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Kate Gosselin

I Need a Bodyguard in Mexico

9/13/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kate Gosselin took time out from starring in reality shows to go to Cabo San Lucas with her bodyguard and rumored boyfriend Steve Neild on Saturday.

Meanwhile on the same day, Kate's ex-husband Jon Gosselin played daddy day care with his eight kids and girlfriend Ellen Ross in Pennsylvania.



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I understand that Steve is a bodyguard, but I could be wrong, but I don't think that bodyguards are exempt from wearing their wedding ring. I have noticed that Steve didn't wear a wedding ring a long time ago.

Steve and Kate are matching, well he's wearing a blue shirt with a white symbol on it and Kate is wearing a blue shirt and white shorts.

I believe that Kate's breasts are fake. She's not wearing a bra in that picture, so she can't say that a bra is making her breasts look bigger than what they really are.

Kate played Jon. He was the one that was made to look bad in the media. Her day is coming. Her affair will come out. Everyone that says something against Kate, her fans don't believe them. Her brother and his wife said things against Kate and they were looked upon as being a liar. People have said that Kate and Steve were an item. Some people have witnessed them doing stuff and they were looked upon as being a liar. I hope the next person that catches them doing something and takes picture of them post the pictures online, for everyone to see. If they can video it, video it and put it up on the internet.

Kate's secret will not stay hid in the dark for very long.

Just because Steve is married, it doesn't mean that he's not cheating on his wife. I have read last year that he and his wife is divorced.

Another thing, it's sounds strange that Steve, a married man would give Kate advice about getting her breasts done. Her breasts shouldn't be his concern.

Another thing, if Steve made Kate take a picture with the lady that took a picture of them.(Which, I have read that article on Huff site weeks ago.) then that shows, he can make her do things too. Maybe TLC has him spying on her. To make sure she doesn't mess up.

I've read where someone said that Kate is looking for a man that can put her children in line. I know that I am not quoting the person word for word. Steve might be the man in her life that's controlling the children.

I believe that Kate and Steve are waiting to when they think people have lost their thinking cap, before they admit they are a couple.

1495 days ago

Pre-k mom    

"At least she didn't cost taxpayers HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!" Good point...except she DID cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. She had help from nurses... round the clock. Paid for by medicare. She complained at one point she had to appeal medicare to continue to have a fulltime nurses help.

Who do you think pays for medicare?!?!

1494 days ago


Posted at 11:01 PM on Sep 19, 2010 by Pre-k mom

I agree. Seriously, how much do an allege nurse assistance and a ITT worker really make? There's no way on both their salaries combine, with twins at home not to mention a mortgage could they afford to pay medicare and hospital bills for six babies, one of them having vision problems and the other under weight being the smallest of the six. I'm not even sure if Kate was still working after the twins or before she had to sextuplets. How she gone work with a big arse stomach? That's nine months of unemployment, not to mention after the babies were born. Kate still didn't go back to work, in fact, at one point she said she quit to stay home with the kids and later talked Jon into quiting his job when the money from TLC starting rolling in. I suspect Kate and Jon have a secret, of course no one ever questioned where the money came from to pay for the hospital stay and medical bills. Not one concern from the public...

Then there's the Duggars, claiming they are debt free and having baby after baby while living in a three bedroom one bath room home for years before moving into their mansion. Michelle's unemployed and the only one working doing odd jobs from selling bibles to washing cars is JB. Who paid for all those babies medical bills and Michelle hospital stay? Little Josie medical bills sky rocket, you know how long she's been in and out of that hospital? Now I know TLC paid the Duggar well for exploiting each of their children. But even with medical insurance paying a portion, which JB told Joy Behar that their medical care doesn't cover everything. It sure makes one wonder if they aren't costing the tax payers a crap load of money too? Oh but again, see these questions aren't being asked of these two families.

And it doesn't stop there. There's the new TLC families we just learned about. The Quintuplet from NYC and from Texas. The TX quints father is broke, mother is unemployed and he's trying to sell the mention he renovated and living in now because the mortgage is to high. Took on TLC to help pay the mortgage until he can sell his home. Who paid their medical and hospital stay bills? Not to mention they have a daughter. And the same applies for the NYC quints family. Again, the mother is unemployed, father is a maintenance worker for the NYC housing authority planning flowers and mowing lawns. Please tell me how he can afford to pay the medical and hospital stay for 6 babies, one of them need a helmet on its head and the other have eye problems and need special glasses and one of the child can't walk at all like the rest of them? Who paid their medical and hospital stay? Again the public doesn't asked this question. They're house is so scram that the parents sleeps in the basement and gave their masterbedroom to the quints. Not to mention they have a 9 year old son.

Then there's the Hayes family, again the mother is unemployed and the father is a uniform officer. Now we all know cops salary are the pits. Yet they have 10 kids, six of them being sextuplets with one who has down syndroms. Who's flipping the medical and hospital bills there?

Roloff has four disable people in their family. Yet we're suppose to believe they live off the farm selling punkin's and TLC. Right! I suspect disability checks in there somewhere. All the medical cares needed.

I suspect they all used taxpayers to pay their outstanding bills at some point in their lives to have all these kids. But because the public doesn't care and only concern themselves with Nadya Suleman of the world. We'll probably never know the truth. Again, because no one ever brought it up or CARED!

1494 days ago

susan m wallace    

The funniest comment on here was Jon doing fun things with the kids instead of in front of a camera crew. The papparzi is his camera crew,he knows all to well they're filming him and thats why he tries to look like Daddy of the year in front of them. He knows exactly what he's doing and throw in girlfriend #47 and don't they make for a beautiful family-pleeeeeez

1494 days ago


Wow, many of you commentators are hostile freaks, especially Tinalouise, who sees a lot of herself in Kate. You should all be judged so harshly...see how others might examine how you manage yourself. Maybe....aspire to get a real life. Sounds like petty,and rage filled folks are the ones who take the time to condemn people they don't know. Look at you. Or is that too sad?

1494 days ago


She's WELCOMED in Mexico
The more children to rob or hold for ransom.

1491 days ago


It's tacky that the media still follows her. She's a has-been that is a never-was. Hopefully now that People magazine put her new plastic-surgeried, personal trainered, personal cheffed body on it's cover, she's officially "jumped the shark" and will fade away from the media's glue.

Don't know what it means to "jump the shark"? Remember Fonzi's desperate attempt to keep Happy Days watchable after it had run it's course? The jumping the shark episode was THE desperate moment.

1488 days ago


Body Mexico... I dont see his assault a guy with a glock 45 is going to protect anyone with semiauto fire against drug kingpins with Full Auto large calibar assault rifles!

1487 days ago


Kate Gosselin is a habitual liar. Having a bodyguard around 24 hrs a day is just plain bizarre! She lied about a boob job, not having money to put food on the table for the kids, claiming her "celebrity" was all for the kids. She is lying about the bodyguard too! His wife must be a complete idiot. Does anyone really believe that Kate would spend so much time with someone she wasn't interested in? Of course not! She has no use for anyone. Her best friend is MONEY that she made off her kids.

1484 days ago


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1482 days ago

ex IDOL fan    

i hope the drug lords chop off her head and stick it on a fence post

1480 days ago


so you are saying dump his wife.. What about HIS children? dump them too. Kate is all fake good plastic surgery// No surgeon can fix what is inside Kate.

1479 days ago


At Kates's house the house the kids paid for. Its just a house to the kids. yeah they may have nice beds and toys but its a house. At Jon's its not a house its a home. Kids do not care if they have beds. I am sure they do but Kate's lies say they don't. But even if they don't kids don't care at Daddy home they are loved and fed.
Kates barly feeds them Never plays with them unless a camera is present. she does not even know how to talk to them

1479 days ago


Keep wearing no bra, I like it. Soon you will be crying for another boob job to lift them off your stomach. Some stupid person will give you another free boob job so you can go on wearing no bra's.
You make me sick.

1474 days ago


Who really gives a hoot about some chick that ONLY had 8 kids! If you need a bodyguard in Mexico then...DON'T GO THERE! You are so wrong Kate!...those kids love being with their daddy. At least people aren't all gawking at them when they are with him. Toys on the bed don't always mean the kids are happy! The real love & security comes when they are with their daddy. At least he's not draggin' 'em all over creation lookin' for papparrazzi!
A star you ain't...Kate!

1386 days ago
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