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Lindsay's Got That 'Warrant-for-Her-Arrest' Glow

9/21/2010 7:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With her probation revoked, a warrant issued for her arrest and a mandatory court appearance on Friday, Lindsay Lohan got a facial yesterday.


At least her skin is healthy.



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Jeffrey Rio    

"At least her skin is healthy"?

That is what Amphetamines does to you skin !

1502 days ago


Jail is the furthest thing that faces Lohan. She already has the best Lawyers money can buy and everyone knows what a great Lawyer can do.
The Judge should just stay home on Friday and save the tax payers some money because she's going to walk.

1502 days ago


If Nicole is one of the Lohans that would be really sad. It almost is comical, but at the same time why would anyone take it as serious as Nicole if they werent in the camp? Hollywood dose kill, its got a pretty bad track record if you havent done the math

1502 days ago


Probably at home Packing her nose for the trip

1502 days ago


She has to get ready for her judge suck-up, "have pity on me" routine!

The only good thing to say is at least she wasn't driving. Did they revoke her license? If not, they should have.

1502 days ago


Nicole..aka Nicole Enabler

I believe Nicole is part of the Lohan camp.

What I find really suspecious is the home work this girl does,and at any given moment she could probably give you the current where abouts of Lindsay,her weight..and what she ate for breakfast.

It's like she has a journal in front of her..called.."How to Counter-React To Negative Publicity Considering Lindsay Lohan"...obviosuly published by Dina of course.

She is right on it,giving the time,and date of anything pertaining to Lindsay...She has a ton of facts,but twists the truth pertaining to them.

It's down right suspecious,and almost a dead give away.

It's well known Dina is extremely upset over these celeb sites that degrade her daughter.The fact of the matter is,it's her daughter that is causing all this negative publicity,including Dina herself.

They are both a couple of frauds in my book.

One more thing all of you should keep an eye on..Is when new articles show up here,these same people like Nicole are right on it.

I'm sure beyond a doubt it's someone doing PR,and damage control for the Lohan Family.Nobody in their right mind would live on the celebrity sites solely focusing on the well being of Lindsay Lohan.

She's a washed up child actress from well over a decade ago.These people don't know when to call it quits.

Sorry Nicole...we know what you're here for.We're just not buying it anymore,so learn how to accept that.

1502 days ago


Nice to know you can still pamper yourself even though you're headed to the slammer.

1502 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

@ Truth #50 is this the sht you tell and feed her?? No wonder the girl is a mess with sht heads like you around

Thanks for the laugh though

1502 days ago


i guess 15 min of fame is no more since tmz wont stop with this brat its not news STOP!!!!! who cares about this brat

1502 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

@ Truth
You might want to stroll over to Radaronline and see whats up over there

Looks like the Judge will put her behind bars till a probation hearing is set and that could take up to 30 days.They also said that she will still face jail time for failing her drug test

So you might want to rethink more BS to feed her head

1502 days ago


lol Yes I see a Vivid facial in the ho's future! Many I am thinking. Only acting she will get.

1502 days ago

leisure inc    

I'd give her a facial. But then again a like skanks

1502 days ago


57. lol Yes I see a Vivid facial in the ho's future! Many I am thinking. Only acting she will get.

Posted at 2:05 PM on Sep 21, 2010 by Tony

I would be curious. If she became broke and everybody stopped giving her money, what would she do? Would she do porn or would she just commit suicide? Get Randolph and Mortimer Duke on this right away.

1502 days ago


just send both her and paris off the jail already and when I say jail I don't mean put them in protective custody, throw them both in general population, people say they need to be in PC because they are celebrites and have targets on their back, who gives a flying f*** if they are celebrites? thats not our problem, it would teach them a lesson and after days, weeks or months of getting their asses handed to them everyday by women in there who aren't ones to be messed with, then those 2 train wrecks would make sure they NEVER break the law again, celebrities are NOT above the law, lindsay and paris were the ones who made the choice to take the drugs, abuse alcohol everyday, drive while being drunk and high, no one put a gun to their heads and made them do anything, they made their bed now they should lay in it, maybe on a bed of nails, I am so sick of those 2 tramps, throw them in jail, in GP and get it over with.

1502 days ago


It's defintely time for real jail for Lohan. Probation is to give you a chance to show you accept responsibility, have learned from your mistakes, and reform. It's a generous gift. When you violate probation, reform time is over -- and it's on to punishment for your actions.

1502 days ago
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