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Kid Rock Testifies

Why I Punched Tommy Lee ...

9/16/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock just took the stand in Georgia in connection to his ongoing Waffle House brawl case ... but ended up having to explain why he got into a fight with rocker Tommy Lee at the MTV VMAs back in 2007.

Kid Rock Testifies
Rock told the judge that he and Lee had bad blood over their relationships with Pam Anderson.

Rock claims before the VMAs, they had exchanged some cell phone smack talk -- but somehow ended up next to each other during the VMAs.

Rock told the judge that Lee tried to sit down next to him ... so Rock smacked Lee's hat off and popped him in the face.

However, Rock also claims that Lee called him after the incident to apologize ... and testified the two are now friends.

UPDATE: Check out part of Rock's testimony above -- when he first sat down, he had to acknowledge that he also goes by the names "Devil without a Cause" and "Kid Rock and Roll Jesus."



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1496 days ago


These two knuckleheads!

REALLY???!!! Fighting, in essense over the likes of Pam? Good Lord above...... I don't even need to get into why this is hilarious. Not to mention, their ages and they are a couple of tough guys rock stars to boot I guess.

Too funny to me, since these two are part of my peer group. We have been done with high school since 1984, really? Maybe one of you could pass her note in history class next hour and have her check which you lie me....check yes or no.

Too much, I almost spit out my coffee on this one.....

1495 days ago

Sin D    

hahah..Oh man...lhartwell, you are right ! I got 'nuthin after that...great comment! Yea I remember those notes too...just never got/gave one :( Me was nerd.

1495 days ago


It WAS pretty awesome to see though. One punch and it was over. If that had been a rapper, all hell would have broke loose. And no it's not a racial thing, if it had been Eminen there would have been 20 more guys there throwing punches instantly, and there would have been ambulances, police cars, people getting sued, and someone shot over it 6 months later.
It's cool they made up after too.

1495 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

kid rock is lucky that Tommy Lee didn't smack him with his anaconda = C%@K lmao

tommy sure has a big one!

1495 days ago


Never fight over a woman.

1495 days ago


please move this to Washed Up Rockers TMZ......

1495 days ago


Well, Pam has the Magic Magina. It is one of the most powerful in the universe and well worth fighting for! It is the perfect bank to deposit your spunk and is alleged to be beyond extasty. She is in a class of her own in this respect...

1495 days ago


whats with this pop up Nikita ad...its irritating as hell...

1495 days ago


anyone who saw that video with tri-pod tommy would have to admit that in her prime Pam would have been one hell of a lay.Unless your a *** I guess

1495 days ago

Race care nut    

White trash hitting on white trash. Two idiots smacking each other around.

1495 days ago

His Prince Michael    

*FINAL posting-day at TMZ*

Kid, is one of those rare artists, who over time, earned my
respect. From the gate, he came off as a "hard" Robbie Van Winkle. By his third album or so, it seemed like he was really
doing HIS thing. I saw him do a Bad Company cut (on a acoustic-guitar) on an award-show, OWNED IT.
Stay tru2U, Kid.

1495 days ago

Sin D    

His Prince Michael...SO TRUE! Kid Rock is the real deal. Those who think he is less, have never seen him live. Saw him twice and after 200-300 different/varied concerts in my life...he ranks among the TOP 5. Amazing musician and performer.

1495 days ago


KR, you should never hit a WOMAN closed fisted, he shoulda b' slapped Tammy Lee.
There's a long list of cowardly punk Artists and Actors who beat up on women, who should be taken out to the public square and jumped by real men who respect women.

1495 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

i hate kid rock but i don't blame him...

tommy lee is a pretentious a-hole and i'd punch him in the face AND the balls if i ever came across him... then i'd dowse my hand in sanitizer and light it on fire in fear of contracting some disgusting disease...

1495 days ago
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