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Oksana Grigorieva Fires More Lawyers

9/15/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva is eviscerating her legal team -- TMZ has learned she's fired her criminal defense lawyers ... not necessarily a good thing when you're under criminal investigation.

Oksana Grigorieva Lawyer
We're told Grigorieva gave her seasoned criminal defense lawyers Mary Fulginiti and James Spertus their walking papers yesterday, and sources say the breakup was "ugly."

Fulginiti and Spertus were handling, among other things, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department criminal investigation into Mel Gibson's claim that Oksana tried to extort him.

The firings leave Oksana vulnerable, without a lawyer to represent her in what we're told is a "serious" criminal investigation.

Just days ago Grigorieva switched family law attorneys -- hiring Sorrell Trope's firm.

Who knew Oksana studied Thomas Jefferson -- "A little rebellion now and then is a good thing."



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rex kramer LMAO (at work)...good one. I'm waiting for justice to happen and her "arrest" for extortion. Hello?????

1436 days ago


i realize that some of us are starting to feel sorry for this gold-digger which she has placed herself in her position...don't forget she and her family have been doing this for many years to many other men...she will never learn...

we feel bad for Lucia not having a mom but is it better to have a mom who extorts money from men? she schemed to get pregnant and schemed to extort money...remember, Lucia was conceived only for the sole purpose of getting money for OG and her family...

while it is sad not to have a mom, Lucia will be far better with Mel and a loving nanny than with OG and her family who only uses the children for the money for their living expenses...i think in the long run, Lucia will be a far better person without the influence of the money-grubbing family...having Mel as her sole parent...think what fun they would have!

1436 days ago


She probably sees herself as a little princess, is used to getting what she wants and fires everybody who disagrees with her.

She acts like a spoiled brat. I wanna...............

1436 days ago


Jacqueline13, hello!!

1436 days ago


Like I said, I figured this would happen.

I am betting Sorrell told her, the more you do this, the more guilty you look. If you want me on your team, dump everyone else! I will fix this whole thing.

The problem is, there is not true fix until the truth is told by either Mel or Oksana. And I don't think either will!

She is in trouble. More than Mel honestly by what we all know. Which is of course Spun in SOOOO many ways!

But the judge I am hoping sees what she is doing and doesn't force Mel to give her more money that she will just waste on who knows what.



Hey all!

1436 days ago


Who's true. All those brothers and a sister. Old enough to take the time to appreciate a new baby. I hope so.

1436 days ago


Hi KoalaBabe! How are you this fine day/night?

1436 days ago


As I said, Oksana should get rid of her family, starting with her greedy parents then her sister.

They are giving her wrong advised. I guess it's too late for her to turned things around. The court will make her do time I reckon to make an example of her to future wannabe extortionist.

1436 days ago


Did anyone see last night (east coast) the Paps provoking and attacking Mel...he's got it all on tape and I hope he sues for harassment!

1436 days ago


yeah whosthat, that is true. We aren't use to con artists and that is what they do. No regard to who they hurt.

1436 days ago


Good morning all!

No adolescents hiding out here today? Please, only grownups!

Tee hee

1436 days ago



Hugs to you from us.

She's fine, back home out of the hospital but very exhausted (had a kidney infection). Sleeping 18 hrs/day last four days. But no damage so we're very thankful.

Spring break starts Friday here in Brisbane so she can just take it easy and recover.

I hope you're having good weather over there. I love these September days, sunny, warmish and not too humid yet.

Well, time to sign off. Nice talking to you. Sweet dreams everyone.

PS Will post one more Ting Tong video - where she meets her brother-in-law's Russian mail order "model" bride

1436 days ago


Hey only some of the POOL BAR hooligans are here!

1436 days ago


Hello Middleagedcrazy

Have a nice day/evening all of you

Hope te see you later


1436 days ago


Hi/Bye to you soon!

1436 days ago
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