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Leo DiCaprio

Shells Out Cash for

Exotic New Pet

9/15/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Leonardo DiCaprio just made a long-term commitment -- but sorry Bar, we're talking about a new pet tortoise he bought ... that's expected to live for another 70 years!


Sources close to the actor tell TMZ, Leo picked up the 10-year-old Sulcata tortoise at the North American Reptile Breeders Conference and Trade Show in Anaheim, CA over the weekend -- which he attended with fellow "Inception" star Lukas Haas -- and get this ... the animal can live to be 80 years old!

According to sources, Leo called a California pet store that specializes in rare reptiles and requested the tortoise one day before he picked it up. We're told the tortoise ran Leo a cool $400.

We're told Leo asked for the biggest tortoise they had -- a 38-pounder -- but according to experts, Sulcatas can grow to weigh 200 pounds.

Good thing he can afford 70 years worth of turtle food.


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Just because someone doesn't want a dog or a cat as a pet doesn't make them an idiot. There were thousands of other people at the show all spending A LOT more money on reptiles than he did. I breed investment grade ball pythons and many of those have gone for over $60...,000 dollars. Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean that everyone who does is an idiot.

Maybe all of you naysayers should find out for yourselves what all the hype is about and leave the poor man alone.

1497 days ago


I bought my Sulcata Tortoise 8 years ago for $60... dollars...why is this one $400?

1497 days ago


there are many sulcatas that need homes, many, many tortoises need love in CA. my sulcata--Ceasar--is 65 lbs and only 8 yrs old, and expected to live to 150+ yrs and weight nearly 200 pounds. they are also NOT rare; the pet stores by me in LB have dozens. whoever does research for tmz need to learn to research properly!!! ...and leo is a doofus. no one spends hundreds of dollars on an animal you can find on craigslist.

1497 days ago


Sorry, but the one sounding moronic it's you.
Anybody who knows something about cinema knows DiCaprio is an A-list actor. Just check out the people he worked for and the awards and nominations he received.
You are just a jealous hater who apparently has the CAPS button broken.

1497 days ago


My boyfriend and I have a Sulcata tortoise named Grumpy. He's the easiest pet to take care of but you need to research about them before purchasing cause of their diet. My boyfriend got ours for free 7 years ago when it was a baby and didn't research how to feed it properly, now Grumpy has a pyramid shaped shell and his life span is now shorter. Good thing I came along or the poor turtle would be dead by now. Please research reptiles before purchasing so you know how to take care of them properly. Good luck with your turtle Leo!

1497 days ago


actually... sulcata tortoises can get a lot bigger than 200 lbs. and there are plenty of them needing homes in arizona, nevada and california. they need to be outside and can dig burrows up to 50 feet underground. hope his pretty hollywood pad is ready for horse-size turds and holes all over his backyard!

1497 days ago


I have a pair of Sulcatas for 10 years now, which I rescued when they were about 20lbs. They are now over 150lbs. They are super easy to maintain, however they have destroyed my backyard. Trees, flowers, flower beds, sprinklers, grass, patio furniture, water mains -- you name it if its in their way they will bulldoze right through it.

If you have a yard with grass in Southern California, you can let your gardener go, cause these guys do great just eating the grass and the fruit that falls off the trees.

1497 days ago

J Simp    

Good for Leo then.

1497 days ago


i was there and never saw him..but hw should have adopted one many of the breeders there have conections with adoption agencies for reptiles....but i would never have bought anything from prehistoric pets...they have been shut down by the health department more than once they dont take care of the animals at all...they are covered in mites...i stopped buying my mice from there to feed my snake i now go to reptile the breeding community prehistoric pets gets made fun of because of the dirtyness and being way overpriced..and they dont breed all there animals they are from other breeders..shame on u leo

1497 days ago

Turtle Rescue    

For pete's sakes - we have hundreds just in California looking desperately for new homes. Typical idiot impulse buy - if he had done any research he would have seen my press release on about how many are being dumped throughout the US because people cannot find homes. Any respect I had for him is gone.

1497 days ago


The third grade class at the Jewish community School in the Palm desert, just adopoted a turtle, Playdates???

1497 days ago


I have a Sulcata that is about 15 years old. Andre is coming in close to the 100 pound mark. For as busy as he is, that was a bad idea to get one because they take a lot of care and eat all the time. Unless you have a safe, large area for them to roam in, they are not an ideal "pet". He could have bought a baby one for less than 80.

1497 days ago


Ha! It's painfully obvious almost all who comment now jack **** about the convention or reptiles for that matter. That show is strictly captive bred. If you only keep a animal for the love it shows in return , it shows how shallow you are. If he has the money and space to properly care for it , I say go for it. Salcutas are not rare by any means and while i didn't run in to him there I shelled out more for carpet pythons from Kerry ****ing King.

1497 days ago

Diva The Tortoise    

Did you check at the Sulcata tortoise that has a facebook page? DIVA the Tortoise from Santa Monica CA. Check out her Facebook page the video's are funny of her meeting her boyfriend. Diva's the tortoise facebook page:!/pages/Diva-The-Tortoise/111449482239139?ref=sgm

1497 days ago

Diva The Tortoise    

Diva the tortoise also has 2 video's on Youtube meeting her new boyfriend its so cute. watch it at:

1497 days ago
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