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Extortion Probe Could Derail Case Against Mel

9/23/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva could be checkmated into silence ... silence that could make it impossible to prosecute Mel Gibson for domestic violence -- sources tell TMZ.

Mel Gibson extortion case.

As we first reported ... the L.A. County Sheriff's Department is conducting what we're told is a "serious" extortion investigation.  Our law enforcement sources tell us investigators have "numerous" emails, texts, documents and witness statements that could lead to criminal charges.

If the D.A. files extortion charges against Oksana ... sources familiar with the case tell us it virtually forces her to take the Fifth -- in other words, she'd refuse to testify against Mel Gibson because what she says could incriminate her.

Although the D.A. often prosecutes domestic violence cases with uncooperative alleged victims ... sources involved in this investigation tell us Oksana's testimony is critical, particularly because the physical evidence is shaky.  For starters, we've already told you about her dentist changing his story, not reporting the alleged violence to authorities and failing to get pictures that show injury.

We're told the D.A. considers the two investigations "connected."  If the D.A. files extortion charges, our sources say there's a good chance it could flat-out torpedo a domestic violence prosecution.

And ... if the D.A. decided not to file an extortion case against Oksana to preserve a domestic violence case against Mel, his lawyers would have a field day in court.

The plot thickens.



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Morning KoalaBabe!

1455 days ago


night twilight

1455 days ago


see ya soon koalababe!

1455 days ago


It sounds like the old story " trap the " male idiot " for a live toy", and then use the well being of the innocent live toy to extract money from the " male idiot ", who in this case happen to be wealthy. Simple stratergy to a financial success.

1455 days ago


All fooling around aside, I don't get it. TMZ hints strongly that charges may be filed against Oki, yet, if law enforcement was about to do that, I don't think they would let these last emails be published. What do you guys think?

Posted at 2:38 AM on Sep 23, 2010 by gonesi
I think she'll definitely be charged with extortion. Maybe Oxana's lawyers want to get the rest of their leaking done before she pleads the 5th amendment.

1455 days ago


i think tmz reporting hit the skids...........they now have more advertising than stories.........

1455 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Well it almost look like Oskankoslut getting some karma for being a golddigger lying witch.

1455 days ago


I have to go, maybe Oksana will be charged tomorrow. :)
Good Night.

1455 days ago


night Stacy!

1455 days ago


TMZ know's what is going on.

Posted at 1:34 AM on Sep 23, 2010 by >b< hellnurse >/b<

I do hope TMZ does know. What is next? Oink putting out Christmas videos of Mel having a wee bit of eggnog? Bathroom cam?
HER lawyer was bad enough for HER image on TV and she is too blind to see it. Best thing would be if she released more tapes or video. (hint hint Oinky) Then she will get Mel to fork out the money for her and not Lucy. Bathroom cams do that here in America.

Nobody told her about the ol' man in the loo trick. haha

She makes me so sick.
U r all agnist hre. Evernoe nos about hre nerviuos break down when seh found out no money 4 hre.
C a way out ov dis?
Loo video or private pictures? Nudes?
That will get her the big money. Stupid *******!

Still not a word from Mel. I have to say silence is golden. Silence is golden; speech is silver.
At least someone should have told her that is the American way. Look up silver tongue oinky supporters and help.
NONE of her Lawyers have it nor does she.
Oh and the old dude in the loo trick. =p That is normally hidden for the very wealthy and wise weaving spiders.
We can't wait for that invasion of privacy to hit Radar Online OR are they not Oinky's friend anymore?

In reality I fear for the innocent baby in her care. She will obviously do anything for money. Now the Judge, according to RO, denied her request to send the infant to a different pediatrician. Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services are still around because of allegations of abuse that involved their infant daughter. BEST THING FOR MEL AND LUCY! Do not put anything past this woman.

HANG IN THERE MEL! Hold on tight. Expect private photos and hidden cams to come out IF she is smart. >EG< Don't allow this to get too hard and make it go away by throwing money at her which by now over 90% will go to lawyers and PR and fake bodyguards that only guard her and not her son.

She pried the veneers off herself with tweezers and never had a concussion at all. If she did we would have all read the hospital records long ago. We all know it! Her IMAGE that means more than her children. >rolling eyes<

BTW, I just talked to God and he said he never had any conversation with her at all.
p.s. I don't think she or any of her people read TMZ forums so all the tips given will never come to light.

1455 days ago


I will be so glad when all this crap goes away. I'm sick of all the stories-most of which I skip through. I think the day I read TMZ and this witch is not on the site I will throw a freakin' party of celebration. Lock her up, shut her up or whatever it takes to make her run to the hillS and I don't mean Beverly Hills. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1455 days ago


Good Morning Everyone...

we have known from the beginning this whole thing was about the pdf reveals..."nothing for me" confirms what we have been saying all along...

the attorneys going on the Today show was a move that would benefit the attorneys only(free advertisement, publicity for the attorneys) as we have seen since it had no bearing on this didn't help OG at all...and the more she tries to turn the tide against Mel, the more deeper she gets herself
into this whole mess and makes herself look even worse than before...(i didn't think this was possible until yesterday!)

last night(for me anyways) when TMZ began to slowly expose e-mails, letter, pdf...i think Harvey was having a little fun with each thinks he had this knowledge all along but wanted to slowly expose it here in certain order for us to understand before this final revelation...(prob not final...)

anyways, we always knew Mel, we hoped our justice system would work in this situation...and if it continues to work the way it appears to so far, OG will be charged and jailed, Mel will be free with full custody of Lucia...

the DA is being scrutinized by everyone, especially the public. and he knows that if he does not follow the law and perhaps listen to those powers that be who want to destroy Mel, WE would not stand for it (i hope)!

Team Mel!

1455 days ago


wow, I think this story ticks me off a bit.

They did have one of the most REAR hard loves in the universe.

She played one tape to her "lowers" eh? So her and her Lawyers leaked them. OOPS? This is like rubber-necking a terrible train wreck for months. It is starting to creep me out.

Team Mel and Team Lucy!!!

1455 days ago



So if Mel's motivations are of a low and selfish kind, what are Oksana's?



1455 days ago


TEAM TRUTH!! Yes the newest twist of her team is trying to show that what I feel is a cold calculating extortionist suddenly has feelings of betrayal. The only thing it feels is entitlement. Now that is just a hoot!
Posted at 2 :20 AM on Sep 23 , 2010 by hellnurse

Kinda like that stripper from the Tiger Woods case that Gloria Dumbhead kept parading around. She was all azz hurt, and demanding an apology from Woods.

Posted at 2:28 AM on Sep 23, 2010 by twilightmom

NOW, Mel is THE REAL Man to fight this out in public...i couldn't believe Tiger paid so quickly and without any fight (as far as i know..not much in the news about any negotiation) against the mistress when this seemed like a classic case of extortion/blackmail, except this whore was using an's ok to extort as long as you have an attorney, i suppose? Tiger, it appears is just a little boy when compared to Mel...

Who was it here? i think it was Shirley...

Mel is THE MAN!

it spoke volumes when we didn't see Alred up front and center representing OG, isn't that funny, but Alred hoped to make some money , indirectly, by representing Violet?...i wonder if Alred will be charged with any wrongdoing in this case? anyone with ideas? not sure...

hopefully after this, with Mel standing up for himself and for other men (the men should thank Mel for what he is doing ) who may have this problem in the not pay your tarts off even with an attorney representation...i think you should learn a lot from e-mails, no texts, no letters! :) and..

A REAL MAN stands up for himself and his loved ones!

1455 days ago
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