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Susan Boyle

Sings 'Perfect Day'

9/10/2010 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained audio of Susan Boyle singing "Perfect Day" -- the song that drove her to tears after being told she couldn't sing it on "America's Got Talent."

Susan Boyle Perfect Day
We broke the story ... Lou Reed -- who wrote and sang the song -- is not a fan of Boyle's and would not give her permission to sing it.  Although Reed's reps have reportedly denied he withheld permission, we have posted an internal email between Boyle's manager and producers of the TV show that says otherwise.

We just got this statement from Simon Cowell, creator and Executive Producer of "America's Got Talent," who says if Reed did turn thumbs down it's "petty -- so pathetic." 

Cowell adds, "Loads of people have covered this song ... Well Lou, if you're listening to this, do we have permission, yes or no, to put the song on 'America's Got Talent' next week?  Personal request from me." 


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If you listen to some of Susan's interviews on youtube, she has a huge vocabulary, speaks very quickly, outpaces her interviewer, and comes up with some very deep insights. She is definitely NOT retarded. She may have a problem with nerves and keeping her emotions in check, but most artists with talent have that problem. What is special about Boyle's voice is the emotional power in her live performances (CD versions have less of it), which may even be due to her "disability". Let's hope this mess is resolved soon so we can hear Boyle sing live on AGT.

1469 days ago


The vast overwhelming majority of people who talk about Susan Boyle being retarded or mental have never met her in person, and are only repeating what they read in the newspapers. For those of us who have met Susan and spent some time with her, I can tell you she is an impressive person. She is not only intelligent-she is quick. She is very quick with repartee, but never mean or nasty about it - she even runs circles around Piers Morgan, which not many people can do. She is also very funny and loves to laugh and clown. She has a rubbery face that she can put in all kinds of positions and loves to clown to make people laugh. She loves to sing for people to give them pleaseure and she loves to make them laugh and to laugh herself, which she does with complete gusto. She NEVER has an unkind word to say about anyone, and is hurt very easily by people who say ukind and untrue things about her. She is a small person-only about 5 feet tall with a huge personality and fantastically sparkling, laughing eyes. She cries easily when she is happy or upset, and that is where all the misconceptions about her "tantrum", "mental instability", etc come from, but it is just a matter of feeling things deeply-not only for herself but for others. That is why she is an artist. She is a very kind and gentle person. She is a very practical Scotswoman with a great talent for understanding, interpreting and expressing music through song. You may very well see her writing her own stuff eventually. Right now she has a huge world suddenly on her back and is taking things slowly. This is not because she is retarded but because she has spent her whole life in a very small village where people have always treated her as "different" since the Dr said that when she was born. You will continue to see her grow and she will not be chased away from what she wants to do with her life. She is very determined and intelligent and sensible and she will last for a long, long time. She also has a beautiful voice and sings with great feeling. She is not a fad or a flash in the pan.

1469 days ago

Anita Grace    

To All of You that take the Time to say Negative remarks about Susan Boyle ! She is an Amazing Lady, She has more Talent then all of You put together !!! You all are a Joke !!! and Jealous of Susan Boyle. She is the Queen Of Music !!!!! I Love Her !!!!!

If you can't anything nice - keep your mouth shut !!!!

1469 days ago

Dorothy Williams    

You say Susan Boyle is not normal and you have drugged up, fogged induced, brain haze, Lou Reed.......He is a vegetable, barely thinking, breathing or rationalizing about life. He is just about non-existent except taking up oxygen and space. The man is about dead and you call him normal? What psychiatrist died and left you an expert on psychosis? Lou Reed acts like a paranoid psychotic who needs to be locked up in a psy. ward. His history is all you need to understand that this man is CRAZY and he looks like DEATH WARMED OVER.

1469 days ago


Kudos to you, Mr Peterson, for your courtesy. However, by describing Miss Boyle as "retarded", you must know, by the connotation of the word if nothing else, that you are describing her as incompetent and I think you know that simply is not true.
As to her "issues". Of course she has issues as do we all. That is totally irrelevant to her incredible talent.
Fortunately for us all, music appeals to many different people in many and varied ways. I have a friend who loves Grand Opera. I often find it to be tedious. I have another friend who listens only to Country and Western which is as often as not an assault on my ears. My point has always been that if one doesn't find Susan Boyle's music pleasing, don't listen.
Quite frankly, I had not heard of Mr Reed. I am not a fan of rock and I assume that is his genre. I have not, now will I, disparage him in any way. It is not necessary to make cruel and demeaning remarks about one artist in order to support another. It generally denotes a small mind and very limited and childish vocabulary. You have not done that, and with the unfortunate exception of calling Miss Boyle "retarded", have been a gentleman. Good on ya.
One small correction. Susan Boyle's debut album was number one on Billboard for six consecutive weeks, not five.

1469 days ago


Here's one of the rebuttals about a plane incident.
They retracted the article, apologized, and paid her legal fees and damages.
The sad thing is that all the tabs picked up the bad stuff, but not this.
God help all of you bullies that you never have a child or relative with a disability.

1468 days ago


Just gotta love all the criticism about Boyle's mental status. She has slight brain damage due to a problem at birth.
Hardly a situation in which she had any control.
On the other hand, Reed had complete control every time he snorted and shot up. But he's excused.
He can't sing his way out of a paper bag, and he never could.
The whole thing is so ridiculous it's laughable.

1468 days ago


Susan Boyle turned Lou Reed into a songwriter.
She managed to turn the empty little ditty into something gorgeous.

1467 days ago

L'eau qui coule    

Not that it matters, but if anyone thinks Susan is slow in any way, hasn't listened to her when she's at ease, which unfortunately is not too often. Her first voice coach, Fred O'Neill, describes her as quicker than most, dding that most people don't get her wit. She's very bright, read her liner notes for Proud in conjunction with the lyrics.
I am amazed at the depth her of self-awareness, her self-esteem and her utter lack of hubris. With Susan's A perfect Day, I hear a song of quiet remorse, of melancholy. Thanks for the lyrics Lou. I'm sorry that your prejudice prevents you from really listening.

1467 days ago


Pardon me SuBo fans but coming here to cheat the poll numbers does not make Susan Boyle look popular. She is yesterdays news so grow up and get over it.

1465 days ago


What an as**** Lou Reed is.His "song" was never something I'd have listened to..when HE was doing it.MUCH better done by Susan Boyle.Some people have more ego than brains.Hope I live long enough to see THIS pretentious behavior bite him in the ass.

1447 days ago


You f_cking idiot and stupid kids whos mocking Susan Boyle are dont even know what music it,they may like Justin Bieber's crap video or go home and ask your mom,she'll sing you a song.You're not old enough to feeling true music.

1422 days ago


I think she did a wonderful job of singing the Perfect Day, I listened to Mr. Reed's rendition and she is far superior. Sent chills up and down my spine, something Mr.R'v erssion did not. Give this lady some credit for her talent. You are all just mean people.

1397 days ago
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