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Oksana's Ex-Lawyer to Chat with Sheriff Investigators

9/16/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Oksana Grigorieva's former attorney is set to talk with Sheriff's investigators about Mel Gibson's extortion claims against her.

According to our sources, an L.A. County Sheriff's investigator contacted Eric George on Wednesday. George repped Grigorieva during the mediation where she agreed to (and later reneged on) a $15 million package from Gibson.

As we first reported, Oksana sent Mel text messages during that mediation which some think could be construed as extortion. In one of the texts Oksana accuses Mel of not keeping up his part of the deal to support her. As her attorney at the time George was privy to the texts as well as other information.

Our law enforcement sources say George said he would be "delighted" to meet with investigators.

It's another indication that the Sheriff's department is taking the extortion investigation seriously. As we told you earlier .. investigators have already interviewed Mel Gibson twice. They were considering interviewing him a third time but we're told they're satisfied now with what they have from him.



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Why oh Why?    

Good morning, world!
(Scandinavia waves to everyone out there!)

Getting slightly fed up with the parade of different lawyers and attorneys. Get on with it, for gawd´s sake! All the credit to Mel who stays quiet and keeps a low profile...hrm...well he tried.:)

1441 days ago


It may be when Eric George realized with who he had affair (I mean her greediness and unbalanced behaviour) he prefered to disappear

1441 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

Geore has said he will be delighted to meet with investigators

Translation: You wouldn't b elieve all the dirt I have on her and after putting up with her antics and crazy demands, I am happy to help you hang her, what time did you need me there?

I think OxSanity has made some enemies with her former Legal Dream Team, or could it be when Mel paid that 250k Legal fee bill and OxSanity found out she wasn't getting a cut of it, She told him "I have you on tape saying you'd cut me in...If you don't give me my money I will have to release the tape", as she waved it in his face frantically....and that's probobaly when he said to her " You do know that they don't make machines that play 8 Tracks anymore"...

1441 days ago


I bet this guy can't wait to get his teeth into her. and neither can I

1441 days ago


Waves to Scandinavia from the USA!

~+~+~+~+~+~+ T~E~A~M + M~E~L +~+~+~+~+~+~

1441 days ago

Zooma Zoom    

nail the b**ch! yeh!

1441 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Another day, another Oksanity post. Well, we'll hear more about the "promise" Mel supposedly made to support HER.

Didn't she say she does not want Mel's money and that she is fighting for the life of her daughter!

So now the truth is coming out about this witch and her greed.

***TEAM MEL***

1441 days ago


Hej Why oh Why! Kul med lite svenskar här!
Good morning World!
Good luck, Mel! Team Mel Sweden!

1441 days ago


Hi and sorry me, Frieda! "had an affair" - I ment "worked with her like with any another client" In russian language "to have an affair"="to have business with somebody", "to be friends with somebody".It not always mean something wrong! I think her ex-lawyer is quite may be therefore he didn't continue to give her advices. He knew that Mr.Gibson didn't want public scandal and twice offered her money deals to calm down all that situation...All that happen mess is because of her stupidity,greediness and (sorry me!)rotten-natured

1441 days ago


He'll be delighted! whoa that sounds not too delightful but quite ominous for Oxana.

1441 days ago


Wow things should start rolling along. Better get a criminal Lawyer Konsie your gonna need springing from a cell cause this guy is gonna sing like a canary.

1441 days ago


Ox's ass is grass. I love how "delighted" Mr. George is to meet with investigators. Game over heifer:)

1441 days ago


Hell have no fury like a lawyer scorned ... and not paid.

Looks like all that bridge burning you did Oksana is about to bite you in the a$$.


Team Mel! Keep giving her more rope, she'll hang herself.

1441 days ago


Okay, I need some lawyer types to help me out. Isn't George bound by attorney-client privilege? I thought he couldn't talk about the specifics of Oksana's case without her permission. Even the police can't get around that privilege, can they?

1441 days ago


Mornin' Shuffle,

You do know that they don't make machines that play 8 Tracks anymore"...

Posted at 12:44 AM on Sep 16, 2010 by Shuffle Demon

That is hilarious to me because my father has probably bought every eight track tape out there and every eight track player to play them on. It was a hobby that got out of hand. I all fills two rooms of his house. Lets just hope she doesn't find out. lol

As for the lawyer, I hope he spills his guts and tells everything he knows. Old bug eyes will have a stroke. End of Mel's problems. :)

1441 days ago
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