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Michael Lohan:

May It Please the Court ....

9/24/2010 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan will be in court this AM when very estranged daughter Lindsay Lohan appears before Judge Elden Fox ... and Michael wants to speak.

The man who lost father of the year by a mile tells TMZ ... he wants to make a case that Lindsay should go to rehab, not jail.  He also wants the judge to issue an order prohibiting doctors from letting Lindsay out early.

Here's the reality. 

-- No way will the judge allow Michael to speak.
-- Lindsay isn't going to jail today
-- Michael could go to jail if he violates the order prohibiting him from getting near Dina Lohan, who will also be in the courtroom
-- It will be interesting to see who goes inside first -- Dina or Michael -- and who has to leave.


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god...why can't this whole family just drop off the earth....

1490 days ago


Michael Vs Dina

The Fall Court TV Battle of the Year

Go Team Daddy-lohan

Burn in hell you friggin crazy psycho mom

I hope Daddy Lohan wins!

1490 days ago


Who does this guy think he is??? No matter what the judge decides regarding LL's case, Daddy D O U C H E has no legal right to say a thing. That's like me arbitrarily walking into someone's court hearing and wanting to throw my two cents in...uh, nooooo. Not gonna happen.

Where's Lisa Bloom btw?

1490 days ago

for now    

Both Mike and Dina will be there.

1490 days ago


Lindsay might go to jail. Michael might go to jail. Umm, what can we do to get the most heinous in the family, Dina, locked up too? This could be a great day!

1490 days ago

Normal is OK    

I stick by my post from yesterday:

I remember watching the movie "Mean Girls." I thought she was talented and she came off like an all american girl.

But now Li-Lo or ho whatever she is called is all washed up.

It bothered me too, how she snubbed her nose at the law. She walks away from trouble like some princess above all of us. We all know any one of us "normal people" would be doing time.

But I started thinking about it.

Lyndsey doesn't have anything on any of us "normal people" anymore.

She threw away her talent, you could hose her down a hundred times and she would still look dirty.

She doesn't have a true friend in the world and her own family would betray her in a heartbeat.

What's worse is she has the money and connections to get clean in the most comfortable way possible.

But she is to high or stupid to see it. Her fake friends and family would rather risk her life than take a chance of losing their free ride.

So she will probably die in some desperate, nasty situation. There will be pictures for sale leaving behind the legacy of the train wreck she became.

Her mother will want everyone to feel bad for "her" because "she" lost her child. When that public sympathy runs out Dina will bring out disgusting "never seen footage to make a little more money.

So now I am thinking to myself "Lyndsey doesn't have nothing on this normal girl."

She isn't winning anything...

I have true friends with genuine feelings and advice.

I look pretty sweet after a shower and my truly mother loves me.

I may not have a get out of jail free card, but that's ok because so far I haven't needed it...

Most of all, No one, even Li-lo has a "get out of death free"

I just pray she doesn't kill some innocent persons family... Remember that today Judge Cox.

1490 days ago


What a joke this family is, but what worse is the joke that we call the legal system. Loopholes, loopholes and more loophole. No wonder why this kid isn't getting better. The legal system is preventing her recovery. She gets sentenced for 30 days and all she gets is the exercise from walking in an out of the jail. She is laughing at how the system works. She knows that she wont do any time because of overcrowding, so continues to thumb her nose at the law and she will do what she pleases.

1490 days ago

Christina G.    

TMZ is making things up. Again. They know darn well that Michael can't be arrested for being there just because Dina is there. He has the right to be in the court room for his daughter's hearing and that overrides Dina's protective order. Where did you get your law degree, little man, University of Phoenix?

1490 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

when is TMZ going to realize, he ONLY cares cuz he wants the fame... nothing more.

also... that moron isn't going to go to jail, they already said it's over-crowded, so like every other time, she'll get an early release, and another early release from rehab.

linday's not as dumb as she wants us to think.. she knows this... she is well aware that celebs get away with this **** ALL the damn time! she counts on this.

1490 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

If he is in Court first he will not have to leave. You cannot use a restraining order the way they are making it seem.

1490 days ago


Good God, go away already will you please Michael, and take your pathetic family, all of them with you.

I can not wait for Lindsay Lohan to die already, so we can stop hearing about her and the disgusting pile of white trash she calls a family.

Too bad there's other offspring from that disgusting pair she calls parents to take her place, though the upside is she too will take the same path as Lindsay and sooner rather then later be nothing more then a fart in the wind.

Here's to hoping...

1490 days ago


Good luck, pal!

1490 days ago


@ #6
Good post.

1490 days ago


I'm surprised that a court room is not considered a legal neutral zone when it comes to Dina and Michael

1490 days ago


Maybe if "news" entities, like TMZ, stopped covering these disgusting people, they would fade away.

1490 days ago
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