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Tiger Woods Mistress -- Fired from Hooker Gig

9/10/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... one of Tiger Woods' mistresses was fired from her job as a "working girl" at Nevada's most famous brothel ... all because she opened her big fat mouth.


Devon James -- mistress number 20ish -- is still featured on the website for the world famous Bunny Ranch in Carson City, where owner Dennis Hof confirmed Devon was employed as a sex worker for "a while."

But Hof tells us he recently fired Devon's ass after she injected herself into the Tiger Woods media circus because she "broke the code -- which is privacy and discretion with all clients."

Hof continues, "She is a disgusting excuse for a working girl ... she's a scumbag and a snitch."

As for Devon's rate during her stint at the ranch -- Hof explains, "It's negotiable depending on what you want ... but it could get into the thousands."

Hof ended with this parting shot -- "Now that she doesn't work here anymore ... I wish nothing but the worst for her."

A rep for Devon tells us, "She worked there one time before the Tiger thing."

The rep also insists that management at the Bunny Ranch continues to call Devon because they want her to work there.

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#51 - I don't know what's more hysterical, what you wrote, or your name... haha you cracked me up!

1474 days ago

Throwback kid    

look at her flabby gut, who would pay money to be with this skank?

1474 days ago


Makes you wonder why any decent looking and informed woman would work at a bank or school or anything else...

Posted at 5:47 AM on Sep 10, 2010 by Fred Farkel


Maybe because screwing you and all the other one-tooth wonders out there isn't so appealing.

1474 days ago


That guy hates women because he has mommy issues. It was covered on the show. Plus...isn't "a disgusting excuse for a working girl" kind of an oxymoron?

1474 days ago


Disturbed and koala, HILARIOUS!! I totally agree, you really have to be sleazy and garbage to get fired from prostitution.

And how many different names are you using in this comment section, Devon? I have noticed three, maybe four, so far. Skank.

1474 days ago


Wow, this is a first...I have never heard of a hooker being fired.

1474 days ago

Cami Parker    

You're so right Daddy, nobody needs that kind of person around ugh!

...and she's ugly LOL

1474 days ago


Just wondering can they draw unemployment 4 getting fired?

1474 days ago


how can you get fired for being a hole

1474 days ago


lol @ the pimp trying to pull some moral superiority over the whore.

You've got to be kidding me. Some people are truely delusional.

Pimp, you're pissed off that Devon got herself invovled in the Tiger media circus? Then what are you doing? Pot meet kettle.

PS: Tiger is a client? This just keeps getting better.

1474 days ago


Im not worried

she'll find another job , pronto

I mean .. come on look at her!!!!!

1474 days ago


Wow, I thought that woman is Jon Gosselin's ex.

1474 days ago


Prostitution is definitely morally wrong as a way to make a living as is the selling of weapons, drugs, alcohol, etc. Only greedy, lazy, and dumb women would partake of such a "job". Useless sluts, and the pimps are just as bad, using women like that.

Those are the only kind of women the goofy looking nerd with the personality of a dish rag --- Tiger Woods --- could get. He was sooo lucky to get someone with some class like Elin to marry him, and he trashed her. What a dumbass.

1474 days ago


lol @ the person who said shes cute, UGH! her face is nasty! BUTTAFACE!

Not to metion the whore cant keep her mouth shut, Thats like a doctor sharing your file!

There's a code, and she thought- AH! F*ck the code, I can make a million bucks, lemme jump on the Tiger band wagon. This Whore should be fired, because it's legal to be a paid whore in Nevada, she should at least be able to do that job right. (cause it's so HARD) No pun intended! lolll

These women have some serious daddy issues. SEE A THERAPIST!

Oh and the guy who runs the bunny ranch, he's a real piece of work!

1474 days ago


Oh, and what truly is the most DISGUSTING, she has a nine year old. Nice mom! I feel very sorry for her child, I hope this kid will do well in life despite his cir***stances, same goes for any woman who does this and subjects there kid to this kind of child abuse, cause thats what it is; it's psychological child abuse. Sorry ass excuse for a woman!

1474 days ago
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