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Michael Jackson -- To Pay or Not to Pay

9/23/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson Estate made some interesting calls when it came to creditors -- who got paid, who didn't, and who's still waiting.

Michael Jackson Estate
The estate made a bunch of decisions on creditors' claims, but four stand out.

-- Dr. Arnold Klein submitted two claims for medical services in the months before Michael Jackson died -- totaling $58,522.89.  Pretty ironic, since some people in the Jackson world believe Klein contributed to MJ's death.  The estate has taken no action so far -- neither rejecting nor paying the dough.

-- Tom Mesereau, the lawyer who did a remarkable job in Jackson's 2005 molestation trial.  Mesereau submitted a claim for $341,452.05.  The estate paid the lawyer in full.

-- Kai Chase, the cook who was at Jackson's home the morning he died and the woman who interacted with Dr. Conrad Murray that day, submitted a claim for $8,000.  The executors compromised with Chase and settled the claim by making partial payment.  This one is interesting because some of MJ's family got pissed off when she made the rounds on TV following his death.

-- Raymone Bain, MJ's longtime publicist and friend who had a mega falling-out with Jackson, had filed two claims totaling $404,000.  The estate rejected the claim and Bain sued. The court tossed her case out.


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The estate lawyers are doing a good job by carefully going over the accounts.Mesereau deserved his payment.The lawyers should make a payment deal with Klein for less money,as they did with Kai Chase. The lawyers need to be careful about making equitable payment for work that was really done.

1490 days ago


why only michel have to pay eor the house and anathers.....

why only michel have to suppport and pay for all......? Jannet and Randy..... Jermine......haven't money too?

1490 days ago


Posted at 6:15 PM on Sep 23, 2010 by Phantom of the Opera


Not sure who you are, or why you post these things, but thanks. It's fun to see new clips! Liked finding the HD versions of this I've seen in the past. Thanks!

1490 days ago


Tom Mesereau was and is definitely the bomb. Yes, he is an A-1 class act and a very conservative human being, and very smart and smoothe. He is so cool, the best thing that ever happened to Michael when it came to legal issues. Mesereau was sharp, he deserved every penny of his money (which he didn't even charge alot)and didn't sweat anybody for it. He just sat back with his cool self and got paid. Yep, he put his thing down with that Tom Sneeden and whoever else that was standing in line with Sneeden.

1490 days ago


-#106: Hey Lee lee! Excellent post, and too funny! And someone said that Mezz only did his job and was not really a friend of Michael's, but I beg to differ. You could tell that he truly cared what happened to Michael after going through the case with him and seeing the injustices that were done to him. It was Mezz who advised Michael to never return to Neverland, and warned him that all of his troubles stem from that property. Now maybe Mezz was just exaggerating, but I doubt it. MOst lawyers know a lot of inside info in their regional area, so I'm sure Mezz said that based on things he was told......
Being Michael's lawyer didn't require Mezz to subject himself to shows like Jay Leno's to endure a bunch of idiotic questions. And he has been on several shows recently...perhaps they did pay him something, but I still think he's been loyal to Michael over the years--especially in light of the fact that he hadn't been paid......
No Peace till Justice!

1490 days ago

Lee lee    

Thomas Mesereau is an awesome lawyer and he did a phenomenal job against that snake Tom Sneddon and his cohorts. Even though the case was pure crap, he still had to provide a defense and he did. He blew every single prosecution witness out of the water. In any event, he had to charge for his services. Anyone who thinks he should have done that for free is not being realistic. That was a year out of his life to work for free. I believe (and this is one of the many reasons Michael's life breaks my heart) that Michael was so unbelievably frivolously sued by people crawling out from under rocks, that Michael became so overwhelmed. I can only imagine. Be that as it may, Thomas Mesereau did not sue Michael Jackson for his attorney's fees after the trial, which most lawyers would have done for non-payment. He deserved to be paid for his services and he represented Michael on other matters as well after the trial. He has acted with total and complete class unless Arnold Klein and some of the others who have made claims.

Posted at 6:42 AM on Sep 24, 2010 by jm50

Very well said. Tom M did act with total class. He even went to Michaels funeral for goodness sake. ( I think that speaks volumes). Michael obviously owed him a large amount of money, regardless he clearly still respected Michael. Don't remember seeing the likes of Arnie, or Jason AKA ( loverboy ) there at all!!
Yes Tom has always shown complete class in regards to all things Michael. I will always respect him, because he showed deep respect for Michael when he was going through the worst period of his life. Thank you Mr Mesereau !

1489 days ago


I hope Mr.Mesereau,will defend Michael at the trial in January and make justice prevail for him again.

1489 days ago


Hi Lee Lee, Cherwood - I agree with you both. I think that Tom Maseru should be commended for his loyalty & his friendship to Michael. Even after Michael's death, he continued to defend, support and be-friend him on all fronts. He is one outstanding lawyer! Such loyality & devotion to someone has not gone unnoticed! And like you said Cherwood - lawyers are privy to things regarding their clients that outsiders are not. T.M. has always known of Michael's innocence - and stood by and defended him through the fire - and still does! Hope you ladies have a wonderful evening!

1489 days ago


MJ was innocent, plain and simply. ANYONE who is open and honest enough to do some research, read it and consider it, they would KNOW that MJ WAS INNOCENT - all times. Oh and he didn't sleep w/ children either, he gave the bed to the kid. MJ had his own cameras running too, some ppl need to go get their facts right before they accuse MJ. Bashir edited and manipulated those films so MJ would look guilty, but thank GOD T. Mesereau was able to prove that. I can get you the proof that shows MJ was innocent and never molested those kids, but I will not waste my time on ignorance for those who wont read it. Why cant some just accept that fact, that sometimes celebs are lied on? And in this case MJ was - both times. I think its a crying shame that some ppl want to believe MJ was guilty. For those of you who say you hate/hated him and dont care he is dead or died, remember that when your loved one dies b/c I am sure some ppl wont give a d*** about you - in fact, those who trash MJ deserve to get whatever tragedy is thrown their way. It will be so funny when MJ haters get knocked off their high horses and lied on someday - and you will be, be forewarned. I just I know about it, so I can spread those things on you, like you are MJ. STFU, MJs kids will someday see this. I know you dont give a d***, but you will when karma bites you in the ass and oh IDK the most important person in your life dies and everyone is Glad.

1487 days ago


Vampires that is what they are outside of Mr. Mess all the rest should not get a penny.....

1471 days ago
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