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MJ's Alleged Love Child Shot Down in Court

9/7/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The latest woman claiming to be Michael Jackson's illegitimate child will never be able to prove it ... because a judge has shut her down.

Michael Jackson Love Child

As we first reported, Mocienne Petit Jackson filed documents back in July -- claiming she's the love child created by Michael and Diana Ross' sister, Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee -- asking for a court-ordered DNA test.

An L.A. County Superior Court judge just ruled ... a DNA test is not in the cards. 

Mocienne also wanted custody of MJ's kids and a cut of the inheritance -- but those claims also went down in flames.

So MPJ's claims involving murder and abduction will never reach a jury ... damn.


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I should say: A conservative jury found Michael Jackson NOT guilty on ALL fourteen counts.

1439 days ago


A great quote that I have always loved by someone we all love:

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.” Michael Jackson

rip mj

1439 days ago


kim...ilove that quote and still so powerful.. u know who else made the remark that it was a intelligent conservative jury and if they had no doubts, then neither should we...

atty robert shapiro...
and i might add he was the lawyer hired by evan chandler when he was afraid he was going to be charged with extortion...

1439 days ago

Siggisiss u know who else made the remark that it was a intelligent conservative jury and if they had no doubts, then neither should we...

Posted at 9:13 AM on Sep 12, 2010 by nan

nan, I saw it in an episode of a Youtube series called, "What DID Happen to Michael Jackson."
It is a female TV reporter who states that the jury was a "conservative jury" and a gain to the prosecution.
There are 66 episodes (so far!), I don´t have time to go through them all to find that particular statement. But it is in the latter part of the series, which by the way, I find very informative. The latter part in particular.

1439 days ago


And another good quote:

There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one ~
Michael Jackson

1439 days ago


jason francis imo was a dimwitted child who was browbeaten by the police into concocting a story as was very evident in transcripts.he supposedly received 2 million but i suspect the lawyers took the lions share or his mother still would not have been working cleaning for eldery people and jason working the counter of an auto parts store . an employee mind you , not an owner..
Posted at 7:49 PM on Sep 11, 2010 by nan

Blanca Francia was an illegal alien from El Salvador when she was hired by Michael Jackson to do housekeeping in Neverland.She wanted Michael Jackson to marry her so she could have her permanent residence card in the united states.But Michael Jackson refused to marry her and when she got fired in 1991 by him she was unable to find another job because she was not a legal alien in the united states and she was afraid she would get deported to El Salvador anytime soon.Then in 1993 when Jordan Chandler accused Michael Jackson of sexually molesting him,Tom Sneddon and Diane Dimond contacted Blanca Francia and they promised her she would get her permanent resident card if she accused Michael Jackson of being a pedophile.Then she promised them that she can convince her son Jason Francia from saying that he too was sexually abused by Michael Jackson.But Jason said he was never molested by the singer.So Tom Sneddon proposed that the boy get injected sodium Amythal the same brainwashing drug given to Jordan Chandler to help him 'remember' the abuse from Jackson.Suddenly after taking that drug Jason 'remembered' being tickled by Michael Jackson when he was 7 years old and he even ejaculated.Meanwhile Blanca Francia became a citizen of the united states of America thanks to Tom Sneddon so she could work as a housekeeper in hotels or in a nursing home.In 2005 to help Tom Sneddon build up his case against Michael Jackson,Jason testified before a jury that at 7 years old Michael Jackson tickled him under his shorts and he ejaculated.The jury found strange that Jason was too young at the time to be able to ejaculate so that is why his testimony was rejected.The sodium Amythal gave him 'false memory syndrome' just like it did to Jordan Chandler who at one point said he saw Michael Jackson use tampons in the bathroom after a shower.Michael Jackson is a man.Men do not use tampons.Women do.I bet Jordan Chandler one time caught his mom June using tampons in the bathroom but the drug sodium Amythal confused him and he tought it was the singer he saw in the bathroom using the tampons.

1439 days ago


Geldof and countless others were on top of the plights of Africa/AIDS long before Michael Jackson latched up with ET AIDS crusade.....and many years before Ryan White was even diagnosed with Dec. 1984.
Michael Jackson only sang "Gone to Soon" wasn't "his song".
Ryan White....another one of Michael Jacksons media PR/personal gratification causes....along with Dave Dave, etc....
Michael Jackson preyed on these types of people in social straights for his own self serving purposes.
Just as he did Conrad Murray.

1439 days ago


i saw that womens videos and they are wonderful. i am sure a reporter did say that also.
there is another video of shapiro saying it too.
there were people out there who stood up for michael.
but they were not getting the airtime the angry mob was getting for ratings..
according to blanca testimony , they found out after she became employed by mj that she was illegal.and they tried to help her get her papers.
the press tried to give the impression that she quit her job at neverland because of mj behavior, when in fact she admitted she owed alot of money to stores that attached her paycheck.
when she realized she would be working and the money would go directly to her creditors, she walked out without giving notice

1439 days ago


Tom Sneddon even though he retired as a D.A. he was planning to prosecute Michael Jackson again in 2009 by alleging that the singer molested his own two sons Prince and Blanket. Because Victor Gutierrez had told a radio in Chile that he had 'proof' that Michael Jackson sexually molested Prince and that the boy was going to call the police on his own father.Tom hired private detectives to investigate Michael Jackson again in 2009.The nightmare was never going to end for the king of pop.Now Tom Sneddon was going to accuse him of incest and pedophilia at the same time.The media was ready to kill Michael Jackson's spirit again in 2009.But Michael Jackson died before all this new disgusting drama unfolded. Fame-whore attorney Gloria Allred was even ready to request that Prince,Paris,and Blanket be removed from the custody of their father. And Diane Dimond had started writing another vilifying book about Michael Jackson again.

1438 days ago


You're a JOKE, man. You must have been there you seem to know exactly what happened. You would be a great witness, oh yes..... you'd sure like to love the chance have a go at Michael Jackson in court, but're just a blabbering NOBODY. Hey people...listen up... it wasn't Michael Jackson. It's TELLIT who changed the music industry, TELLIT who sold more that 110 million copies of THRILLER, it was TELLIT who CONTRIBUTED to at least 39 charities (not speaking about the HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS individual ones) and it's TELLIT who will go down in history as the GREATEST ENTERTAINER of ALL TIME. Yes TELLIT to the world!!!

Posted at 5:28 AM on Sep 13, 2010 by kathy 40

Now, this is funny. I'm still LOL.

1438 days ago


P.S. You're confusing Bob Geldof BAND AID (Do They know It's Christmas?) and LIVE AID contribution to hunger in Africa with the disease AIDS, but you being such a figures.
There's something on the internet called WIKIPEDIA, you know.

Posted at 5:39 AM on Sep 13, 2010 by kathy 40

LOL x 2. This is funnier. Hey, Kathy40, u are pretty up-to-date with all these events. Kudos to u. Oh yeah, u are forthright & I admire u for that.

1438 days ago


@Marie. Girl, where did you get that news about Sneddon. What a horrible thought, those people still persuing MJ. As much as I miss our baby, I feel so happy that he is at rest now.
Posted at 8:15 AM on Sep 14, 2010 by kathy 40

Victor Gutierrez is still working as a reporter in Chile and spreading lies about Michael Jackson.He also writes internet blogs about the king of pop saying that he molested thousands of little boys when he was alive.Victor Gutierrez also announced recently that he is publishing another book next year about Michael Jackson and Jordan Chandler.Victor Gutierrez is a pathological liar.I hope he gets hit by a truck in Chile so he would stop talking smack about a dead man.Tom Sneddon on the other hand is still convinced in his sick mind that Michael Jackson was a pedophile.But I heard there is a new do***entary coming out in theaters next year that is going to detail all the injustice and crimes Tom Sneddon commited against Michael Jackson at the 2005 trial vs Gavin Arvizo.

1437 days ago


This woman needs to put her jammies back on and keep dreaming! MJ only has 4biological children and she is not one of them!

1435 days ago


She looks like a damn drug addict!

1429 days ago
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