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Dwight Howard's Ex: Daddy Dwight Needs a Guardian

9/9/2010 4:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBA superstar Dwight Howard's baby mama wants someone to watch over him whenever Dwight is with their 2-year old son, according to new court documents.


TMZ obtained a copy of Royce Reed's motion -- filed in Orange County, Florida yesterday -- in which she claims the Orlando Magic star regularly misses scheduled visitations with their son Reed. Royce also alleges that their son "acts out emotionally and physically and resists being taken by" Dwight's nanny ... according to the docs.

As TMZ first reported, cops were called in two weeks ago when Royce claimed that Dwight picked up little Reed from preschool when he wasn't supposed to do so.

Royce is asking the court to appoint a guardian -- on Dwight's dime -- to ensure Dwight follows the visitation schedule and Reed gets proper care. Royce's rep says the motion was filed, "as a last resort."

Dwight's reps have not returned our calls.


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Amen @Andrea!!!! The previous comments were made by some definite HATERS! She has every right to file that motion in correct to protect her child's best interest. At the end of the day he is a celebrity and she cannot help that every second of both of their lives WILL be in the media.

1469 days ago


First, let me start by saying she is not a real woman. A real woman would handle her business in private but no she wants to go out and blast her's because her baby daddy is an athlete, is she serious. She was not getting any attention as a cheerleader or dancer, what ever she was doing when she met him. So why does she feel she should be in the spotlight now. The only person that should be in the spotlight is her son. She is just showing the world what that think a typical black baby momma is all about, herself. If anything she should have been happy to know that she can depend on a man to take care of his son finacially and still want to spend quality time with him because most men would write a check and that's it. Maybe she needs to refelect on herself before she ruins her child's life by pushing his father away.

1469 days ago


I don't feel sorry for these NBA or NFL dummies getting these HOODRATS knocked up! Now, I don't condone the games these immature bitches like Royce plays either, but men need to start thinking more with their heads than their ****s. Get to know these whores for who they REALLY are before becoming intimate (unprotected)with them. I know its hard, but ***** aint going nowhere. We out number men 12 to 1 so busting a nut CANNOT be THAT serious! THEN you can ween out the silly bitches like this one. I think BBD said it best "NEVER trust a big butt and smile!" Even though she don't have a drop of body, she's pretty and got a coochie and that all niccaz see.

1469 days ago


I agree with #15..... My childrens father does the same crap...shows up when he wants to. That trend effects the childrens routine and it is not good for the child. He need to step his game up. She is just looking out for the best interest of her son.

1468 days ago


Visit www.deadbeatdad.us This site has tons of helpful info regarding child support and related topics!!

1468 days ago


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1467 days ago


Poat 15: your stupid! he misses scheduled visits shes a hoe and trifiling mom, belive me I had that same kind of woman in my past want to control everthing because they had a child with you, only because they know how you feel about your son so it becomes a f**king game but who's got the last laugh now let her pay for running her mouth I'm sure she knows about the gag order but that how the bitter girls coalition work ...stupid chick.

1463 days ago


They both need to GROW UP!!!! Their actions don't show that they are doing what is best for their child, and in the end he is the one that will suffer...

1463 days ago


ok first of all we all know that Royce is not the most mature female this side of the block. @andrea I don't think anyone is 'hating' on Royce if you have read and been abreast of all the media that has gone on with these two you would see that no matter what kind of relationship these two had in the past Royce went to the media and started bashing D.Howard. If you see her on bb wives you can easily deem that she is a vindictive type of person and probably is a bitch to the father of her child.
Secondly as professional player of anything your time is limited so conventional visitation days and such do not work. They together (legal team and whatnot) need to come to the table with a more customized visitation schedule. like he gets lil howard during his break from hoop where he has more time to spend with the lil one. It really is no different than custody orders that have kids visiting during the summer break and all holiday breaks.
Thirdly as a woman who is a mother and loves her son dearly I know what I'm talking about when I say that they both need to get on the maturity train. I actually think D.howard is on that train and still waiting for Royce to join him their for the sake of their son. Because on the same token Andrea, we don't know what Royce tells lil howard. how she might yell at him an hour before its time for d.howard to come and get him, she might bad mouth him, she might give lil man everything from candy to pure sugar and toys and whatever else a 2 year old will ask for (i have one and they ask for a lot) to get him to want to stay with her. So like you said we don't know what kind of relationship they HAD. But in the long run what they HAD doesn't matter. Its about what they HAVE and that is a 2 year old son who needs both his parents. And he needs both of them to act like adults all of the time the only thing that lil boy did was be born into some major drama that was not fault of his own. Part ways like the red sea leave all the bs on the sea floor step back and grow the hell up.

1463 days ago


@@@ Talia *Post 24...
Damn youu put that out good!!!
I gotta agree with the "no1 hating on Royce" ew!!
They both should have delt with things differently!!

1408 days ago


I don't think suing the Mother of your child is mature at all... he's probably thinking... "well..instead of me paying you child support... I'll sue you so you just have to pay me all of that child support back" WOMP WOMP. LOSER. I have a child and I'm not with his Mother but I would never sue my son's Mother no matter what she did, unless ofcourse she harmed my son- but then again I trust the woman who bore my child. I refuse to have my son grow up thinking that "disrespecting the babymama" **** is okay. His Mother was good enough for me to sleep with, good enough to have UNPROTECTED sex with, and she is damn good enough for me to respect even aside from my son. That's what is wrong with most of us black men today, our men sleep around like it is a birthright or some ****, misuse the same women we sleep with and disrespect them. It's a pattern with black males probably because they have more broken families than any other race, but the male children grow up thinkin' that it is OK to disrespect women because they watched their father doing it, not to mention the women who jump to their defense and tolerate this bull****. All I can say is that my son will not ever see me disrespect his Mother and we are no longer together, and no we don't always see eye to eye. However, I have mad love for her because she bore my seed and no amount of "drama" between us, or new girlfriend/wife in the future will diminish the respect that I have for her. Why? Because I am forever indebted to that woman no matter what. The only part men play is bustin' a nut, but the woman CARRIES your seed and nourishes it in her womb and there is nothing more beautiful than that. It's not just one way, we respect each other. Dwight Howard needs to grow up. If Royce is blasting Dwight that needs to stop too and she needs to respect the father of her child just like he owes her respect. Also, it is not Royce's job to be sure that the schedule is "ok for Dwight" that is Dwight's job. If his schedule was so hectic that he needed it to be customized, he should never had agreed to the schedule that was put forth. I know a little somethin' about how this works, BOTH PARTIES must agree on the schedule before it is set in stone, so he knew what he was getting into.Whenever something comes up and I can't make a scheduled visit, I APOLOGIZE to my son's Mother because who knows... maybe she made plans thinking she would be able to hang out with her boyfriend or her friends, or get her hair done whatever the hell you women do..etc. and I try to make the time up that same week. Anyway, if this is kept up little Braylon (sp) is gonna grow up with no respect for women whatsoever.

1377 days ago


It's amazing how quickly you fans will jump to Dwights defense as if you all know him. Dwight Howard doesn't even tip and restaurants that he eats, and I say this because I work at a restaurant in Orlando that he frequents. If Royce is a whore for shakin' her ass, then Dwight is a manwhore for having sex before he was married which resulted in a child point plank. Stop with the ass backward morals "it's ok to have sex before marriage but oh so heinous to shake your ass", seriously. Each person has different morals and just because YOU don't think it's ok to shake your ass doesn't make it ok to bash other people for doing so. Your comments are no different than Jordin Sparks going on national television saying that wearing purity rings are great because not everyone wants to be a whore. When technically.... she probably believes that someone like Dwight Howard is a whore and depending on whose morals one uses to judge... then she could be right or wrong. Either way, what Royce does with her booty or otherwise is none of your damn business. Apparantely Dwight did NOT have a problem with that ass shakin'. It was likely very useful in the bedroom which is probably why he went all hard in her and got her pregnant. If there is a scheduled visit then he needs to follow that, or atleast let the Mother of his child know he is picking her up. I would be bothered if I went to pick my DD up from school like I do everyday and I was told that my husband had already picked her up, ESPECIALLY if we were going through divorce and/or not getting along. She should NOT be grateful that Dwight is in his child's life because that is his responsibility--not some sort of favor, lol. It's amazing how people make it seem like a man wanting to be around their child is something worth being "grateful for", ridiculous--he SHOULD be around his child BECAUSE THAT IS HIS CHILD.

1377 days ago


really? I mean he is a BASKETBALL player who has 82 games a season, plus the post season playoff games, plus training camp, plus his many endorsements which include him making commercials, plus he probably has to make appearances, go to meetings the whole nine yards. Given his hectic schedule I don't think it's fair to judge him because he's missing appointments. I mean obviously he's trying seeing as he picked up his kid. I dont get women just because you're a female and have primary custody doesnt mean you should have authority over when a man can see his child. I agree with the previous commenter who said she should be happy that he's making the effort.

1361 days ago


Hell I'll watch over Dwight and lil Reed. I'll be mommy to you both.

1336 days ago


Yo !! Momma

1327 days ago
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