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Emma Watson

Shortcut in Dorm Room Evacuation

9/29/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Emma Watson modeled her little boy haircut during an emergency evacuation at Brown University yesterday morning -- but TMZ has learned ... unlike Hermione's 'do, the scary situation was a false alarm.

According to sources at Brown, the fire alarm at the dorm where she was staying went off around 10am -- and we're told, it all started with a leaky steam pipe ... which triggered the emergency alert system.

No one was injured -- and after about 10 embarrassing minutes outside in their pajamas, the students were allowed to return to their chambers of secrets.

Accio eye shadow!


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Blue Craze    

Freshmen cafeteria:

"Like I remember seeing you in blah when I was blah years old".


1448 days ago


"...When you've already one the game at making money why the eff would you go to college???... Posted at 1:57 AM on Sep 29, 2010 by Gene"

Maybe people go to college (even rich people) so they learn not to embarrass themselves by using the word "one" in place of "won"?

1448 days ago


Gene - hate to burst your bubble, but there is no 'real' Hermione Granger, she was a character in a book :( And why go to college?? How about to get an education? It is quite possible that, as an intelligent young woman, she may want to do something besides acting! Her hair looks cute, and it probably allows her to attend college without being recognized as much!

1448 days ago


"...When you've already one the game at making money why the eff would you go to college???... Posted at 1:57 AM on Sep 29, 2010 by Gene"

Maybe people go to college (even rich people) so they learn not to embarrass themselves by using the word "one" in place of "won"?

Posted at 3:19 AM on Sep 29, 2010 by SaraBellum

LOL omg too funny and so true

1448 days ago


Way to go Em! You've managed to eradicate nearly all evidence of your femininity. Maybe she's doing a "Prince & the Pauper" thing. You know, the prince changes places with the pauper just to see how the other half lives.

1448 days ago


If she had product in her hair, make up and a cute outfit on, the hair would look chic. The alarm probably got her out of bed!

1448 days ago


That's a chick? I demand to see her vagina right now!

1448 days ago


Dont judge her about her looks. She is smart girl who wants to do something in her life besides acting. At least she is not one of washed up self centered celebs. She wants to have an education. So yeah, go, Emma! I hope everything works out for you. Nice haircut:)

1448 days ago

Todd Loren Sinclair    

I like her haircut. I think she's gorgeous! A real girl.

1448 days ago


Quit complaining about her haircut people - surely who she is is more than just a haircut?

Anyway, I hope the paparazzi leave her along while she's at university - it's not fair on her or her friends.

1448 days ago

Kristin M.    

OMG, you're absolutely hating on her just because she cut her hair. You know what, you're an ******* to critisize her like this. I mean, she was gorgeous with the long hair, but I still think she looks beautiful. I think she rocks this hair very well!

Emma is going to college to fall back on something. What, do you like your girls with big boobs, blond hair and as dumb as a doorknob? Emma Watson is NOT THAT! In 10 years, the world might go into such a deep depression. While you're sitting on a street corner begging for money because you lost your mid-level job at some office building, Emma Watson will be living fin with a great job because she is extremely smart.

Sucks that they got a photo of her outside though-is she in her jammies too? The pic just looks like her in a t-shirt.

1448 days ago


Emma Watson's next movie - The lesbian college years.

1448 days ago


Brown University now teaches a magic course on how to change a woman into a man. Willy Kazam.

1448 days ago


When Emma makes her glammed up red carpet appearances next month for the "Deathly Hallows" premiere, I suspect this new look of hers will silence most critics. She's likely sporting a degree of bed head in this photo, isn't wearing makeup, and is still a natural beauty. Contrast Watson's life choices with those of a Lindsay Lohan, for example, and you have two very different leagues of people and values. Emma could be a TMZ darling, or an L.A. socialite brat snorting blow off Paris Hilton's chest, but she avoids both the limelight and the controversy by doing her own thing. Her own thing -- furthering her education instead of squandering her hefty earnings -- is highly commendable. Watson embodies the very best qualities of her "Harry Potter" character. Loving the new look, Emma!

1448 days ago


Wow she looks horrible.

1448 days ago
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