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Rudy Ruettiger's Teammate: Joe Montana Is WRONG!!

9/9/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Montana is wrong about "Rudy" -- according to a member of the 1975 Notre Dame football team ... who claims the guys weren't "playing around" when they famously hoisted Daniel Ruettiger onto their shoulders.

Rudy Ruettiger

TMZ spoke to #79 Jay Achterhoff -- who literally participated in Rudy's legendary quarterback sack ... and dude insists the events in the movie are "98% true."

Achterhoff tells us, "Rudy was carried off the field that day ... but not as a joke -- but because he finally got to play."  He added. "You've never in your life seen a guy who wanted to be on the field more."

Achterhoff -- now a regional manager for a trucking company -- also says he's "disappointed that [Montana] wasn't more supportive of Rudy" during the shocking interview with Dan Patrick yesterday.

So how does Rudy feel about Montana's comments? His rep told us, "The movie is based on his story. Other than that ... no comment."

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No Avatar


Damn Joe, you really stepped in it this time.

1471 days ago

Jimmy E    

When Rudy speaks about "perception" he mentions names. He's quoted; "Joe Montana??", he asks, "Great quarterback??" Then states the fact that "Joe was a 3rd stringer and only got to play because the other guys got hurt". "But he won a National Championship and the rest is history"

Rudy ends by stating "Perception??, Do I look like a Notre Dame football player???"

Maybe Joe feels slighted??

1471 days ago


Montana has always been an A-hole. He was actually the best man of a friends father as they were roomies in college. Montana stole my friends dads stories and other friends stories and told them as his own in a book and in Sports Illustrated.

1471 days ago


Interesting how life works. Rudy partnered with my aunt's ex in Baltimore in 1980. I worked for him and his brothers cutting grass and buffing floors. Went to his house and he showed me the picture on the field. Hard-working guy though he did split town owing $3000. Whether he eventually paid up is unknown.

1471 days ago


who gives a flip whether some scences in Rudy was true, movie was inspirational for all the underdogs in sports. so Montana need to let things remain how things are quit hating

1471 days ago

Joe Montana    

Hey TJ your dads friends papers aren't the only thing I stole. I also stole a piece of your moms sweat ass!!!

1471 days ago


Way to go Montana! Now, why don't you tell
young children that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

1471 days ago


Let's say for the sake of an argument that everything Montana said was true.... He still shouldn't have said it. Let poor Rudy have his friggin 15 minutes of fame. Montana had 20 years of fame, Rudy had 15 minutes but it seems like Montana doesn't even want to let Rudy have a minute.

Even if it was true it was uncalled for, unprofessional and petty.

1471 days ago


F-you Montana


1471 days ago

El Grande    

Joe is an a-hole and is just acting out the fear he feels as he becomes irrelevant. He is just a jock; not a learned man, not a policy maker, not an artist. He has not contributed one bit to the betterment of this world. Rudy (the movie) will live forever and Joe's kid will suck at the professional level.

1471 days ago

Pound Sand    

Montana you are a f*cking douchebag!!!! GFY

1471 days ago


All you people ragging on Joe are clueless. He didn't bag on Rudy, only told what really happened - if you want to beleive a Hollywood movie version when you can talk to actual participants and see the plays to get the "real story" that is a you problem, not a Joe issue tarnishing the "rudy" feel good you are all so high on!

1471 days ago

El Grande    

Unfortunately for Joe, a team mate of Rudy not driven by avarice has said they did not hoist him up as a joke. Joe has inserted himself into something his block head cannot comprehend.

Why doesn't he just go on tour and say the truth about Santa Clause, the tooth fairy, and Rocky Balboa. What an idiot.

We already knew it was not not accurate - it is a movie.

Joe is not only an idiot, but a money grubbing, narcissistic, mono-syllabic king of the dolts.

1471 days ago

gary cahoon    

I just don't know "why" montana would bring up his personal feelings after all of this time. Good Old Joe must miss the spotlight. Rudy did graduate fro Notre Dame and has brought "POSITIVE" feedback to the University with his speeches.
The movie was a fun movie to watch and I'm sorry that I missed Montana if he was on the sidelines (naw). Oh well, it is Joe Montana, one of the biggest whiners in NFL history.

1471 days ago


Geez people. Take a breath and step back. Up until a few days ago it was just a movie. Read everything about that film and everyone... and I mean everyone agreed that it was fiction based on fact. Watch the film and there is absolutely no mention of Joe Montana. He just happened to be there at the same time. And after many years and a few Superbowls, a spot in the Football Hall of Fame, and such he is asked about a movie and a walk on player he likely had very little to do with. And the interesting thing is that many posters on this topic are so quick to judge Joe Montana based on the same amount of information that he had on Rudy. I love the film but it is just that, a film.

1471 days ago
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