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The Situation -- He Shore Found a Nice Apartment

9/13/2010 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When The Situation decided to go apartment hunting in Los Angeles, he picked out a place with the most guido-sounding name he could find -- The Palazzo. Ay-oh!

But in all seriousness ... The Palazzo is a giant, swanky apartment community the size of a small city that happens to be located right near the CBS lot where "Dancing with the Stars" shoots. We're told he had his eyes on a unit that ran more than $5k per month ... but no sweat off his brow --  "DWTS" picks up the tab.

And the best part -- he doesn't have to share a bathroom with Angelina!


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I used to live there - DWTS has been using that to host all their contestants for yearsssssss.

1464 days ago


Lotta haters it seems. Don't be hating on the Sanitation, LOL

1464 days ago


god, he makes more an episode than most of us here make in a year. so let me get this straight, we slave away at work (actual work) while he get's a tan, goes to clubs and goes to the gym and all because it's filmed he get's paid hundred's of thousands of dollars! well, that's america for you, pay the lazy while the real workers struggle to survive.

1464 days ago


ok, looove how they take a real human and turn them into a cartoon character and for the trouble you pay him fantasy sums of money, niiice, why bother with creative artists and beautiful art, just take a dumb bimbo boy, and you get to keep all the money, the bimbo boy just thinks he is getting the sweet deal, it's not like you have to pay anyone for creating an original character, you just buy a real human and he belongs to you for a lifetime of reruns

1464 days ago

jason milkler    


1464 days ago


The Palazzo? Swanky? Really? Uh, yeah, love the view of the Ross parking lot. I guess Oakwood Apts didn't have any vacancies.

1464 days ago


Watched 1st episode of Jersey Shore and a couple of others, first of all one has to have a very low grade mentality to think this is a cool program.Sitch is a low,low grade of a handsome guy wannabe. He's not very bright, and as for being co-ordinated, we'll see won't we. I Laready knew New Jersey is 'The Garden State' and actually quite lovely;those brats on the show r-e-a-l-l-y give the state a bad name.Mike, enjoy it while you can,....just how far you can go without hair gel, and degrading women? Poor Snooki,....not attractive at all, chubby, not judging, but honey, stay away from print v-e-r-y short dresses, with your pudenda hanging out.You want to be treated like a class act?,start acting like one. Sammi and JWoww seem to be the only ones, with what little common sense there is. Sammi,.....all out of sorts over that ugly ass,no account ignorant slug called Ronnie,.....please girlfriend, you could do so much better. You could possibly have a career, m-a-y-b-e, but you need to get after it, if you have any plans at all. The guys just seem to be soooo nasty, and not very hygenic,.....and gus, you have no clue where those pudendas have been,.....especially Snooki,......all that kissing (is that what that was?), slobbering ass hanging all over each other and fondling crotches and body parts. Really? are you tghat f*cking desperate?

1464 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Oh, good. Now I can sleep.

1464 days ago



1463 days ago

Throwback kid    

Even Vanilla Ice thinks this idiot is a tool

1463 days ago


That place looks like a building fit for a star. How awesome!!

Nice work, Situation!! All the haters are jealous of your success.

1463 days ago


#29 is right. The Palazoo is a total crap hole and it's most expensive 3 bedroom place is $5200/month. There are no $8000 apartments and The Situation didn't rent a 3 bedroom place so he is paying closer to $2000-$3000/month.

The Palazoo is not swanky. What kind of crap hole does the TMZ employee live in that thinks the Palazoo is swanky?

An apartment for real rich A-list celebs is 1221 Ocean Ave. But you need at least $6700 for a one bedroom with 1,000 sq ft. That's more than the most expensive and largest place in the Palazzo. And you will pay over $21,000/month for the largest apartments in that building. That's where millionaires and celebrities live that want privacy, security and location in an apartment. A-listers rent in that building.

The Palazoo is a D-list apartment complex at best. Not an apartment for stars. I guess I can't blame him since he is young and not from LA. It will take him a while to figure out this place is a crap hole compared to a real star building.

1463 days ago


F U Haters! I mean really if you were in his position you would milk it for all its worth too. Hate really does make the world go round. Sitch do you bro

1463 days ago


Again with the jealous haters. "Oh Sitch... the 80's called, they want their ridiclious hair back. Who does that anymore???? Who SAYS that stupid saying anymore? And btw his hair is not even high, its NORMAL these days you ignorant baffons. You all baffle me as to why you care SO MUCH about what OTHER PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW ARE doing, wearing, saying, and who they are hanging out with, GET IT A ****ING REST ALREADY AND GET SOME ****ING LIVES.

1462 days ago


the situation is my idol..........i dont care what they say about you.screw the people that say u look like pauly shore or gormer pyle......your making bank.use it wisely & wear your rubbers,"YOU SLUT"

1452 days ago
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