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Dog-Eat-Dog Victim -- No Grave Situation

9/2/2010 7:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The final chapter of Tiger's short life story has now been written -- TMZ has learned the aspiring dog model's body has been cremated ... but not before leaving something special behind.

According to Tiger's owners, they had the Maltese's adorable paw prints cast in bronze before she was cremated ... and had "4/19/2008 - 8/30/2010" engraved next to them.

As for where Tiger's ashes will end up ... the family says they'll probably place the urn on the shrine they erected in her honor at their apartment.

As we first reported, Tiger was massacred Monday by Cadillac, Samantha Ronson's bulldog.


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It's a shame more dog owners don't know more about breed of the dog they have. Bull dogs are about shaking and killing "rodents." She most likely acted on instict. The real question is how was this dog wandering about in the first place.

1490 days ago

alex alva    

Was the bulldogs name OJ?

1490 days ago


Seriously its a dog! Not a person! It was a tragic accident....let it go. Ridiculous!

1490 days ago

Professor Chaos    

As dumb as this story is I'd still rather read about this than that gay drama queen Jet Blue guy that TMZ had to write about 10 times a day for awhile there. That still wins for dumbest story of the year.

1490 days ago


I guess Samantha Ronson's dog "Cadillac" is going to "doggie hell" for this cold blooded killing of "Tiger" the Maltese.

Cadillac better be thankful he hasn't gotten the death penalty yet. He better hide under beds and behind couches and hope the "Animal Cops" in the L.A. area don't come to get him.

If he's lucky, he'll get a "life sentence inside a fenced in yard" in some suburban area. I doubt we'll be seeing any pictures of Samantha walking him around in West Hollywood anymore that's for sure. The owner of "Tiger" the Maltese might go after him. Never know.

Maybe the L.A. "Animal Cops" can somehow ban Samantha from having another dog for 10 years or something. She's the main bad guy in this dog's death.

R.I.P. Tiger :(

1490 days ago


It's not sick, what the owners are doing--it's sick that they keep telling TMZ about it.

1490 days ago


poor precious baby my heart breaks for the owner truly tragic

1490 days ago


Enough with the dog already. It wasn't famous. Neither was the owner of the killer. I feel for the owners, but if both dogs would have been on leashes, in control of their owners, it never would have happened. Put this case infront of Judge Judy, she likes this kind of case.

1490 days ago

Zoo WIng    

Wow, thats some pretty crazy stuff dude. Seriously.

1490 days ago


I'd be less concerned about a shrine to my dog, rather kicking the #@%* out of Sam Ronson!!

1490 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I do feel sad for Tiger but a couple of questions come to mind: Why was a fluffy lil' doggie named Tiger? And might that have ticked off ol' Cadillac? So, I feel the love for Tiger and for Cadillac, too. Cadillac was just being the baddest dog on the block or in the hallway or wherever. Sometimes dogs need intervention and sadly, no humans on either side were there to step in and hand out the doggie treats and toss the frisbee and make 'em play nice. And that is too bad for all the dogs and humans involved in this.

1490 days ago


REALLY TMZ??? C'mon, is a F*@KING DoG! Who caresssssss!!!!!!!!!! Radar is becoming more and more apealing to this faithful TMZ fan... ENOUGH with the EFFing Dog. (and Mel Gibson and his Ex, WHO CARES)

Good Beating,Carry on!!

1490 days ago


For god's sake, MASSACRED?! Thank you Carl, for your post. Hopefully TMZ learned something of the definition of massacre. I'm starting to feel sorry for Ronson...a shrine for a dog you had for 2 years? I'm not saying it wasn't a horrible event for the dog's owner (especially since she got bit, too) but jeez a shrine?...

1490 days ago


To the posters that think this story is dumb, you are the most shallow humans on the planet.

Karma. I hope it gets you BIG.

1490 days ago


RIP beautiful Ms. Tiger. I hope we meet someday when I get to heaven. I will give you an epic smooch and hug. I hope God makes you a special angel.

1490 days ago
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