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Spencer Pratt -- I Was Arrested in Costa Rica

9/12/2010 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're not vouching for Spencer Pratt, but his people tell TMZ Spencer was busted at an airport in Costa Rica for illegal possession of a firearm.

As the story goes ... Spencer was on his way out of the country when he was busted for felony possession. We're told he was booked and processed at a local jail and later released after turning over the weapons and signing a confession with the DA.  Yes, we're skeptical, too.

So far, we haven't been able to confirm any of this. But we do have this bizarre statement from Spencer himself:

"As part of my spiritual cleansing I've spent the last week living alone in the jungle, reflecting on my past transgressions, and working to become a better person. I had to live off the land, and hunt to survive. As I departed the country this morning to continue my spiritual journey, I mistakenly brought my hunting weapons to the airport. It was an honest mistake, and they sent me on my way. On an unrelated note, I'm not allowed in the country anymore -- but that's because of the chicken incident."

Well, we know he can't get arrested in Hollywood ...


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What game animals was he busting a cap in for sustenance during his week long "spiritual cleansing"? Monkeys? Sloths? How did he bring a firearm into CR legally, and if so why wasn't said firearm legal when he tried to leave? Another moronic stunt, but HOW is he getting paid for these shena****ns? A potential book? Who on earth would buy it? Please CR, lock him up in your worst prison for 30 years.

1505 days ago

frenchy boy    

Dear Spencer,

Maybe you should go back to the 'real life' and find a 'normal' job far from show biz...

All you need is sensuality and love, so I think I could give you more than an 'Idea' ^^

Be my guest here in France even if it displeases to >2tellthetruth< I could be your ...

Ok and if not convinced, listen to this non-superficial tune !

Love you Spencer

1505 days ago


@7 Who is this nitwit? I have never heard of him before. by FIbiker

You my friend are a very very lucky person

1505 days ago


somebody should pop this *******

1505 days ago


Is it me or does the first sentence from his statement sound a lot like what Tiger Woods said? The loser can't even come up with an original thought. What a dumbo.

Please TMZ, stop indulging these 2 idiots with their entirely stupid & irrelevant lives.

1505 days ago


Ha ha he ha...I must say the tard factor is gold with this guy. He as milked 15 minutes into 30 already and going for 45 I think.

1505 days ago



Living in the jungle, hmmm? I knew he was trying to get infected with bot flies.

Posted at 8:08 AM on Sep 12, 2010 by haha

I think he was bonding with his own species.


Who is this nitwit? I have never heard of him before.

Posted at 8:10 AM on Sep 12, 2010 by FlBiker

If this is true, you are so beyond lucky. But I think you live under a rock.

1505 days ago




TMX will never stop articles on ANYONE until YOU stop clicking on the story.

Once you click it is recorded and it is profitable.

If you post a comment, especially posts "To TMZ", asking they why or moaning and whining about content, is is MORE profitable.

They DO NOT READ YOUR COMMENTS, they COUNT your clicks and comments.

GET IT? Got it?


Posted at 10:02 AM on Sep 12, 2010 by Kate

Good idea. I think this will be my last comment (I hope). It human nature to watch a train wreck. Just like everyone slows down on the freeway when there is an accident. Most people get annoyed if they don't see carnage when they pass the accident. Sick but true.

That was interesting. I never gave it much thought.
If TMZ doesn't read the comments or even scan through them, then why are there comments that TMZ has taken off the board when people start fighting in the comment section? 1 day I saw about 10 pages of 4 people name calling & much worse. Comments had nothing to do with the topic, just fighting.
Also, they remove user names like "Kelsey Grammer" (the story was about the real him)hours after the person has entered all of the info to become a user & leave comments as if they were the real person.

I do believe you regarding the counting. So I guess they still count the comments that TMZ removes themselves.

1505 days ago


The question here is "Who cares?". WHY don't they just go quietly into the sunset somewhere (anywhere) and stay there. People who will do anything and everything for media attention of any kind (Cheetah's girls, The White House party crashers, Paris Hilton, etc.) are sickening. They need to grow up, and realize that the whole world doesn't revolve around them, even though they think that it does.

1505 days ago


Spencer Pratt = Constipation; I don't give a crap.

1505 days ago


Liar, liar Spencer - you weren't alone, at least the arrest form seems to think Heidi was with you - and you named her as your spouse lol!! Does that mean she's also banned from Costa Rica or just Pratt (by name as well as nature)!! He had to hunt to survive?! Uh last I heard he was staying in an upmarket holiday area lol, don't think they make you kill your own dinner there!!
Brought his hunting guns by accident? Yeah, because the one thing you always pack when taking a flight home is your hunting guns in HAND luggage?! God, talk about being full of sh**, he couldn't get any fuller without his intestines bursting open lol!!

1504 days ago

Cristina in Tampa    

Spencer is a douche bag...and hopefully he dropped the soap at least once while in the clink...seriously, this is the extent of his future...and as long as he's at the end of a lens, he doesn't CARE if he's in jail, prison, bondage, or in Liberace's bed!

1504 days ago


#53 Melinda Thanks that was a great laugh, choked on my coffee though lol!!

1504 days ago


He has not yet and never will "live" off of any land that is not surrounded by both a resort and the media. What a joke. I was really hoping that Costa Rica would just keep them both. Maybe they can piss off Peru or something.

1504 days ago


this guy will kill his own mother to draw attention to himself......true definition of a media hoar!!!!!

1504 days ago
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