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Cinnabun Toughens Up for Texas -- Too Tough?

9/18/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' beloved sidekick Cinnabun is getting ready to join Jesse at his new home in Texas ... but first she needs to get strong enough for the big move.

You may remember Cinnabun went through a whole ordeal earlier this year when she went missing -- and returned 23 pounds lighter. Jesse's prized pit bull is working on getting stronger -- pretty clear from the video.

Some dog people will tell you ... this type of "exercise" is SOP for pit bulls -- others say it's inhumane and dangerous.



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My Jack russel Terrier loves to train in this manor. He is still scared of his own shadow thou.

1494 days ago


IF he was training him to be stronger, and not just letting her play, which is whats really happening. IF that was his motive, then, douche or not, he is preparing his pup to be strong enough to survive on the however many acres he has bought here in Austin. Texas is a rough terrain and lil Cinnabun needs to be strong. Fenced property or not, hes going possibly have coyotes, rattlesnakes, deer, foxes and lord knows what else. Thats a big worry for a pet owner with land. Its not a matter of making her more aggressive, as much as making her strong enough that, if needed, when her instincts kick in and she needs to defend himself that she has a fighting chance.

1494 days ago


FIFTEEN PUPS, ALL FROM SAME LITTER, WERE FOUND NEXT TO THEIR THREE DEAD LITTER MATES IN A FORECLOSED HOUSE IN PATERSON, NJ. They are only five wks old. They are pit mixed, and will need decent homes. Hopefully, none will go to this nut, Jesse James, who thinks being a real man is being as cruel as he could be. Sicko is trying to strenthen the jaws of the dog for one reason - putting it into a fight. These dogs are abused for the pleasure of crazies. Check out how well M Vicks dogs have been treated, and are now therapy dogs! This is what real love will do.

1494 days ago


Cousin told me her neighbor hung his pit bull from a clothes line - kind of like what Jesse is doing. The dog later mauled his 3 yr old child and had to be shot. Go, Jesse, Go! No wonder the dog ran away.

1494 days ago


Like they say--there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.
It's true--my husband and I are neither "gutter trash" or "idiot owners", and we have two rescue pitbulls--who are wonderful, sweet dogs. And spoiled rotten! They definitely need lots of exercise and love--but lack of exercise and a lack of love and caring could lead to aggressive behavior in any dog. I've seen it in dogs (not pits) in my building--who's owners never even walk them. All the pent of energy they have makes them act out.

Pits are a very maligned breed, who unfortunately often fall into the wrong hands, and are encouraged to be aggressive and fight. The people who do this definitely don't show them any love or kindness. Of course, any dog could be "wired wrong," and snap; but as the one poster said, 99% of them time, you can blame the owners--not the dogs!

1494 days ago


# 39, if that was for me, let me explain further. The owner never said his pit was the sweetest dog in the world. Where I lived, if a dog bit someone, the dog has to be kept by a vet for 10 days to rule out rabies. The VET called me and said the pit was the sweetest thing he'd ever seen. I told him the sweet dog tore my son's face and arm. As far as I'm concerned, pits are loaded guns, you never know when (or if) they will go off, but they will so the safest bet is not to have one.

1494 days ago


I understand people are afraid of attacks and I been a victim myself of one so bad the Dr couldn't stop the bleeding to see if I even had eyes left.

The attack was not my fault and it was not the dogs fault. It was not a pittbull like you think and really bread has nothing to do with it. I work paying claims for a living so I checked on dog bite statistics and guess what? The Pittbull is not even in the top 10 of dogs who bite people.

This is not bull**** opinion rather its based on claims paid out over last 35 years. All this crap is in huge databases now so places like AMA or a school can pull it.

But in the top ten most were lap dogs aka small ones. Pits were 16th or so. Its just one more bull**** crap the media likes to spin and they NEVER check the real story.

My last pit Lady was sweet as they come and I had no issues with her laying next to my newborn at all. She was with my girl pretty much 24/7 till she passed away when my girl turned 3.

Never did lady do anything to make me scared of her.

This bull**** about Jaw's and this is how you do it.. first off like I said before Pits are not the strongest by far. Its a myth because they have 2 sets of muscle but does not mean they have 2x's the power. Then rope swings, tire swings, tug ropes do build a little bit of muscle to a point. Like humans thy max out quick and most are maxed before any training.

They also do not have a killer switch in them. More bull**** media crap in which no one has never proven true.

1494 days ago


This poor animal has already tried several times to escape from its beast of an owner. Now it is being forced into a cruel "reconditioning" regime and for what purpose? God only knows what kind of sordid plans await this dog in Texas.

1494 days ago


I have a pitbull and he is the sweetest nicest dog I have ever had. Pitbulls get a bad rap because of bad owners. Have any one you watched Pit Boss on animal planet? It's on Sat. night 10pm est. Check the show out. Maybe you will learn something about what an awesome breed of dog this is. Just like everything in life there is good and bad, good people, bad people, good dogs and bad dogs. The pitbull is a very misunderstood breed.

1494 days ago


It figures Jesse the Jerk would treat his dog like this..look what he did to his wife.
Cinnabun ran away from him for a reason!
Somebody take her away from him!

1494 days ago



TMZ is wording this as training. LIARS This is a west coast choppers LONG time employee and a shop dog (cinnabun) PLAYING. Look at her tail wagging
This is a playful dog. THIS video is not Jesse or anyone at the shop "training" CINNABUN.

WHY put a sick twist on a dog playing? Someone at TMZ hates dogs?
look up popeofwelding on you tube. Jesse takes another shop dog for a ride. His burger joint is named after his dog. A Long Beach vet called Jesse to help with a special needs dog a few years ago.
YES TMZ, the two legged and three legged dogs Jesse's Ex-wife Sandra has. Came to Jesse's home because of his well known love and great care for dogs is his community.

Cinnabun is a "runner" she got out a few times. Jesse James and anyone at West Coast Choppers are true dog lovers.
#1 You stole this "exclusive" video.
Look at "popeofwelding" on youtube. It's Jesse's and this is his dog playing.

STOP stalking People's Kids TMZ

Ask Jesse's Ex-wife Sandra how She feels about Jesse, West Coast Choppers employee treating all the dogs.

1494 days ago


I have had 3 pit bulls. All of them PLAYED like this. It is not training. Pits are working dogs. They love pulling weight behind them & they love hanging. To them it's play. It wears them out. All of my dogs would jump on the rope unprovoked & hang on it. Buddy & Freddie would sit so nice when my hubby would strap weight to their harness to pull. They loved it. JoJo just pulls my hubby now. Before you speak about breeds you know nothing about you should pick up a book about them. You will see these exercises in any book about the breed. In the WRONG hands yes this dog is dangerous but then again any dog can be brought up to be aggressive. We had a mean aggressive Golden Retriever when I was little. He came from the pound & he actually bit someone. None of my 3 dogs have ever bit anyone. We got JoJO when he was 7 weeks old...he is a lover. Sweet as can be. We have a kitten who is his best friend. We have a 9 year old who he adores. He sits in front of the school & all the kids love him. All the kids know him. It is called education people...Try it you might learn something.

1494 days ago


Wow I bet all the pitbull haters don't like black people or gays either. I mean a stereotype is a stereotype!! Bigotry and hate for any animal or person is inherently idiotic. That goes for Harvey Levin and his enzyme/gene philosophy on pitbulls. This is SOP for pitbulls or any dog.
I would also bet all these alleged pitbull attackes people post about are bull. Seems everyone knows someone who was attacked. Horse poop.

1494 days ago


Wow, I don't understand how a 48 sec clip of Cinnabun PLAYING not TRAINING can determine 68% of people voting to be inhumane.

Speaking for dog owners, who have pitbulls, bulldogs, German shepards, Dobermans who don't treat their dogs are weapons, know that they are the most loving, fun, exciting, and non-aggressive dogs. People lack education, people are too ignorant to pick up a book to found out what's the nature of the job. People rather determine their resolution through media.

And for that TMZ, I'm enjoying the good laugh with you for all the dimwits who believe this video is about training and also believe a lot of these articles are true and not blown up to make it more exciting.

1494 days ago


# 26

I am ALWAYS so glad you are here to straighten out all the idiots!
My son, has TWO Pit Bulls, One rescued, one NOT,.I, too, was apprehensive 5 yrs ago, and they won me over in so many different ways..that..when holidays roll around, the dogs all come with the "Kids" so we have 9 dogs, 3 cats and 8 people and NEVER had a problem one...w/any of the pits...usually it is the or the "Family Monopoly/Poker"!..Anyways, Cinn is a BEAUTIFUL dog..Peace to JJ and his family..

1494 days ago
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