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U.S. Open Fight -- Who's At Fault?!

9/3/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You gotta watch this video of an insane fight that broke out at the U.S. Open yesterday.

** warning -- the footage contains explicit language **

Here's what's clear:

-- The young man is a loudmouth
-- The woman clearly incites the young dude by slapping him in the face
-- The old man further incites the dude by aggressively approaching the dude and kicking a can

So we ask ...

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Woman didn't incite him. She assaulted him.

"Incite" implies that the guy did something wrong, but he didn't. He used as much force as neccesary to repel the attack and didn't pursue either of the perpetrators once they stopped attacking him. He doesn't even fight much when others grab him either.

The event sponsor is also liable for not properly staffing the event with enough trained, professional security personnel. Other fans were heard calling "security" throughout the incident, and yet no security personnel were available to intercede on the man's behalf. Could be especially expensive if the perpetrators aggrevated any medical condition the man has like hypertension or pyschological trauma from combat service.

1455 days ago


Uhmm, first of all they all look like neurotics and mentally unstable individuals. But, technically the video shows evidence the lady smacking the young guy, and then the old guy attacks the dude. So the old man and lady will probably get sued for physical contact. But they all looked stupid in the end, but on a level of when it comes to law and courts, the lady and old dude are gonna get their own kinda smack down by having to pay outta their pockets.

1455 days ago


God I would love to slap the **** out of whomever was video recording this and screaming, "throw the bum out", they are way more annoying than that kid.

1455 days ago

Paul Marco    

You can't even go to a tennis game without "thug" mentality ruining everything.

See - I said that in such a nice way. It's too bad that even the U.S. Open has been dirtied-up!

1455 days ago


sooo how did this start in the first place? what were they fighting over to begin with?
But the kid sat down & then the old man started somethin again.. & the lasy should have never slapped him! that was effed.. i'd be pissed

1455 days ago


Either way you look at it, what's the *** doing by himself watching a tennis match?? GAY!

1455 days ago


The old couple were definitely in the wrong. Regardless of what was said, as soon as you put your hands on someone you should be ready for the consequences. The argument was over and the old guy had to act tough... well he obviously got what he deserves. Just because you are a woman and you are old doesnt mean you can go around slapping people.

1455 days ago


The younger guy was making remarks at the older lady and since it was very hard to hear what he was saying it is possible he said something very inappropriate to the woman to make her slap him. Then you see the people starting to leave and most people would think it wise to shut up and sit down... but not this guy.....he keeps mouthing off.... and so the older man has finally had enough. What I see is a young idiot with no respect for his elders. He is my vote for Douche of the month!!

1455 days ago


I think all three of them are a-holes. Guido was acting like a drama queen with his arm motions and facial expressions and f this and f that. I'm sure now he'll be on the MTV movie awards next year. Mr and Mrs Old Guy had to turn it into a UFC event. I say throw them all out - oh yeah, including the annoying dude in the background that won't shut up. Good grief!

1455 days ago


#9... the young buck needs to respect his elders? He sat donw thinking the arguing was over and then the old man came back and started to try to fight. No where in the video do we even see the "young buck" lift a finger or say anyting to the old man. What we see is the lady and "young buck" arguing. We also see the lady slap the "young buck" and then we see the old man trying to fight.

1455 days ago


**** that the lady should not have hit the guy the should have just moved his seat and the guy should have fallen harder and not have gotten up come on the guy sat down and you walk back over like an ass and kick a can at him what the **** do you thinks going to happen so the lady should fell bad its her fault the old fart fell

1455 days ago


As always, we the viewers, don't know what happened before the camera started rolling. The (big mouth) filmer is also talking over the confrontation dialogue. I think the little punk provoked her verbally and leans in threateningly, but, maybe, that's not a legal defence to assault (?).
What's most disappointing is that no-one comes to this woman's aid, and it takes an elderly man to step up to the plate and put him in his place. I feel bad that the older gent may have been hurt, but I have to say, "Sure folks, be offended when an elderly man falls, but allow a piss-ant to be aggressive with a female."

1455 days ago

Jimmy Jam    

"Get him out of here!" What a ***** the guy is who was yelling that. A little bit too late, you uneducated New Yorker. Oh, you're so brave after the fact, uneducated New Yorker. New Yorkers are, for the most part, an uneducated lot; not all, but most. Their accent is so annoying, too. Did you see how they were all dressed? Most everyone in the video were dressed like slobs; not all, but most.

1455 days ago


I'm glad most posters have this exactly right -- the woman and the old man broke the law; the young guy actually kept his cool far better than I could/would have. The crowd reaction was ridiculous, and I really hope the young guy sues someone for what he had to endure. And what could he have said that got the woman so upset to start with? He probably only said something like, "I'd do her" about Maria Sharapova ... that's what 90% of the males in the stadium were thinking, anyway.

1455 days ago


Nice clucking pants heffalump! Cluck that old bag and that old dude cowering behind the woolly mammoth until he catches douchey mchdoucherson off guard! Get a grip once you pass a certain age fighting is not appropriate, Id say after the teens you quit and find a way to deal with your problems like an adult. Classy bunch of aging jersey shore rejects shouldnt even be at the open!

1455 days ago
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