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O.J.'s Acquittal Suit -- Killer Work of Art

9/28/2010 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. Simpson's lucky suit -- the one he was wearing when 12 jurors gave him a free pass for butchering two people -- is now becoming a spectacle of its own ... as a museum exhibit.


Starting Friday, the custom-tailored $2,000 Ermenegildo Zegna suit and an audio "kill-switch" Judge Ito used during the trial are being showcased at the Newseum in D.C. to mark the 15th anniversary of the innocent verdict.

It's a pretty sharp outfit ... almost as sharp as the knives he used to kill Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.


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Finally some O.J. news. A killer suit indeed.

1484 days ago


Hey OJ
How is that hunt for the "real killer(s)" progressing???

1484 days ago


Poor OJ, will he have to return the Heisman? See Paris in Jail? Ever play another round of golf on the course of his choice? Explain what he did to his kids? Sucks to be OJ!

1484 days ago


The verdict wasn't "innocent." It was "not guilty." There's a big difference. Are your lawyers asleep, TMZ?

1484 days ago


Way to be classless TMZ, comparing a suit to a murder weapon. Honestly you *******s need to stop acting like 15 year olds and grow up.

1484 days ago


J.O ..i mean O.J didnt kill those people..he stood by and watched as the guy he hired butchered those people..

1484 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I'll NEVER forget the look of Kardashians face when the verdict was not guilty, even one of his lawyers was disgusted he got off.

1484 days ago


I actually applaud TMZ for not using semantics...we all know OJ killed those two people. Thanks for calling a spade a spade!

I am sure that that Harvey and his staff very well know what they are doing-- if you think they aren't intentionally refusing to the play the game of "let's not act like he didn't, when he really did" just because the prosecution failed and the jury had no choice but to follow the law, you are naive!

1484 days ago


Why do you guys keep saying he killed them... I swear he was found not guilty!!

1484 days ago


Too bad the juice is in jail...I'm sure he would've showed up to the exhibit to update everyone on his search for the real killers.

1484 days ago


HA! Everyone is talking trash about OJ now that he's in jail! If he was out roaming the streets, you people would be all polite and ****!

1484 days ago


OJ news WOW how interesting. That's why they lock people like him up so we don't have to look at his killing face or listen to what crap he has done lately. I have often wonder about the jurors if they now see things differently?

1484 days ago

LA BABY!!!    

None of you know for sure that he killed those two people. Anyway, it doesn't matter what you think, because the only twelve people who's opinions actually mattered spoke over ten years ago. I didn't hear MJ mentioned in this post at all, so what does he have to do with it? You guys are all morons.

1484 days ago


Hey Joe #13 you are generalizing, I would cross the street to avoid the a@#hole

1484 days ago

RJ Hunt    

I wonder if the Goldman family is entitled to a percentage of the admission fees (If any) the Newseum is charging...

1484 days ago
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