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Oksana to Judge:

Make Mel Pay For My PR

9/7/2010 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva spent tens of thousands of dollars in PR to thwart public perception that she sold the secret tapes -- and now she wants Mel Gibson to foot the bill ... this according to sources.

Mel Gibson Oksana Money
We're told Oksana racked up $84,000 in PR expenses and certain unpaid legal fees.  As for the PR fees, our sources say Oksana felt hiring PR reps was the only way counter someone as big and powerful as Mel Gibson.  Oksana -- who insists she didn't sell the tapes -- felt she was getting trashed in the media.

Sources say Oksana wants Judge Scott Gordon in the custody/child support case to clear the $84,000 debt.

Here's the disconnect.  The judge would never award money for PR expenses.  Aside from legal fees, Judge Gordon would adjust the existing agreement -- $5,000 a month plus the house -- only based on the needs of baby Lucia.

As we first reported ... Oksana's lawyers have gone to court and asked Judge Gordon to up the monthly child support obligation to upwards of $40,000.

We're told the judge has yet to rule on the request.



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Deport the ho; take away the kids!

1509 days ago


This women is a golddigger if I ever saw one

1509 days ago


I agree with #1's comment.

1509 days ago


Good morning World! Good luck, Mel! I cant wait for the truth to come out! Team Mel Sweden(the land of the midnightsun)!

1509 days ago


She's starting to sound like someone who is just looking for the dough. 40K plus rent/mortgage....doesn't add up. Did anyone ever hear about her before Mel....well, except for Timothy Dalton.

1509 days ago


wow, another one! morning Swede!

1509 days ago


There's a gulag missing it's idiot somewhere in Siberia.

1509 days ago


Bubba, LOL
Team Mel !

1509 days ago


Karma bites your bum so hard Oksana.
Hiring a PR did not changed public opinion of your extortions motives.
You are still cheap, professional prostitute to me, whom don't have conscience or a soul.

Now you want Mel to pay for your PR debt? you are so darn unbelievable woman, your lowest than low.

1509 days ago


hey hey Stacy:) hugs

1509 days ago



judge to oksana Hell NO!

oksana to judge oh you gonna pay day you gonna pay

judge to oksana be quiet or i will find you in contempt!

oksana to judge

what kind of judge contempts a woman whilst she is holding a baby? what kind of judge is dat?

1509 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

Hi ya Swede... I think Oxsana is mental, there is no way the Judge is going to make Mel pay for HERPR ploy. She felt she needed it to compete against big Mel, she does know that MEL hasn't made any statements to the media you would have to think. If anyone is responsible for her PR, it is her. She is the one who is running around and openeing her mouth to anyone with a camera and saying her stories, and then contradicting herself and then having her PR people explain her OWN contradictions away. I think she is beyond incapapble of not maing a comment to the media, how many times have her PR people told her to "shut up and say nothing , we will do the talking for you". She isn't able to , she loves the spotlight good or bad. I can't see this judge giving this idea rubber stamp. Good Luck with that one OxSanity

1509 days ago


Hi Koalababe !

1509 days ago

Why oh Why?    

Another teammember in Sweden here :)
Good morning, koalas and the rest of the world.
Hejsan Sverige!

This is getting almost funny....she is SO hanging herself!
If she doesn´t understand what a claim like that does to her reputation, than she is nothing but a golddigging fruitcake.

Hang in there, Mel!

1509 days ago


So she has 84K PR debt and some more not mentions?
don't tell me, she wanted another 250K from Mel to pay off her debt.

This woman is a walking disaster, she kept bleeding him dry.
vampire suck.

1509 days ago
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