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On Hook for Taxes ...

From Beyond the Grave

9/12/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AM allegedly left behind more than just millions of admirers -- according to the State of California, dude also left behind $88,000 in unpaid taxes ... and now they're tightening the screws on his estate.

According to a creditor's claim filed Tuesday in L.A. County Superior Court -- and obtained by TMZ -- DJ AM owes $88,850.60 in back taxes from 2006 and 2007 ... years before the famous disc jockey passed away.

The State of California Franchise Tax Board wants AM's estate to ante up the balance ... stat. Calls to the estate weren't immediately returned.


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The California Franchise Tax Board is one of the most poorly run agencies ever.

I heard they are still trying to get money out of Anna Nicole Smith too.

1511 days ago


Arnold has been pressuring the tax board (who are using union membership lists as their holy grail) to go after celebrities because he knows that they have cash and seldom pay their taxes.

1510 days ago


WTH? Here you don't pay your property taxes you get a lien and that's after not paying one year only! Don't pay your car taxes.. you lose your registration and your license until you are caught up... how the hell is that so many are allowed to get so far behind and nothing happens to them?

1510 days ago

Geered up    

I wish I was a celebrity so I wouldn't have to pay taxes either.

1510 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

A druggie who owed taxes. Old news. Like the fool was going to pay almost $89000 instead of buying crack. Yeah Right.

1510 days ago


So does anyone question Authority and our joke of a State in California..I would love to go in and cut spending more State Paid/Taxpayers executive lunches, Ritz Carlton stays - limos and private jets...Hit a guy when he's in the grave and can't defend himself..We can fire a boatload of people and streamline the budget. Efficiency - an art and skill not obtained by Democrats in California or the Federal Govt blocking things.

1510 days ago


Yeah, how can he blame his CPA or anyone else, when he is dead.

1510 days ago


Millions of admirers? Name 12 of them...

1510 days ago


the government is evil. And when the so-called "Bush tax cuts" expire this December, you will once again have a tax increase--when you die, 55% of what you leave your relatives will be taxed. So, it's not bad enough that you've ALRAEDY paid taxes on this stuff; the house, the furniture, etc. you have to pay a huge "Death Tax" as well!

1510 days ago

go home!    

MILLIONS of admirers??? He was a druggie and now a loser who didn't bother to pay taxes... yah, really something to admire. LOL.

1510 days ago

Throwback kid    

I wish the state would go after these illegal aliens and collect the taxes they don't pay the same way they go after the taxes of dead people.

1510 days ago

Shady's Lady    

Adam DJAM was a rock star. Mixxing records takes talent and AM was the best in the biz. He also was a wonderful person.He had the disease of addiction, he stayed clean for 10 years but then nearly died in a plane crash and eventually he relapsed.Addiction can happen to any one. He was not a low life. The Government is probably doing what they do best, exploit the defenseless and shake them down to their last dime. Shame on the IRS for harassing DJ's estate. His fans arn't the type to come on to this site. His friends and fans were classy people unlike the freaks and haters who hang on this site. And yes his music videos have been seen by millions. How do you think he was rich enough to owe thes of thousands of dollors in taxes? Duh!

1509 days ago

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