kind of chick who would entertain this lying cheatin excuse for a man.

1490 days ago


This guy is a rat. :(

1490 days ago


hey #5, you got a problem with people that have tattoos?

1490 days ago


wow, you people posting all these negative comments sure are a bunch of *******s. whats the matter? jealous of the famous couple? wish you had what they do? get a life you losers.

1490 days ago


She's the rebound "Ho". That's all this is. Every other month, it's a new dude for Kat.

1489 days ago


Ashton Kutcher denies cheating on Demi....
That's what they ALL do. At first. He needs to grow up.
She needs to move on. Marrying a "child" was her first mistake. And no matter what THEY say or what SHE says, he is still immature. It's a fact of life.
What EVER did she really want with him? She is an accomplished actress, attractive, a mother...from all I hear, a good mother...but to marry someone who could well be your own son is beyond me. The girl's must love it. How embarassing to a teenager. Does that make her a Cougar? Probably.

1489 days ago


She used to be pretty. She has ruined herself with those horrible tatoo's. What is the matter with a woman who thinks she needs to mark her body in such a way that it becomes something of a side show? I am looks awful, it isn't attractive and in truth makes a woman look cheap, tacky, and used up. Him? Well, he is just another loser.

1489 days ago


What a perfect couple. Wonder if she will replace Sandra taking care of his children? Oh, I think not - Sandra has the money to spend on them - Kat does not! Maybe he will leave Sandra alone now that he has Kat.

1489 days ago


kim ,shut is her body she can do what she plases.You mignt not find it atttactive but others do.She looked like this for years.

1489 days ago


Sandra Bullock was 2 girly for him. He probably wasn't used 2 being suited up. Von D is more his style.

1489 days ago


number 28 remark "angel" are you an idiot??? your rant about people with tats shows what kind of person you are .....pure and clean i doubt that unless you are 2 years old ......... some people with tats have them to cover burns, scars and many reasons you idiot.

1489 days ago


Why does someone have to be considered "white Trash" because they choose to express themselves with tatts? I personally LOVE Jesse James and Kat. I hope they can find happiness together. I know he cheated on "americas sweetheart" but we dont live their lives so who knows why it really happened. Coming from a women who has had that happen to her it does truly suck but there comes a time when you have to forgive. Its not like he cheated on us!!!! I think both their tatts are sexy as hell!! the more the better and if that makes me white trash and a loser then so be it!! GO JESSE AND KAT!

1489 days ago


you all are 50+ divorsed and have nothing better to do with your lives then make fun of people who are "diffrent" and on tv...very sad indeed.

1489 days ago


Looks like the L.A. backwash is taking it's sideshow to austin. God, how I hate L.A.

1489 days ago
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