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Kelly Ripa & Hubby: Still Happily Married ... with Abs

8/30/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Showing off their tone and tan physiques together, Kelly Ripa and her hunkband Marc Consuelos cooled off at the beach in the Hamptons this weekend.


After fourteen years of marriage, the 39-year-old couple's relationship is still in amazing shape.


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She looks disgusting and is a BAD EXAMPLE FOR ALL WOMEN!

1514 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Please, She looks like a concentration camp victim. She is not sexy, she is not very bright and clearly not someone who should be falunting that body. Her chest is concave, her bones are showing, she has no chest aqnd toothpick legs. What does her husband see in her??????? She is not toned she is emaciated.

1514 days ago

mary b    

OMG!!! Kelly!! you need to eat..Your healthy,?? Your waaaay to thin! You don't look skinny, you look undernourished, like a ethiopian child on posters! What a bad body image for your daughter? You need to eat and still would look much better..and maybe keep your man interested in your new curves.

1514 days ago


She looks HORRIBLE! You can see her bones! What the heck DOES? she eat? She used to have a beautiful full figure and was still tiny. Now she looks like a freak!

1514 days ago


How very sad.... look at all those bones showing on Kelly. She needs an intervention from anexoria. Mark should step up to the plate and make sure she eats something. She is starving to death.

1514 days ago


thanks for making me lose my breakfast all over this screen... you SUCK TMZ!!!!

1514 days ago


GASPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!! Well, I'll say it yet again.....

WHITE girls need to stay OUT OF THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If she isn't the poster child for gross tanned up nasty wrinkled up skin than its Pam Anderson!

How many white girl examples do we need before white girls get a clue. If you are young you are not even thinking about it, I get that...

But... do you want to look like this some day? Forget her gross body....her skin is just awful, not that the body isn't. Rode hard put up wet, orginated I'm convinced, from this look!

Call me whitey all day and night, at 43 I have wayyyyyy nicer skin than my peers, I never tanned after 19 and its paid off big time ladies. {Aren't you like 32 Lisa? bless you!}

Stay out of the sun. Its a killer for your looks after 30. CLEARLY.

1514 days ago


Kelly Ripa looks positively skeletal. Those implants look way out of porportion on her 88lb frame

1514 days ago


He's only with this white woman because she has money. Mark has no income worthy so he can't say nothing her about eating.
Kelly bag of bones!

1514 days ago

big al    

i don't see any ab definition on him & she looks gross!!!!!! looks like all the food hes eating needs to be slid down the table to her. lol! 5lbs would do her some justice. but i'm sure she would just die if she gained even an ounce of fat.

1514 days ago


I agree, someone needs to get her help! She looks like a skeleton with skin stretched over it!!

1514 days ago


She looks horrible.

1514 days ago


Oh man. She looks haaaarrrrible. A one piece is in order to cover up the weiner protruding from her belly. I know that's mean but if I liked her I wouldn't comment at all. She is so unfunny and annoying. She won the lottery ticket when she got the Regis show. Seriously awful all around. Name dropping, phoney skeletor.

1514 days ago


Kelly should never wear a bikini again.

1514 days ago


I reckon one piece bather would had been suitable.

1514 days ago
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