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Lindsay Lohan Stroller Accident

No Harm, No Foul

9/3/2010 7:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An eyewitness to the alleged Lindsay Lohan "hit-and-run" tells TMZ ... the photogs who sold the after-the-fact video are lying.

The eyewitness -- a photographer -- says Lindsay was leaving her apartment building Wednesday (not yesterday) and was turning onto Holloway Drive with a green light.  The photog says Lindsay "ever-so-slightly tapped the stroller -- like 1 mile an hour." 

The photog says Lindsay pulled over, asked the nanny pushing the stroller if everything was okay and was told everyone and everything was fine, so she drove off.

The story conflicts with the photogs who shot video after the incident.  One of them -- Brayan Jaime -- told TMZ ... Lindsay ran a red light and called the impact "a major hit" ... causing 3 wheels on the stroller to leave the ground.  Jaime says Lindsay fled the scene.

So far ... no one has gone to the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department to file a report.


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Put her away before she kills someone.
She is a Menace to society.
And what is she doing driving anyway didn't they take her license?

1508 days ago


If you hit a stroller going "1 mph", wouldn't you have time to stop? She obviously wasn't paying attention - at all. Surprise.

1508 days ago


When you make a turn with a green light, your first obligation is assure that ALL pedestrians are clear of the crosswalk. The green light the driver has is the same one the pedestrian has. If LiLo doesn't know that, then she needs a driver's refresher course. The pedestrian has the right of way in such a case.
I think the young woman needs to be AWAY from lights, camera, action, clubbing, all of that for a while and get in touch with whomever she is. I think she's lost track of herself along the way.

1508 days ago


I love you Linsey!

1508 days ago


Tell me, does ANYONE on here see her car hit the stroller in this video. I thought people are inocent until PROVEN guilty in this country. Watch the video people, it is after the car went by, someone could do the same thing to you.

1508 days ago


The video is not the whole story.
There has been no statement in regards to this besides,
"I don't know what you are talking about."
There are several witnesses who have stated contact was made.
Lindsay Lohans testimony is not a reliable source.

1508 days ago


the video is not the whole story

1508 days ago


The question is not who has the right of way. Of course the lady with the stroller does. The question is does anyone see Her car hit the stroller or even come close to it? The video shows nothing like that. I believe my eyes before I believe the sick *******s that fallow people around to make a buck.

1508 days ago


This girl should seriously not be driving anything but a bike. Lilo has enough dough in the bank to hire a driver...maybe the reason she doesnt is because there would be a witness to her bad actions and more difficult to skate on yet another charge.

Her movies have sucked for years now, she is no Meryl Streep that is for sure.

Get a grip and look for another profession. Florida is sick you you for sure.

1508 days ago


There seems to be some that like to chant, "Innoncent until proven guilty"...People in this industry are not blacklisting Lindsay because she is guilty of this crime, but because she is in media about it, and it has not been CLEARED. It is nice to be supportive of your "friends" but in "Hollywood" an actors behavior is deeply related to my cash deposits, and I, and virtually everyone in this industry simply can not afford to give Lindsay YET another "chance". It doesn't matter if this story is TRUE, from a PR stance, this story is OUT, all over the world, and so far, Lindsay, who wants to work for me, doesn't say much to clear this.
If she could prove she has been set up, that she was at a children hospital donating money at the time, she would be embraced. There are more people in this industry that want to see this happen than one knows. It is unlikely. Lindsay is too much of a risk for insurance purposes and can we be Frank, and say, I don't want to spend 40 millions dollar on a film and have the "STAR" OD or get hauled off to prison before it's in the can? And even then, Lindsay's behavior taints all previous works. Do you have any idea that Lindsay has completely DESTORYED her Mommie and Kids Satuarday movie crowd? Mommies aren't buying ANYTHING Lindsay Lohan ever again. Parent Trap is DEAD forever. All Lindsay Lohan merchandise is TAINTED. Whether she is guilty or not, she has been extremely irresponsible in ADDRESSING the issue. It is HER responsibily to address things that are this important. Lindsay recently said she was a good actress, and we look at her, like she is insane, for she seems completly be incapable of acting like a responsible adult or a woman with even a little self-respect, and lets face it, she needs to learn how to act in these ways before she will ever ACT again in this town. It's BUSINESS, not a value judgment.
It is "sweet" to see that there are posters, I love you Lindsay, and you are so beautiful, but that doesn't sell MOVIES and for those of you who do not understand that even MAKING CONTACT, or ANYTHING being questionable in any regard to an incident with A BABY, involving a high powered sports car, a despute of great consequence that occurs within BLOCKS of your own home, within days of being WARNED, within days of being set-free from Rehab and her self-destructive lifestyle, that she promised all of us, she would not return to. In Hollywood, WE DO CALL the Marmont, "clubbing". These are signs, regardless of the bruises left behind that Lindsay is out of control and NOT BANKABLE.
If you think we want our children running around with friends like her, letting her drive our kids to clubs, think again.
It isn't going to happen. Lindsays world is crashing.Lindsey Lohan "The Movie Star" is dead. It is truly one of the most spectacular Hollywood endings I have ever seen. Lindsay, you have achieved great FAME, but you don't have a job.
She cannot recover ---for years or years---at best. because of the enermous PR problems involved. If her fans think we are mean, or jealous of Lindsay, you don't understand Hollywood is NOT an NONPROFIT industry. We aren't about NICE, we are about BUCKS.
And celluloid, for the dear reader who keeps saying THE VIDEO shows......Good Lord man, have you been in this town so long you have forgotten that there is a world, a life, a reality and explanations BEYOND the footage? Pull out.
There is more to the story than you know. It will be forthcoming and it will show you clearly that Lindsay is RUINED.
From my perspective, she deserves NO OTHER PUNISHMENT of any kind.
Last week I read she wrote, I want RESPECT back.
It is NEVER going to happen in this town. Regardless if she hit the baby at ACCEPTABLE PSI standards for some, SHE DID NOT MANAGE THIS INCIDENT with any dignity or responsibilty. Nor for the record have her "people". It is shocking to many that there are those who don't understand, it is her SILENCE that has incrimidated her. If she had ANY WAY to clear herself, Holly would have thrown a PRESS CONFERENCE by now. Do you fans, not understand, WHY Lindsay is SILENT?
Good luck Lindsay, you have lost nearly everything. Are you and Paris starting to get a clue of how this world works?
It's called KARMA, look into it, you both have plenty of time to READ now.

1508 days ago


If actors had to explain themselves every time the press printed something they wouldn't have time to pee let alone act.

1508 days ago


Wow, now you have people pretending to be producers or directors getting in on it. I don't car if you have 40 million for a movie or 40 dollars, she is still inocent until proven guilty her in the USA. If you are a director I wouldn't watch your movies because you an ass hole and I am pretty sure a fake one at that, JaneB.

1508 days ago

Jay Adler    

This sounds like a relapse to me based on not staying long enough for a credible discharge. I heard lawyers broke her out of treatment before completion. She served very little of the jail sentence which was due to an overcrowding issue. She always wants out before she is well.Another thing, I heard there was a Nanny in shock. You never know the content of a claim until you get it days later. Lindsay did leave the scene and there was no report. If this Nanny starts hollering, look out. Why should I take sides? Whatever happens, happens, I was not there.

1508 days ago


There are no claims of being a director, there is no identification offered of any kind. Please be aware that there are many "hidden" people in industry that make decisions.
You assume a lot.
If you will start to exam what is actually happening around you, instead of waiting for someone else to hand you the answers on a plate, or an offical peice of paper, a test result, you would discover that discovery itself, is FUN.
I am not saying SHE DID IT.
I am saying, WTF?
And I am saying, if LA is conscious at all, people need to question what this story is really all about. Not just dismiss it because they don't LIKE it.

1508 days ago


She just keeps going and going
Unfortunately this could be coming to an end in what could be an unfortunate cir***stanse.

1508 days ago
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