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I Refuse to Get Naked

for Money

9/20/2010 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the threat of foreclosing still looming ... Octomom made a video statement today swearing she'll do whatever it takes to keep her home -- as long as she doesn't have to get naked.

After finally admitting she might need to seek financial help to keep a roof over the heads of her 14 kids -- Nadya Suleman told a photog, "I'll do whatever I can ... as long as I'm fully clothed."

Suleman was clearly referring to the $500,000 offer from Vivid Entertaiment -- in which the porn company claimed they'd fork over a check in exchange for one XXX Octo-scene.

As we previously reported, the man who holds the note on Suleman's house has already set the foreclosure proceedings in motion -- claiming Octo is thousands of dollars behind in payments.


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J. Lejeune    

Let the doctor who helped her have all those babies pay child support!!!

1455 days ago


Good. Let her get foreclosed on.

I'm tired of everyone wanting a bailout. You wanted to have a dozen kids with no real way to pay for them? Then you deal with the consequences of your actions

1455 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Answer: YOU WEREN'T THINKING! You were just being SELFISH!

1455 days ago


Nadia, I for one would love to see your chooch serviced on camera. Think about it, that's a lot of money.

1455 days ago


Good for her! I wish her the best.

90% of the commenters: y'all are small-minded and kind of sad.

Posted at 3:31 PM on Sep 20, 2010 by jason

Good for her??? Yeah way to go, always nice to see a supporteer of someone who had perviously couldn't support and had to rely on her mother to help feed and keep the previous kids with a roof over their head.

Yes she is quite a hero to go out and have another 8 kids that she further couldn't afford and still can not, so now instead of having trouble with the ones she had previously, lets add in another 8 that she has no way to support and cant keep a roof over head without charity.

Your right good job. Say, your brilliant rationale wouldn't have you working as a congressmen, of senator would it? Thinking like yours could only come from a byproduct of years in politics.

1455 days ago


Where's her book? Didn't she claim early on that frequently she locked herself away in a room and was gonna write her tell-all book? Guess 14 KIDS kinda cramped her style.

1455 days ago


If ya won't get nekkid to pay for the kids, prepare to be homeless. No one wants to pay for your kids when you used welfare money to have them in the first place. You clearly wanted to get something for nothing, but when you got caught playing on people's sympathy (since other parents of many multiples get handouts), you screwed yourself and the kids. Give them up and move into a box.

1455 days ago


she can afford to take the litter to disneyland and get her nails done. Shows her needs are being taken care of first.

1455 days ago


It should be no surprise that Nadya won't do porn.

All her kids were artificially inseminated.

Nadya doesn't like to f**k period! For any reason!!


1455 days ago


I knew we, the taxpayers, would end up supporting her and her kids. Take the kids away so this lazy bitch can go get a job

1455 days ago


She should give her kids up for adoption. The State of CA should force her to name all those kids' fathers.

1455 days ago


If everyone keeps bailing her out, what has she learned?? In a yr or two, she may use the true frozen ones still in storage and have more. She needs to hit rock bottom and learn from her mistakes. It's like providing a drug addict with drugs. You are enabling. She has hidden money in the company Harmony, Inc. Her atty does not own it as he is the atty and cant also be a owner. Everything she makes and all donations go there so it can be written off as biz taxes/expenses. Cant you people see how we are being duped? No different than what she did with workers comp. She frauded that also. The State needs to check into Harmony, Inc. From what I understand, Nadia is a partner with her father and the atty just directs the scam. They will probably end up paying off the mortgage with donations and end up renting it as HUD, with her paying $0 or $20 a month, while owning it. THis is all one large scam of the IRS, State of CA, etc. Why is no one investigating? Why is she not sueing Dr Kamrava?? Because he donated his sperm and services as he thought he would end up rich with her. I think it was a conspiracy. Someone needs to do DNA. Why else is she not giving up the sperm donors name? She would sell her soul for $10.

1455 days ago


14 kids, no money, refusing the only offer to keep a roof over her kids' head. Let these poor kids be adopted out and have real families who can teach them to be productive citizens. This woman is a joke and no child should be born just so their mother can become famous for birthing a litter.

1455 days ago


Take the babies away and adopt each of them out to families that can provide for them. I think she has done such a horrible job with the older kids who seem feral and the octuplets should be saved before she harms or ruins them.

1455 days ago



1455 days ago
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