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Dog-Eat-Dog Victim -- No Grave Situation

9/2/2010 7:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The final chapter of Tiger's short life story has now been written -- TMZ has learned the aspiring dog model's body has been cremated ... but not before leaving something special behind.

According to Tiger's owners, they had the Maltese's adorable paw prints cast in bronze before she was cremated ... and had "4/19/2008 - 8/30/2010" engraved next to them.

As for where Tiger's ashes will end up ... the family says they'll probably place the urn on the shrine they erected in her honor at their apartment.

As we first reported, Tiger was massacred Monday by Cadillac, Samantha Ronson's bulldog.


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Poor, poor Tiger...

I hope Sam pays through the nose and her killer dog gets put down!

1489 days ago


Holy Sh$t, I smell a reality show! If this story make the LA news, it must be time to leave LA....

1489 days ago


Oh FFS! Enough with this story. This is the most idiotic story you ever ran. Gotta wonder is the dog owner by someone at TMZ?? Its a stupid accident, sad for the owner but its of no interest to TMZ readership. If you don't get a grip I am jumping ship to radar. This moronic.
P.s to the writers of this story: learn the meaning of massacre and learn to spell please!

1489 days ago


The owner of the little dog was probably holding it in the hallway as she walked. The dog might have actually been leashed but NOT ON THE GROUND so no one saw the leash.

I really hope that while Harvey is calling this poor chick to get a story that he knows people will mock, that at the same time he is giving her some decent legal advice which IS SUE SAM FOR DAMAGES. SAME IS LIABLE FOR HER DOG PERIOD. THIS LADY NEEDS TO SUE, BECAUSE SAM'S RENTERS INSURANCE WILL PAY IT. I know this because I have animals AND renters insurance. PLEASE ADVISE THIS CHICK TO SUE SAM HARVEY. YOU KNOW THIS IS WHAT THIS POOR LADY NEEDS TO DO. YOU ALSO KNOW IT WON'T COST SAM A DIME AND SAM OWES THIS LADY FOR DAMAGES

1489 days ago


I can't believe how heartless people can be? Dogs are wonderful animals. My dog is like family and if anyone messed with him you would get this momma bear after you azzz. If that fat bulldog came after my dog I would've kicked his balls and would've kicked him 12 feet away. No one messes with momma bear.

1489 days ago


The lady was attacked by the lone bulldog as well, I think she was holding it, did TMZ bother to ask her that? I bet the leash was on, AND the dog wasn't on the ground, that the intial attack was on the person, because that is this dogs history is attacking PEOPLE, that is what the dog went to "doggie camp" for, probably because Sam got a pet eviction and that was the agreement they reached before the dog turned killer.

The state can still make a death sentence on the dog and prevent her from owning animals in California, if she doesn't put the dog down, and my bet is that is exactly what's going to happen if she doesn't surrender the dog. Doesn't matter where he is, they will make her bring it back, it's the law.

Sam will also probably be evicted, because of what her dog did. Hopefully. Sam is really kind of a jerk to a lot of people. I don't feel sorry for her. She sh i ts all over people on her twitter page and probably in real life too.

1489 days ago


What's with all the headlines, TMZ? Is this a laughing matter to you guys? Because if so, I'll not wander to this site again.

There is nothing funny about a pet owner being irresponsible and letting their pet get loose to kill another animal. My own dog is permanently crippled because a dog attacked him while in a boarding situation. There is NOTHING "cutesy" about this story, and your headlines reflect a lack of compassion that is unconscionable to me.

1489 days ago

Silent Lurker    

So what Maltese are overly aggressive little dogs any way. Good for the Bulldog. What nobody has ever had their ankles attacked by these little bastards? He got what he had coming. To make this a "news" story is a waste of yous and our time TMZ.

1489 days ago


**** you bunch of heartless cry-babies. If you don't want to read about a dog that was murdered, then get off your fat asses, find your remote and change the channel and watch HEADLINE news or something !! (or yes, type in lazy *******s, copy and paste)
Hey, I invite any story TMZ has to share with us as long as it saves me from having to read more about Loser Lohan !!!
May the Bird of Paradise fly up your asses you souless jackoffs !

1489 days ago


Tiger - the other white meat.

1489 days ago

Chun LI    

Ok TMZ This is getting old. I felt sorry for the owner at first but now they need to go away. What next a reality show?

1488 days ago


Can't we at least put a positive spin on a bad situation?

Stick a broom handle up Tiger's @ss and, have a nice mop.

1488 days ago


OK TMZ-enough of this dog thing. It's not like Cadallic is Michael Vic! NO MORE STORIES ABOUT THIS DUMB SH*T PLEASE!

1488 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

This whole story sounds WAY "fishy" to me. I mean, what morsel that size makes it his business to challenge an otherwise adorable and gentle dog like Cadillac without expecting to get his a-- handed back to its owner in a silver urn?? Riddle me that!

Come on people, that hairy beast had a death wish all his own. Read between the lines.

1488 days ago


Bronzed feet? You have got to be ****tin me.

1488 days ago
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