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Kate Gosselin

I Need a Bodyguard in Mexico

9/13/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kate Gosselin took time out from starring in reality shows to go to Cabo San Lucas with her bodyguard and rumored boyfriend Steve Neild on Saturday.

Meanwhile on the same day, Kate's ex-husband Jon Gosselin played daddy day care with his eight kids and girlfriend Ellen Ross in Pennsylvania.



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You got that backwards, its her kids that support her, I didn't see TLc or any other network asking for her alone. And she blew chunks on DWTS.
NO bitterness here *******, just stating what is from what we have seen and heard from her own skank mouth.

1501 days ago


Sanity, have you lost your fcking mind???? Her husband CHEATED on her 6 times!!!!! with young whres and did drugs in the HOUSE with the KIDS!!!.. He also screw their babysitter! (btw all the mistresses laugh at his 3" shlong)

He went out and creamed her to the media, brought his whres to tv.. SOLD his kids for hundreds of thousands to the tabloids while Kate said NOTHING.. the ONLY time Kate spoke up was when Jon cleaned out EVERYTHING from the checking account and she couldn't pay the electric bill and got scared.. who could blame her!

This Jon ******* is a freak and I hope no one else wants to turn into a creepy M.Lohan like him! YUCK!

Kate has done NOTHING wrong besides nag a lazy man who could never keep a job and whined when she was gone for a few days because he didn't want to "babysit" his OWN kids. HE IS the one who DEMANDED a nanny!! So he could go out and drink and cheat

Posted at 6:37 PM on Sep 13, 2010 by kr

And you know this how? You seem to be quite the delusional expert unless of course this skank is paying you to defend her, which isn't working because the bitch shows her true colors every time she opens that ugly yap of hers.

1501 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I watched the show tonite..felt soooo bad for the kids when they started gettin sea sick..and she didn't ask captain to return to shore...gawd..and its alllllll about her.." ohhhhh...I get to fish now"...oh will b rich and get good education and get the heck outta dodge from her down the road..and dad too..sad.

1501 days ago


I want a bodyguard!

1501 days ago


This Steve guy has got to be mentally retarded.

1501 days ago


Kate Gosselin is just another slut that's trying to hide that fact beneath the illusion of respectability.

1501 days ago


Just another day in the life of an All American Couple spankin' it with their new compadres. If you placed a callout over the head of each kid it would read simply 'WTF?'

I'm sure the kids will turn out to be well adjusted adolescents..... well kinda sure...... all right, probably not!

1501 days ago


And she needs a bodyguard because why?

1501 days ago

natural disaster    

Kate is SO doing her bodyguard. Nice role model...screwing a married man.

1501 days ago


Anytime in my life whether professional or personal I have had a male in my vicinity, someone thought I must be sleeping with him. You can't have a male subordinate or employee or worse yet have a male friend-particularly if he is GOOD LOOKING- without people making these kinds of assumptions. WHY? I was never sleeping with any of them. I've been married 40 years and my husband isn't threatened by my best friend who is our age and male. I'm not sleeping with my best friend either. I think Kate, no matter what she does, has a huge bunch of jealous housewives who make it their life's work to trash her. They are obsessed with doing it. It's just psychotic.

1501 days ago

Fran Reno    

The last Kate + 8 I saw had more shots of Kate's boobs than it did of the kids. But truly how could they be missed when she has been wearing these hooker tops? Perhaps she is proud of them and wants to share them, but the average person that watches the show is a SAHM. Please cover up Kate, you look like a cheap whore.

1501 days ago



I suppose you want us to assume you were powerful or good looking enough that you had the opportunity to cheat.

I think you need to look up the statistical information regarding cheating. It doesn't support your statements.

Odds are you’ve cheated and are now lying about it.

1500 days ago


What does Ellen Ross see in that unemployed fat troll? He has gone so downhill since leaving his family. He needs to get a job and quit wearing the Ed Hardy gear and hitting the clubs. Does he think he is on the Jersey Shore?

1500 days ago


hey kr apparently she like the 3 inch schlong if she stayed with him for 10 yrs. you are dillusional

1500 days ago


The pic-nic group all look so happy! Poor kids.

1500 days ago
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