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Susan Boyle -- Email Confirms Lou Reed Rejection

9/10/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan Boyle was "absolutely devastated" when she learned Lou Reed had personally blocked her from performing one of his hit songs on "America's Got Talent" ... so says Susan's manager.

Lou Reed & Susan Boyle
TMZ has obtained an email that Susan's manager fired off on Thursday to FremantleMedia -- the production company behind "Talent" -- saying:

"Susan was absolutely devastated to be told on the morning of the show taping that Lou Reed had personally decided to block her singing his already much covered song, 'Perfect Day,' on 'America's Got Talent' in L.A.."

The email continues, "We obviously had no idea of this prior to leaving London. None of us can understand the decision given that it's such a beautiful rendition of the song."

Susan's manager also explains that Susan decided to pull out of the show entirely instead of changing her tune because she only learned about the rejection with "less than two hours to go before the recording" and had "no other new song rehearsed."

A rep for Lou Reed has reportedly stated that the former Velvet Underground singer didn't throw the kibosh on SuBo -- but obviously, Susan's camp isn't buying it.


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wtf b!tch your are not 12. she's clearly playing the pitty card. move on and suck it up and singa another song. sheesh

1502 days ago


Lou Reed is a fading star. He should be happy anyone wants to sing his generic crap songs.

1502 days ago


Susan needs to Grow Up !

1502 days ago

solar panel    

You work with songs in groups, you don't hang your career hat on performing a song before you get approval. Dingbat!!! Reed doesn't owe her any considerations.

Oh and nice photo of Boyle there, TMZ, looks like she's one of those PhotoShopped "guess who this is" images.

1502 days ago


They are both so creepy and ugly looking. Imagine what their kids would look like.

1502 days ago

Why oh Why?    

Although I think Susan overreacted, I can still understand her feelings. You want to do a perfect job on stage. And when someone else messes it up - two hours before taping is NOT okey!! Someone in the crew blew it! - it´s you, as a performer, who will take the blame.

I´m on stage myself. I know how it feels.

1502 days ago


They both look like they're wearing bad wigs.

1502 days ago


she needs to get over herself..this happens every day and singers move on and sing a different song.

1502 days ago


Lou Reed has always been an *******.

1502 days ago


Lou Reed wrote the song, Lou Reed can say if somebody covers it or not, ESPECIALLY when that person is going on a wildly popular TV show to cover said song! It's HIS song, what's hard to understand?!!?

Now, who's fault is it really that this joke of a woman decided to completely drop out of the show and not even attempt to perform? I don't know about you but if I were set to travel OVERSEAS to perform SOMEBODY ELSE'S song, I would most definitely be sure I AT LEAST had permission to sing the damn song before my feet ever left the ground.

Hey Susan Boil(good typo), why not try writing YOUR OWN MUSIC and then go on TV and sing THAT?!!? Why do you insist on performing other people's music? That's extremely weak and a sure sign of no talent...

And didn't this b!tch just release an entire cd a year or 2 ago? And she couldn't think of 1 OTHER SONG TO SING FOR THE SHOW?!!? It's painfully obvious she's just not cut out for the entertainment business. She had 2 whole hours to pick a different song to sing and could not even do that, she just walked out instead. Anybody else with a half a lick of talent and half a backbone would have shrugged it off and jumped onstage to a different song(you want to be a MUSICIAN don't you??!??) and DONE THEIR JOB! This chick is pathetic...

Oh! But now it's Lou Reed's friggin' fault. HA!!! Doesn't anyone else think that you'd have to be out and out stupid to travel thousands of miles to perform, on television mind you, a popular song that is not yours without the proper permission? That's simply retarded. And then turn around and blame the song's creator when you are denied use of his song and you decide to flake out on an obligation?!!? Pathetic.....

1502 days ago


WTF cares?

1502 days ago


Great, two has beens fighting over nothing to get in the news.
Susan, grow up and get over the diva in you. You`re not a star yet and if you keep canceling and leaving jobs, you never will be. You`ve been really unprofessional all the way along and it`s getting worse. If you can`t handle the scrutiny find another job.
Lou, that`s petty, to let other people sing your songs but not her, missing the spotlight a little I guess. Well you are in the news now. Unfortunately, your legacy may now be more for this than your music.

1502 days ago


Lou - one day people are not gonna want your old songs. You should be flattered that someone wants to sing one of your songs publicly. You are not all that and a bag of chips anymore. You're a washed up has been.

Susan - Geez cry baby, get over it and pick another song...

1501 days ago


what a crybaby! write your own damn songs. Lou can do whatever he wants with his.

1501 days ago


Oh more becoming pictures of both!!
but Susan's wig needs to be moved about 15 degress to the right at the hair parting.
And next time make sure the wig cap is not STICKING OUT (like on the right upper part)
Other than that its a nice wig (not a hair stylist, just an observer)

1501 days ago
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