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Oksana's Lawyer: She Leaked Nothing

9/22/2010 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva went on the PR offensive today when one of her lawyers, Daniel Horowitz, went on "Today" and proclaimed his client didn't sell the tapes or leak letters and emails ... and says she's simply a victim of domestic violence.

Among the points Horowitz hit with Meredith Vieira:

- Oksana didn't sell the secret audio tapes of her phone conversations between her and Mel Gibson.

- Oksana didn't leak letters or emails -- but they know who did.

- The tapes would be worth at least a million dollars and Oksana is broke.

- She never asked for money in exchange for not releasing information.


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Obviously, I am very cynical and have been out and about in relationships --

Sure sounded like a generic 'its OVER' to me. No, it is not you, I love you, but I have to go get my head together -- maybe later we can be good for one another -- it is not you --

I am still laughing at these things -- they are totally generic and could have been written (or said) to anyone. But sure funny that the piano player got pregnant almost immediately hmmmmmmm?

Funny tinfoil hat thought --

The piano player hired the polish porn purveyor to go through his office, etc. and make sure they had copies of all they could find.


Tee hee

1470 days ago


How does this lawyer explain away how Grigorieva’s street interview with ROL supported ROL’s airing those tapes?

Posted at 6:49 AM on Sep 22, 2010 by Maya


Good point! Horowitz said that they had “proof” that she tried to hold this stuff back. Horowitz’s posturing is absurd.
And this nonsense about telling her side of the story…when has OG not told her side of the story to the media?

Horowitz also stated that she had every right to take photos of herself to, “show the world what really happened.” The world? What about the authorities? Why didn’t she show the authorities, Mr. Horowitz? Why didn’t she bring these phony photos up during the mediation meetings in May if she was so fearful of her life and safety of her child, and didn't want Mel to have custody? What tripe.

1470 days ago


I don´t believe a word coming from this paid lawyer, this statement proves nothing. The lawyer says she´s broke, yet she lives in one of America´s most expensive areas.

Then WHO released the tapes? For how much money?

1470 days ago


Yeah right! isn't this the same guy that let van bullow go free and left sunny in a coma??


1470 days ago


Hi ya sahron

Posted at 7:40 AM on Sep 22, 2010 by Shuffle Demon

Hi Shuffle :)

1470 days ago


Yeah right Oksana didn't sell the tapes, and I am Bigwig the Easter Bunny. So when Oksana lies do her lips grow, that would explain a lot.

1470 days ago


just look this lawyer body language when asked question
"is she is one who is responsible for leaking
those tapes to ROL?"

1:31 Horowitz closed both his eyes and shook his head
that is telling that 100% he know Oksana is the one
and he could not even look people in their eyes

what a Media wh... he is
Horowitz became a national media personality when he became a regular television commentator during the Scott Peterson trial. Horowitz was selected by Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams as a regular guest because he was friends with Peterson trial Judge, Al Delucchi having done two death penalty trials in Judge Delucchi's courtroom.

As a commentator, Horowitz was known as being highly critical of prosecutor's Rick Distaso and David Harris, who Horowitz called "Little Rickie and Dumb Dave". Rick Distaso is now a Stanislaus County judge and it is unknown if Horowitz has appeared in front of him since giving him that nickname.

Since the Peterson trial, Horowitz has been a commentator on other high profile cases such as the Michael Jackson trial.

When Prime Minister of Ukraine, Pavel Lazarenko was charged with crimes in the United States, he hired Daniel Horowitz to handle the international aspects of the case. This was unusual because the crimes alleged against Lazarenko took place in Ukraine and not in the U.S. Horowitz questioned witnesses in open court in Israel and Cyprus, and in judicial proceedings Ukraine, Turkey and Canada. This process of appearing in foreign courts requires extensive negotiations between governments and is very rare. However, the prosecution of Pavel Lazarenko had many political overtones with the defense claiming that Lazarenko was the champion of the Western leading freedom parties battling against the old Russian oligarchy. The prosecution however, rejected this claim and asserted that Lazarenko took advantage of the upheaval in the newly liberated Ukraine and used his position to line his pockets rather than help his country.

When he was younger, Horowitz was known for his brash tactics such as having a deputy sheriff seize a United Airlines 747 jet that was set to take off for Paris. Horowitz' client's were owed $ 7,500 that he won in a lawsuit. When United failed to pay, Horowitz filed the necessary paperwork to have the sheriff seize the jet. [

1470 days ago


Hi canook!

Howitz is buddybuddy with Nancy Grace. Another strike against him, IMO.

1470 days ago


By the way, if anyone wants to contact The Today Show about this morning's interviews with Garbus and Horowitz, you can e-mail them at:

1470 days ago


Just saw Today! WOW! Hard to tell what was more revolting, her lip herpes or her legal team. If this is their idea of turning around her public image and getting some sympathy for her, they are crazier than she is, eh? Is Horowiz a Pashtun? Seems like the kid is getting screwed in the end. Take the kid away from mom and deport the Ox!

1470 days ago


Wait! His lips are moving, He's lying!

1470 days ago


Send those little nbc today interns researching:


Remember? The lady who chopped up her children to stop people from pursuing her?

Tee hee

1470 days ago


Lawyers are the biggest liars in the universe they will cheat, lie twist the facts, watching their faces in the Today Show makes me want to puke. I have worked for lawyer for the last 10 years they will screw their partners, mother, wife, kids they have no scrupulous. This woman made a career at having kids so that she did not have to get real job, she is a horrible singer totally plastic lips, boobs etc...Mel Gibson is verbally abusive not a nice man she just met her match, it takes two to tango. I feel very sorry sorry for the kids her motive is money.

1470 days ago


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening All!

I missed the Today show but just watched the video with Attorney Horowitz. I'm puzzled - he claims there was a whole media campaign about Miss Oksana being an extortionist? Where was that - besides here on TMZ I mean? Everything that hit the major news the past few months have all been from her sources.

Seems to me like Miss Oksana is indeed monitoring these boards and is getting very scared by what she sees. Afterall, if we can piece together evidence just from the internet, imagine what the authorities are finding. (And let's not forget how her biographies and several interviews have reflected what has been written here - including my favorite, the Nicole Simpson re-enactment.)

Attorney Horowitz's challenge for anyone to come forth and claim Miss Oksana is extorting Mr. Mel could be aimed at Mr. Mel as an attempt to make him break his silence or possibly at Miss Violet. I'm not worried about Mr. Mel, he knows how to keep his mouth shut. But Miss Violet? I hope she has someone smart and ethical - in other words, not Mrs. Allred - to look after her interests.

They can bleat all they want about Miss Oksana not being the one to release the tapes, but the fact remains it was her responsibility to safe guard them. Obviously she didn't do a very good job since she's so far blamed her sister, implied Alexander was involved and then tried to blame the court.

Right, gotta check out the other story and then start posting like mad for the Fiji trip! =D

1470 days ago


Oh yeah...and these high-powered attorneys are so concerned about domestic violence against Oksana? Right!

Next they'll be stating that they are all doing this pro bono because they feel so strongly about domestic violence against Oksana. Uh, huh...keeping taking...

If they felt so strongly about domestic violence then why don't they represent some no-name person that lives somewhere in low housing that ended up in the hospital because she was severly beaten. YOU NEVER HEAR ABOUT THESE HOT SHOT ATTORNEYS REPRESENTING THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE! HELL NO! PEOPLE LIKE THAT HAVE TO RELY ON A PUBLIC DEFENDER THAT IS UNDER A MOUNTAIN OF OTHER CASES!

Posted at 6:35 AM on Sep 22, 2010 by fuddyduddy
Hi fuddy, It sure makes you want to throw up, doesn't it. They are fame whores just like their client and if they think they can resurrect her image they are our of their minds. The only way that can be done is with a gigantic eraser removing the last 20 some years of her life and lies.

1470 days ago
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