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U.S. Open Fight -- Who's At Fault?!

9/3/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You gotta watch this video of an insane fight that broke out at the U.S. Open yesterday.

** warning -- the footage contains explicit language **

Here's what's clear:

-- The young man is a loudmouth
-- The woman clearly incites the young dude by slapping him in the face
-- The old man further incites the dude by aggressively approaching the dude and kicking a can

So we ask ...

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From what I gather at the beginning, it appears that the young guy said something or was talking in a manner that the lady didn't like. He told her that he paid for his ticket so he had the right to say whatever he wanted. Which I agree with to an extent. If he was being overly rude or obnoxious, the couple shoulda called security and reported him. By choosing to confront him physically, they ask for retaliation. They're lucky they are the age they are, or else that guy woulda swung and knocked them the F out, which they deserved. They should be thankful for the little retaliation they received. Old or not, they deserved a beating!

1452 days ago


PEOPLE when are they going to get it


1452 days ago

alberto tomba    

the younger bloke is clearly a **** and deserved a slap

typical gob****e yank

1452 days ago


ahaha. old guy and fat woman = douche.

1452 days ago


The whole fight was not shown on this site but my friend witnessed the whole thing from the beginning on live TV on TMZ Australian TV and that the young bloke was mouthing off badly,the old bloke was just trying to shut him up after all, this is a serious tennis match that requires silence at all times, someone should make your voters aware of this and to shove their feet in their mouths until they know the facts...
Hope the young bloke was thrown out on his ass
A Professional Tennis player from Australia

1452 days ago

Walter Hargrove    

Clearly by listening and watching the video the women and the old guy were at fault.People all around them must of been talking too but because they didn't like what he was saying and being that he was close and loud they attacked him.Going and being a foul mouth is not a reason for people to criticize or start calling names towards someone.We should grow up and realize that what we're teaching our kids is it's alright to curse inside our homes but not out in a public event.Come on people anyone with common sense and was around should of stepped up for him.It's not a law at the stadium that says you can't speak or make noise.Your making noise when your cheering aren't you?

1452 days ago


The lady started the whole thing, by slapping the young guy in the face. If I was him I would of shooked that lady soo hard she'll never think about slapping any one else. And as far as the old man, he shouldn't have tried to play tough guy and jump on the young guy. He lost his balance and fell on his own.LOL people are always taking up for these old a** people, who always try to be a tough old a**. Hey if it was me, I would've shook his old a** too. They both put they hands on him, they got what they deserve. They lucky he didnt kick they a**. LOL

1452 days ago


I've fallen a few rows in the upper deck at the old Yankee stadium. Any of those stadium seats dont have too much give. Serious multi colored bruising and hematomas following for the old guy.

1452 days ago

Stephen Dye    

It's so funny how the young guy was not doing anything wrong, but the Old Tea Party Militia attacked him. Reminds me of Casino. That kid starts off like Joe Pesci: "I paid my ****ing ticket. I got a lot of money on the game. I don't give a **** what anyone wants. Sit the **** down" And then he ends like Robert DeNiro... "I can take 20 of those. I can take 20 of those. Evicted for what? Evicted for what? I'm not talking during the points. I'm talking during the points? I'm not talking during the points! Get the **** outta here!" classic...

1452 days ago


The young guy should bring the fat lady. old man and the three guys that grabbed him when he was trying to get away up on assualt charges. No matter how annoying the young guy was the minute you lay hands on someone you lose. I would defintely press charges if I were him.

As with any event venue the couple could have easily spoken with an usher or security and said either we get new seats or this guy gets moved or in some cases if the guest is interfering with enjoyment of the show then he could be asked to leave entirely, but not attack the person. That is so wrong!

1452 days ago


if you say you would have pressed charges because the old man laid his hands on you, or because any of these people did you are a punk ass coward. if you run run run your mouth then get what you deserve dont talk a bout pressing charges you ****ing babies. "im gonna talk **** until i can provoke someone to hit me for being an idiot then im going to sue them" ****ing pansy ass chumps. If your "man" enough to talk the ****, be "man" enough to take the consequences.

1451 days ago


you are all idiot. do you think the woman stood up and slapped him for no reason? any twenty something person knows that that spiky hair douche bag college punk ass kid was talking **** and deserved to get his mouth slapped, and he deserved to get attacked by the old man and if i would have been there i would have jumped in a long time ago to shut is ****ing ass up. Stupid guido ****. thinks he's tough cause he can talk **** to an elderly couple? what a ****ing moron. I hope he gets his ass kicked repeatedly for being such a prick

1451 days ago

Michael V    

They all had some fault here clearly, BUT where was security? Everyone in the audience saw it. Why didn't they? This whole thing could have . . . should have been headed off before it got physical.

1451 days ago


david is the idiot of the year...

1451 days ago


jw..... what were they fighting about to begin with?
Being a girl i'll admit that no matter how old they were, if that woman hit me in the face i would have def hit back. It's called self defence buddy. Elders do not deserve your respect if they themselves are acting like 13 years olds.... i mean come on grow up and enjoy the game..lol

1451 days ago
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