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Heather Locklear -- Dumping Sambora All Over Again

9/25/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Locklear is finally erasing the last trace of her 12-year marriage to Richie Sambora ... his last name.

Heather -- who filed for divorce in 2006 -- filed documents on Friday in L.A. County Superior Court requesting her name officially be changed from Heather Deen Sambora to Heather Locklear.

Heather also wants the name changed ASAP ... because she claims she needs a new passport with her old name attached by the time she travels abroad on October 25.

It's about time she got around to it.


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Alot of divorced mothers who have children actually keep their married names. It just seems to be easier when the children's last name and the mother's last name matches when trying to get school records, medical records, or what have you. When your last names don't match, it can cause a lot of delays. I wish they could have worked things out. I thought they made such a great couple AND family. My heart goes out to Ava as I know the lifetime consequences on a child when their parents divorce and the dad is not in the home. So sad.

1488 days ago


Uh, oh. Even in a fuzzy, out of focus picture, she's looking plasticized. Bummer.

1488 days ago


Talk about looks - He doesn't look any better than her, he looks like someones aunt - come on people

1488 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    

they both look extremely bloated I find it very depressing to look at aging actresses and aging rockers. really ruining my day just looking at them omg.

1488 days ago

Sickmund Fruendberg    

isnt it time for him to lose the bouffant and stupid jewelry and his neckline looks like my grandmothers. 2 very rich douchebags caught in a timewarp. omg. so she is changing her name ok so why announce it who caresssssssssssss?

1488 days ago

random poster    

Sickmund, Heather did not announce this. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, TMZ has the RIGHT (can you believe it?) to park themselves at the courthouse and get any and all records that have not been sealed by a judge. She may not even be aware this has been posted on the internet. TMZ chose to mention this, Heather did not hold a news conference.

Although I am surprised by this news....I didn't know she had taken his name.

1488 days ago

j Coy    

Heather is a sweetheart and I wish people would stop trashing her.

Read Deirdre McGill 's investigation of Hollywood scandals and Lady GaGa's girlfriend,dead girl Lina Morgana.

Associated Content Deirdre mcgill

1488 days ago


Rode Hard and Put Away Wet too many times She looks like a 50 year old Houswewife of New Jersey

1488 days ago


Awww random poster..did ums get ur wittle useless opinion hurt!!! Lol..get over it.. he's no saint...ohh Boo Hoo no one wants to be with him Must be a good reason why..does the word LUSH come to mind??

1488 days ago


I saw her two nights ago at a resturant celebrating her birthday and she was HOT, HOT, HOT. That picture is not her today. She is petite and gorgeous hair and BOD. No puffy face anymore.

1488 days ago


Heather may as well keep the bum..she looks much wine?If she get anymore surgery she'll look like the rest of the alien's in Hollyweired..

1487 days ago


Unlike some classic H/Wood beauties, Heather has not aged well. In fact she looks hideous. Thin, dry hair and way too much plastic surgery. Ritchie looks fine.

For the record, she filed for divorce while Sambora was on tour. Heather was dating David Spade (yuck - Joe Dirt anyone!) and Ritchie found out from a DJ to whom he was giving a radio interview that she had filed for divorce.

Heather, nobody wants you now!

1487 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1487 days ago

random poster    

Awww random poster..did ums get ur wittle useless opinion hurt!!! Lol..get over it.. he's no saint...ohh Boo Hoo no one wants to be with him Must be a good reason why..does the word LUSH come to mind??

Posted at 6:22 PM on Sep 25, 2010 by Andolini

Where to begin?
#1. Labeling my opinion as useless is merely a statement of your own opinion. At least my opinion is based on fact, while yours reads like you copied it right out of a tabloid. Whatever you do, don't have an original thought of your own....someone might think you're using your brain.
#2. My comments in post 13 were a response to your's in post 10. Since you have now responded to me, I am now the person in a position to ask the question you did above. It seems you do not quite understand how the flow of conversation works.
#3. Does the word LUSH mean anything? Why, yes it does. Heather is the lush (and the headcase). Her drinking is no longer Hollywood's best kept secret. As for Richie, he had a wife he loved and a father he loved. In a very short time span the wife turned her back on him and the father got a terminal cancer diagnosis. Richie had a lot come down on him at once and unfortunately he looked for comfort in a bottle. He had a rough time and made some mistakes, but he has moved on. Look at his waistline, the beer gut is gone. Friends and family helped him through and he is better for it. Heather on the other hand, is still an unstable headcase bouncing in and out of rehab when she's not knocking down street signs.
#4. As for your first post labeling Denise as Charlie's sloppy seconds: Out of Heather, Richie, Denise and Charlie (and hell, why not throw Brooke in the mix too?) Denise has the distinction of being the only one with no history of drug or alcohol problems and no trips to rehab. Perhaps it's time to label Charlie as her sloppy seconds.

1487 days ago

Friend of Heathers    

I actually know Heather and that's just a bad picture of her. She looks really good in person, and she doesn't look her age, which is 49. She is a very nice person, she doesn't act as if she thinks she's all that. She is just a regular person although she is guarded with the info. she tells people because she has to be as you never know what you tell to someone won't end up in the tabloids. Most famous people are guarded around people they don't know well, it's the way it is in Hollywood. But it's funny the stuff I read because a lot of it's so untrue the tabloids don't even get the real stuff. They just get what the p.r. machine puts out from the "friends".

1487 days ago
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