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Maury to Mike Lohan

I'll Settle Your

Daddy Drama!

9/2/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is trying to put an end to allegations he fathered an illegitimate daughter 15 years ago ... and to clear his name, he's turning to the expert in daddy DNA drama -- Maury Povich

Sources tell TMZ ... Lohan is currently talking to "Maury" producers about going on the show and taking a paternity test to prove he never impregnated Kristi Kaufmann ... who claims she had an affair with Mike in the '90s. 

Lohan tells TMZ Kaufmann has demanded child support in the past ... and even changed the child's birth certificate to bear Michael's last name ... which would make the kid Lindsay adjacent.

Who's your daddy, Michael?


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she must have been pretty desperate to have x with that bald loser. ewwww. gross. a vibrator would have been a better idea, maybe? please go away and take your entire trash family with you.

1514 days ago


When will this jackass just drop out of sight and GO AWAY. Maybe someone can pay he and Kate Gosselin to hook up, get married, and dissappear. Poor kids though, imagine 8 Lindsay Lohans runnin around. Whoa!

1514 days ago


Have any of you seen this child, she looks just like him!!, this cute little girl is his daughter and he needs to support her.

1514 days ago

Snow White    

Geez, this drama has been going on for years now. Just shell out for the test Michael and be done with it. One way or the other.

1514 days ago


A normal person in his situation would take the paternity test in private, with dignity. This Lohan s***bag needs a national audience for every sneeze. What an empty human being.

1514 days ago


I bet Lindsay is getting stressed out knowing that he moved to L.A. just a few miles away from her. Hopefully, Michael is only moving here temporarily in order to iron out a "peace treaty" with Lindsay and the rest of the family and then he'll move on and get a real job, find another wife, etc.

If Michael wants to have a relationship with Lindsay in the future he better "be cool" and respect her wishes. If she wants to meet with him, that's HER choice. She's a grown woman now ... er, sort of. Maybe Lindsay's therapist can VERY privately and confidentially meet with Michael and they can discuss things ... if that's okay with Lindsay.

Lindsay has said she has some major "issues" with her father ... past and present. If the therapist thinks it's a good idea to meet with him then maybe they should do it. I'm certainly not an expert about this stuff. That's what the therapists get paid to do.

1514 days ago


A simple DNA test would prove or disprove this, but then he wouldn't earn any money off of it. Nothing new for a man who has lived off his kids for years. The height of dead beat Dads the world over. A loser no matter how you paint the picture. Stop reporting on this loser and his loser family they might just go away!

1514 days ago


this family is pure trash!

1514 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

Here's an idea..

Paternity test on Maury.
Take family on Steve Wilkos to get him abused by Wilkos.
Sue each other on Judge Judy.
Child Support heard on Judge Joe Brown.
Lindsay needs Celebrity Rehab by now.
Dr. Phil can counsel Ali.
Now, all we need is live executions on TV and rid the world of them all forever.

1514 days ago


Does he even pay child support for the kids he claims?

1514 days ago


Does he even pay child support for the kids he claims?

1514 days ago

maury povich    


1514 days ago


Um....... the mother didn't "Try" to get child support and the mother didn't add Lohan's name to the birth certificate. A court awarded child support and ordered his name on the birth certificate. He did not show up in court when ordered for the DNA test.

1514 days ago


Lindsay needs to get a restraining order against this guy and ask a judge to gag him from mentioning her as his defamation impacts her career. As for his alleged child, he is clearly seeking paternity confirmation in a public venue because he's a fame whore. He is despicable and I feel sorry for Lindsay.

1514 days ago


True to form, Maggot Mouth Lohan can't do a thing without having the media involved. Massengill and Summer's Eve should sue for trademark infringement on their product. He's worse then a Cat 5 hurricane when it comes to creating chaos and leaving havoc in his wake. Talk about a personality disorder...

No beef with Maury on this. I never watch his show, but this is obviously right on target with what his audience wants to see. Good bokking for Maury...just hope he throws Mikey back fast because Mikey turns on EVERYONE. *chomp chomp kick chomp*

1514 days ago
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