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Medical Board

Investigates Lindsay Lohan's Doctors

9/13/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the Medical Board of California is investigating doctors who prescribed a variety of medications to Lindsay Lohan.

TMZ obtained these photos of investigators for the Medical Board at the law offices of Michael Lohan's lawyer, Lisa Bloom. The photos, which were taken on Sept. 2, show Michael, Bloom and investigators.

Bloom sent a letter to the California Attorney General back in July, asking for an investigation into "the unscrupulous doctors [who] overprescribe medications ..."

We're told the A.G. referred the matter to the Medical Board, which launched an investigation.

As TMZ first reported, prior to entering UCLA, Lindsay had various prescriptions, including Dilaudid, Adderall, Nexium, Zoloft, Trazodone and Ambien.

As we've told you ... UCLA determined Lindsay had been misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and prescribed meds she should not have taken.

Bloom confirms with TMZ, "The Medical Board is investigating and Michael and I are cooperating with them."


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# 34 and #35--Totally agree!!!! Michael and Bloom are really scheming.....Trying for a piece of the pie that is crumbling at the moment.....A restraining order is probably coming soon....

1502 days ago


# 15, ALL her drs misdiagnosed her? I don't think so. People with money are playing with this girls life. Her parents are at the head of the class. Lindsay is an adult. SHE is responsible for taking the drugs. She should have done her full 90 days in rehab. This will come back to haunt her and the drs who said she'd been misdiagnosed and set her free are the ones to investigate.

1502 days ago


How do you think patients get "misdiagnosed" in the first place? In most cases there aren't obvious physical clues, they have to go on what the patient says...

1502 days ago


OH PLEASE, Michael Lohan, along with the rest of that crazy family are really trying to save Lindsay's failed career. The doctor(s) they are investigating have NOTHING to do with the fact she is A DRUG ADDICTED NUT JOB AND A DRUNK. Are they really serious, or is this a sick joke. Can they not realize, her days as a "Celebrity" are overwith. She is the s*** and a total waste of oxygen. NO ONE CARES OR WANTS TO SEE IN HER IN ANYTHING AGAIN. PLEASE GET THAT FINIALLY THROUGH YOUR SICK HEADS. You are all making fools out of yourself, just because you were use to having Lindsay's money...get real jobs, like the rest of the country...AND GO AWAY!!!

1502 days ago


Whatever you think about LiLo, no doctor should be writing out prescriptions when they aren't medically justified. That's just wrong.

A Florida PI attorney is blogging that all this - Lindsay's atty writing the State to complain about the doctors - may be leading up to Lindsay Lohan suing the doctors for medical malpractice. See it here:

I hope he's right - and he makes sense re the comeback and all.

1502 days ago


Good, it's about time. I have a few friends who were prescribed drugs without needing them. Some became so addicted, it almost took their lives, in at least one instance we know it did. RIP bro.

1502 days ago


I have lost all respect for lisa bloom. Following in moms footsteps.

1502 days ago


Forget about Lindsay and her father for the moment. Simple fact is that it is illegal and unethical to prescribe meds you know the patient does not need. In particular when it is meds that can be used in place of illegal drugs. If that is what these doctors did then they should be investigated and even arrested with their license revoked for life.

1502 days ago

JVM Fan    

Lindsay's dad is going to be on a show called "Issues" tonight to talk about investigating her doctor. The host of Issues< Jane Velez-Mitchell, is a recovering alcoholic so she will definitely ask the right questions. Issues has done a great job covering this.

1501 days ago

for now    

Don't forget that the birdbrain haters want to blame everything on beautiful Lindsay.
They say that missing a couple alcohol classes is worse than murdering people.
They think it's fine for doctors to kill people.

1499 days ago
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