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U.S. Open Fight -- Who's At Fault?!

9/3/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You gotta watch this video of an insane fight that broke out at the U.S. Open yesterday.

** warning -- the footage contains explicit language **

Here's what's clear:

-- The young man is a loudmouth
-- The woman clearly incites the young dude by slapping him in the face
-- The old man further incites the dude by aggressively approaching the dude and kicking a can

So we ask ...

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I think it is obvious from the conversation they are accusing him of talking during the game at some point. sounds to me like they thought they had the right to tell him what to do. Maybe he shouldnt of argued back but noone has the right to hit him in the face the way she did. That was an assault. Then the old man got physical first. He assaulted the young man. Not the other way around and he had every right to defend himself I do not care the age of the person attacking him. If that older couple had a problem with the way he was behaving then they should have gone to security in the first place not attacked him in any way or taken it into their hands to stand there and tell him that they think he should act a certain way. If he was being ejected they should of been as well.

1513 days ago


It's absolutely clear that the woman is the aggressor in this. The young man was at his seat. You can tell from when it almost stops and the old couple move towards their seats. What this tells us is that the old couple didn't like something the young guy was doing and approached him to berate him. It is also evident that he was not as loudmouthed at first. What changed was the woman assaulted him. Even then, while he got rude, angry and foul mouthed - it was all due to her assault. The old man stepping in was simply another unwarranted assault on the young man.

As for those yelling at the young man and attacking him - one explanation could be that they would want to stop the young man from hitting the old man. Not because he was unwarranted in defending himself but rather because they wanted to protect both the young man and the old man. The young man is a bigger threat so that reaction is arguable warranted. AS for those yelling to kick the young man out? I think that is a case of another loudmouth who doesn't really know what went on and ASSUMING the angry yound dude is the problem. Or one could argue it is ageism. Siding with the old couple simply because they are old.

Bottom line: The woman was the primary agressor on more than one occasion. The old man was also the primary agressor in his interaction with the young man.

Instead of getting into a scremaing match with someone you don't like at a tennis tournament - they could easily have made the effort to complain to security who may have then been able to make a determination of what the issue was and whether there was somethign deserving of ejection.

The old couple, who appear to feel an entitlement to abuse a younger person simply because they feel disrespected, are completely in the wrong. In my opinion, the young man, seeing this evidence, should file a complaint with the police that they assaulted him.

If we go around assaulting people everytime we feel or even are disrespected - then the law is a joke.

1513 days ago


BTW, it sure doesn't look at all like the young guy threw the older guy down the stairs like TMZ says he did. It's obvious that the old guy couldn't handle himself after he attacked the young guy and he lost his footing, falling over the seats below him.
Doesn't TMZ watch their own videos?
This isn't the first time TMZ's description of a video or photo is exaggerated.

Posted at 9:43 AM on Sep 3, 2010 by Simon
Where does TMZ say all those things you are accusing them of saying? TMZ clearly says the young guy has a mouth on him, and that the old lady and man incited him, no where do they say the young guy pushed the old guy down the stairs. I think you need to learn the difference between what TMZ says and what commentators say. TMZ just asked who is at fault. Talk about exaggeration, you seem to live in an alternate universe.

1513 days ago

miss cameltoe    

wow....i had an organism from watching that brawl....the young guy was a gentleman. i cannot believe it...he received a hefty slap from an elephant like beyootch....its annoying...no matter what he said...i bet the biitch had children his age or older but she doenst have the right to slap him.....THEY SHOULD HAVE CALLED IN SECURITY.....omg...and the sickly old man....was he trying to show his bravado or felt that because the young man didnt retaliate he could also land a couple more slaps...soo irritating....and those huge s***bags ....why were they attacking him...i bet they are those right winged church thumbing mofos....i repeat....NO MATTER WHAT THE YOUNG MAN SAID THEY HAD NO RIGHT TO ASSAULT HIM NO MATTER WHAT....he acted like a real man...i got soo turned on for him not retaliating ....omg....i did

1513 days ago


The old man clearly assaulted the potty mouth dude. However, there is no law against being a potty mouth so the old man is at fault and the young guy could sue the old guy not to mention press charges for assault.

Posted at 10:29 AM on Sep 3, 2010 by bob jenkins
Actually, in many states there are laws against being a potty mouth in public. The woman had no right to hit the kid.

1513 days ago


I'm sorry but if they threw the young dude out, they were wrong. He should take the 2 videos that were taped and go to court and take the old fat couple's guns, trailer, and hunting dog. Oh, yeah, and their laundry hanging out to dry on the station wagon with no wheels in their backyard! I hate old loud ****ers who think they can boss everyone around! The younger person always gets arrested in situations like that and it ****es me off! Those old fat farts were probably high on Rx pain pills anyway! We know all the obese elderly are!

1513 days ago


Someone should have gotten up out of their seat and gotten security instead of getting in this guys face and then slapping him. I thought that kid was a jerk for being mouthy and cursing when there are families around but come on that lady clearly made it physical. The elderly gentleman was trying to come to her defense but then he got aggressive. I didn't see the kid do anything to him but try and get him off of him and Papaw fell.

1513 days ago

Big C Mo    

The young guy was acting like a jerk and a loudmouth, but the last time i checked that wasn't against the law. Older people should have more patience and self discipline than to be physically assaulting someone half your age because they said something you don't like. Old @$$ white people acting self entitled. Act your damn age! P.S. the guy holding the camera was a little biatch too.

1513 days ago


So if you watch teh second video on another site, after they FALL down due to the attack of the old fart. The woman then charges him and statrts hitting him AGAIN! Then security jumps and attacks the young guy and leave his aggressors alone. What a joke.

That "woman" is clearly a liar and I'm so glad this was caught on tape. Imagine how many ppl she told that "SHE was attacked. psh!

1513 days ago


Harvey, you are a lawyer...you know damn well the agressors were the old man and nasty skank. This is a case of sexual and age descrimination. She is guilty of assault for the slap. The old man is also guilty of assault. ANYTHING the young man did was in self defense. If anything, the young man should be commended for NOT knocking the rotten teeth out of that loud mouthed woman. I sure as hell would have. And the old man, well, I would have reversed his head lock, put him in a 'rear naked' and choked his old ass til he went into convulsions.
I find interesting all those "tough guys" that come running to "assist" the woman and old man. Where were they when she slapped him?
I'll say it since no one else will....that is what is wrong with women in our country...the judicial & moral system has allowed women (and old farts) to assault men and and get away with it. If it were a young man who slapped that dude, it would have been ok for him to defend himself. Because it was a woman, who is bigger than him, it was "ok" for the assault to occur.
My theory is this, and I teach it to my daughter, if you are going to stand in the face of a man, swing like a man, and act like you can go toe to toe with a man, then you deserve the beating you get like a man. NO, that doesn't condone abuse in a relationship. But when women have the attitude that they can assault a man, knowing they can get away with it, only because they don't have dangling genetalia...there is something wrong with that. That is called sexual descrimination! Woman should not be able to hide behind a unwritten law that says if they assault a man, it's ok because he's a man and can take. If she slapped another woman, it would have been an all out brawl and and both would have been charged. If he slapped her he would have been charged and arrested! Where's the JUSTICE that so many people cry for in this country. Women "say" they want EQUALITY. Then get your ass beat equally when you slap a man who hasn't shown any aggressive behavior.

1513 days ago


Women want EQUAL RITES, all the same things men get....then she should have gotten her ass beat down like a man would have had it been a man slapped the young guy. And the old fart, he was just hopping to get some "hero *****" from the nasty skank

1513 days ago


It was the US Open, a sports event, not a night at the opera where you need to be dressed to the nines and sit quietly, respectfully throughout the whole evening!!!
From what I see on the footage the young man yells out a comment, the woman is on him and at him for being a loud mouth (which he was) BUT he said if you lip read he paid for his ticket too! She should have left it there but wasn't going to give it up and when he said something else she slapped his face (which is assault in the penal code) then she slapped him again, the old man was mouthing off too and while I don't doubt the young guy said something offensive, the old man had no reason to kick at the guys beer and then jump him. The old guy fell when the already off balance young guy fell and took him with him!! Then all of a sudden the crowd is like (mentally) oh he hit an old man- get him!!
If the woman and man with her had taken a time out to chill perhaps they would not have been caught on film assaulting the young guy, there was nothing knight in shining armour about it, it was shameful behaviour from people old enough to know better and who stood there calling the young guy out about his behaviour - talk about hypocritical standards!!
As for the idiots filming, their shouting and whooping was inciting too, muppets (no disrespect to kermit, miss piggy and the gang)!! I'm always amazed when people look shocked that punch ups happen at sports events where beer is free flowing while you watch - most sports fans are highly charged before the event and after they get pissed up, well you end up with sore losers, sore winners (unbelievably) and one person shouting fight ends up in a riot!
You want to watch in comfort, in peace then watch it on tv, it's a damn sight cheaper lol!!!!
One point I do agree on is why did it take security so long to get there, the moment the young man told them he'd been hit their stance towards him changed and HE became the victim!!

1513 days ago

Dr Kevorkian    

A fair result in the case would be to Euthanize the old bag and her crusty can kicker. This would prevent any future shena****ns from these two malcontents.

1513 days ago


So the guy is a loud mouth…you go get Security and let them deal with In….in my opinion, he has a lawsuit…slapped once, then ignored, then assaulted by the old guy and jumped by bystanders????
I smell a lawsuit….and the guy that was sitting in the row in front of where the guy landed…he may want in on that lawsuit too!

1513 days ago


The young guy was running his mouth...but the old couple obviously Over-reacted! The old guy approaching the kid and then grabbing his head would be grounds for self defense. Who gives a damn if he fell on his ass. If I was that kid, there would be a lawsuit against that couple and maybe the tournament. And then all the "tennis toughs" come running to tackle the kid, with little children yelling "security"..ur in nose bleed seats. They can't have that good of a view. If u didn't want someone talking, should of bought more expensive seats.

1513 days ago
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