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Playboy Model to Vivid: Hand Over My Sex Tape!

9/13/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Playboy model Karissa Shannon doesn't want her sex tape to see the light of day ... and she's unleashing her lawyers on Vivid Entertainment to help her out.

We're told attorneys for Karissa and "Smallville" actor Sam Jones III -- her boyfriend/sex tape partner -- have fired off a cease and desist letter to Vivid head honcho Steve Hirsch ... which basically says Hirsch is screwed if he releases the tape.

As we first reported, Hirsch said he acquired the "extremely erotic" tape through a "reputable third party" ... and would "love to be able to release it."

Hirsch told us over the weekend that the Karissa tape is the most "extreme" celebrity sex tape he has has ever seen.

But the public may never get to see it -- TMZ spoke to Sam, who said, "Karissa and I are very upset to find out that Vivid had acquired any footage of us ... our legal team will take every legal action to stop this."

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This girl is a second rate playmate I doubt the buying public is lining to make purchase her tired sex tape!

1499 days ago

Are you sure?    

You can't release a sex tape unless you have signatures from all people. I am so sick of all these stories.. ie publicity tactics! You can't "leak" a sex tape! These stories are designed to sell the movie! 2 no name losers trying to climb up the from the basement of Hollywood! Pathetic!

1499 days ago


This bull**** cracks me up. "We have your sex-tape" "There IS no sex tape!" "Here's a clip of your sextape" "Gimme back my sextape!" "We're gonna sell your sextape" "My lawyers are gonna make mincemeat of you!" All part of the PR game people. The damn tape was probably COMMISSIONED.

1499 days ago


They made this sex tape for publicity.... Its sad how desperate of a move it is to stay relevant. They need a better PR team.

1499 days ago


Do the public not know, by now, that ALL sex tapes have perfectly good model releases? There is nothing released unless all parties involved have already signed off on it for a nice payday.

Pretending that someone stole it only adds to the mystique. But that is NEVER the case.

These D-list celebrities can say whatever they want, but they all know exactly what they are doing - there are no "leaks".

1499 days ago


Aw, come on baby! Can't a brother get a peek?

1499 days ago


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that IF you don't make a sex tape, then there isn't one out there anywhwere to be released against your wishes!
What ever happened to what goes on in the bedroom between two people (WITHOUT a video camera!!) stayed there, and was private??
But today people engage in all kinds of acts, and videotape for whatever disturbing decision, and then complain and protest when it is brought to light. Maybe if you grow up and go back to having sexual relations the old fashioned way (NOT VIDEOTAPING!!!) then you would have far less to worry about! Hello!!!!!!!
But then like so many before you (Paris, Kim K., etc) after it gets released then it launches you to being more "exposed" to other things and the most coveted prize of all-money. That might be part of the secret intent to begin with-making money, right??
Just stop videotaping, and changing sex partners the way most people hopefully change their underwear! As they say "You made your bed, now lie in it!".

1499 days ago


We're not stupid. Tapes don't just magically disappear from your home and appear in Vivid's hands. Just another non story intended to generate press for a whore.

1499 days ago


Let's give it back to them with the provision that they go away forever.

1499 days ago

Bill Jacobs    

She better be careful----STD's abound. Who would want her after imagining this "coupling"? She has reached the bottom of the gene pool.

1499 days ago


I for one want to see it. The little minx anyway!

1499 days ago


What a slut Bag. She probably has an assortment of STD's.

1499 days ago


TMZ Sam Jones is probably more well known for his character in the comedy series Blue Mountain State. Hell of a show!

1499 days ago

Politico Pablo    

This is all a ploy to negotiate a deal for the tapes. They threaten legal action and then cut a deal.
It will be her biggest pay day since getting kicked out of the Playboy Mansion

1499 days ago


If I recall correctly, this Sam Jones fool lost his really good acting gig doing some jackass thing. So he needs to shut the hell up and be grateful that this tape could make him so much money. I don't see him making income any other way after his shena****ns.

1499 days ago
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