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Sandra Bullock Drops Dime on Sunny's Mom

9/21/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock is talkin' some serious smack about Jesse James' ex-wife ... according to new legal docs.


Jesse's ex, Janine Lindemulder, claims she was driving with daughter Sunny recently when the kid accused her of being a liar.

The conversation started innocently enough -- when Janine was explaining to Sunny it was wrong to lie. 

According to the docs, filed in O.C. Superior Court, Sunny blurted out, "Sandy said that you lied to the police and that's why you went to jail."

This isn't the first time Janine has claimed Sandra bad-mouthed her in front of Sunny ... as TMZ first reported, Janine alleges Sandra said within earshot of Sunny, "Quite frankly, I'm glad Janine is in jail. She can go ruin someone else's life."


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To post #38 sheesh. I look on here during my lunch break and see the same names posting comments endlessly. I'm not a mean spirited person like most of people on this site, and I don't act like I'm personally involved with these celebrities.

But there are two things I have to point out.
1) I agree with your comment about Sandra.
2) I love your name, sheesh. Been saying sheesh all my life.

Anyway, this is the kettle signing off.

1436 days ago


When I first saw that pic, I thought Kim Kartrashian was in the middle.

And this shows how divorce f*cks up your kids!!!

1436 days ago


I suppose I can get behind Sunny asking Sandra why Janine went to jail. I think the best answer for the child would be "because she did a bad thing and that was her punihsment." A child Sunny's age would understand doing something bad and being punished. If Sunny pushed about what specifically Janine did, the correct thing to do is tell Sunny to ask her father. It is NOT and NEVER will be the response that Sandra gave.

People can call Janine's credibility into account all they want, but the day Sandra started dating Jesse I knew he was using her to get custody of his daughter because the skanks he likes wouldn't make a judge happy and I could tell she was trash like him. Sandra and Jesse are two of a kind and, unlike Janine, Sandra is pretending to be something she is not. Janine is what she is and Jessee knew that going into the relationship.

1436 days ago


This is getting like the White Trash Comedy Hour. Sandy is no different in class than the garbage she married. She was fully aware of what she was getting married to and most likely related to the trash factor. She deserves everything she gets and only a fool would feel sorry for her considering how dumb she was to get involved with Jesse in the first place. No accounting for smarts where Bullock is involved.

1436 days ago


Sandra is no good, as is the man she claimed to be such a 'great father'.

1436 days ago


Sleep with pigs - ur gonna get dirty.

Tattoos & pigs are forbidden for a reason, Sandra!

Oy vey!

Am I right, my Jewish Son Harvey?

Mazel tov, TMZ!

1436 days ago


WORST thing you can do is put down another parent when a child is involved. Sandy is a scathing, selfish BI*CH.

1436 days ago


Sandra is just as trashy as all of them. She's no Mother Theresa. After all, she married him didn't she?
Sandra needs to let Janine be a mother and bond with her child.
Moving the child to Austin to try and get back together was selfish and the wrong thing to do. The child needs her mother and her father in her life. The distance makes it really hard for the mother.
Google -- Parental alienation or Parental Alienation Syndrome.
P.A. is a form of child abuse and if SB talks bad about the mom in front of the child then that's child abuse. Sorry but it is.

1436 days ago


Sandra is in no position to talk smack about Sunny's mother. Does she tell her that her daddy is a liar and a pig? Probably not because she picked him for a hubby. Sandy can be wrong too and a poor judge of character. She is wrong to do something so low that we all know is never good since we only have one mom, whether she's great or not.

1436 days ago


To Angel,
I would not take anything radar online has on their website as Gospel.

1436 days ago


If I was Sandra Bullock, I would be rid of the pack of them, kids and all, before they taint her too.

1436 days ago


sandra has NO right to talk bad about janine when sandy herself was a homewreck when jesse was married to janine. sunny is shuffled from home to home because of sandy! and why does sandy continue to be involved in jesse and janines custody battle? she is DIVORCED from the loser now. go raise your son, instead getting your nose involved in other pps business! everyone thinks sandy is so great but in reality she isnt so!

1436 days ago


These threesome are all the same!! Of course, Sandra Bullock has fooled the nation, but she is a fake. She had her career over and done with when it came out that she was married to a Nazi sympathizer. And, what did she do? Adopted an orphan, AA boy and claimed she had kept it a secret! BS!! That is the only way she could restore her Hollywood image and potential! Honestly, how do you marry a neo Nazi and don't know it? She wanted to erase that soo fast and of course, she is self centered like all celebrities and bad moths the mom of the kid. They all suck!!

1436 days ago


Why shouldn't Sandra have this girl if she take better care of her. If you are a drug addict, you don't deserve your kids. What is wrong with her toning down the reason why this girls mom went to jail?? Sandra didn't come between a mother and daughter drugs did. She has raised this child and been a constant stable person in her life. This child will probably be a better person because of her.

1436 days ago


I agree with is not Sandra's place to speak to Sunny regarding anything to do with her mother. This child is not emotionally or psychologically equipped to handle being a rag doll. I love Sandra and think Jeanine is a total wack job, but I do see Sandra being jealous of not being able to conceive her own child with Jesse, therefore being a surrogate to Sunny. That being said, she CHOSE to develop a relationship with that little girl and take care of her, but that DOES NOT give her the right to make disparaging remarks about the child's mother, either to or in front of her.

1436 days ago
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