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Ex-Bodyguard Wants Dina Lohan's 'Milk' Money

9/26/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan's about to get tagged for a $500,000 debt, and Lindsay Lohan's "milkaholic" lawsuit is partly to blame ... according to the guy who's trying to collect the cash.


Tony Almeida, one of Lindsay's ex-bodyguards during her Disney days, won a judgement for $300,000 against Dina in 2008 after she stiffed him during a business deal. Tony tells us he's only seen 100k.

But here's the rub -- Tony believes Dina's been "making a lot of money off of interviews" lately. He's also noticed Lindsay got a chunk of change in that "milkaholic" settlement with E*Trade -- so Tony wants his cut.

Tony -- who's transitioned from bodyguard to life coach -- says he's hiring a lawyer to help him collect DiLo's tab ... which he now puts at more than $500,000. 

Stephanie Ovadia --  Dina's lawyer -- could not be reached for comment.


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Judgements are easy to get and hard to collect.

Much like the Lohan's drug tabs.

1451 days ago


Wish you luck Tony & hope you get the money before Dina spends it all.

1451 days ago


Tony Almeida??

Wow, for a junkie, Lindsay isn't screwing around when it comes to security. Hiring a former CTU agent from 24 is my kind of bodyguard.

1451 days ago


Loool is it the Tony almeida from 24 ?

1451 days ago


Sorry, Mr. LiLo needs all the money she can get for crack and bail.

1451 days ago


Go for every penny, Tony!

1451 days ago

who dat    

The absurd part of this story is that Dina Lohan believed in her diluted mind she needed a bodyguard. Should have spent that money on therapy for herself. Would have been more appropriate.

1451 days ago


This whole family makes me sick, bunch of fame whores! and the court system in california is a huge joke, spending millions on kissing this little twits ass! Where do mom and dad get income? Screw the whole bunch!!!

1451 days ago


First Kate Gosselin, now Dina...what in the hell is it with these asses? As if either actually needed a bodyguard.

Shame on ETrade for settling this suit and giving loser Lindsay even a penny. The suit was ridiculous to begin with and ETrade could very well have afforded to drag this suit out for years/decades-Lindsay couldn't. She would have had to drop it eventually. Kind of makes me think ETrade did indeed accept responsibility for this commercial. Look out, Donald Trump...we share the same last name. Time for me to sue you for using my last name all over your casinos/hotels/buildings.

1451 days ago


Dina Lohan's bank account without Lindsay = 0

1451 days ago

Home Skillet    

TMZ - The word is spelled "judgment." There is no "e" after the "g." Please stop promoting illiteracy.

1451 days ago


Ok, this puts Dina's panic to get Lindsay into rehab more understandable. The cash cow is running out of milk (pun intended.) And maybe judges would look more favorably on Dina and Lindsay's side of this lawsuit if Lindsay is stuck away in rehab. Dina: "Oh you can't pick on my poor sick daughter when she's trying her best to get better! You can't take the last of her savings away that we'll need to live off for the our lives because she squandered the rest of them in her illness. How mean of you! I'll just have to run out and give 20 interviews about the injustice of it, bleh bleh bloof."

1451 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

I thought Harvey was a lawyer?????


1451 days ago


That moustache that Lindsay was sporting, was not milk!

1451 days ago


Lindsay's family are parasites who feed off her finances. No wonder she is a mess, she's had to be the bank for her family of losers who sponge off her, even when she has no money. My message to the bunch of them, is get a job! My message to Lindsay is, punt your family and stop paying their bills. Good luck little girl - your life is a mess, and it always will be as long as you allow your mother to live off your fame.

1451 days ago
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